Imatges de pÓgina
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médiéval.' L. Antheunis: Un Réfugié catholique aux Pays-Bas. Sir William Stanley (1548-1630).' A. Leman : Urbain VIII et les Origines du Congrès de Cologne de 1636.' P. M. Piette : Lockyer Paul, Luther, Wesley. J. Forget: Vacandard Études de critique et d'histoire religieuses, IV. L. van der Essen: Gougaud Gaelic Pioneers'; Westlake The Parish Gilds of Mediaeval England.' F. Willocx: Renaudet Le Concile gallican de Pise-Milan.' F. Baix : Mollat Baluzius Vitae Paparum Avenionensium."

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The International Review of Missions (Vol. XII. No. 47. July 1923. Edinburgh House, Eaton Gate, S.W.1). G. H. Williams: The Missionary Significance of the Last Ten Years. VII. In India.' W. J. Mc Kee: Rural Education in India.' Right Rev. V. S. Azariah (Bp. of Dornakal): The Training of Village Workers.' C. T. Cheng: The Development of an Indigenous Church in China.' B. Mathews: Missions and the Press. A Study in Educational Practice.' Right Rev. F. M. Jones (Bp. of Lagos): Polygamy in W. Africa.' J. Britton : 'The Missionary Task in Kenya.' H. R. Calkins: Foundation Facts the Ground of Self-Support.' J. C. Winslow: 'Not Leaders, but Saints and Servants.' A. Lutley: The Christian Church and Rural Life in China.' A. E. Garvie : Wright A Student's Philosophy of Religion." W. S. Page: 'Chatterjee Tales of Bengal.' M. C. G[ollock]: 'L. Creighton G. A. Selwyn.'

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The Church Missionary Review (Vol. LXXIV. No. 843. September 1923. C.M.S.). Right Rev. H. Gresford Jones (Bp. of Kampala): 'Lango.' M. C. Hooper: Beauty for Ashes." C. T. Loram: 'Education in Africa.' D. MacGillivray: The Present Position of Christian Literature in China.' C. E. Padwick: Some Bird-Thoughts of Egyptian Peasant Women.' J. D. Mullins: The "Col. and Con." and Some Reflections.' W. D. P. Hill: 'McKenzie Hindu Ethics.' E. M. Williams: Crawford Back to the Long Grass. S. H. Clark: Shillito François Coillard.' G. F. Smith: L. Creighton G. A. Selwyn.

E. N. Saywell Pfister Some Applications of Psycho-Analysis.'
Storr Papini The Story of Christ.'

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A. C.

The East and the West (Vol. XXI. No. 83. July 1923. Right Rev. H. Gresford Jones (Bp. of Kampala): The Kenya Problem.' C. F. Andrews: The Indians in Kenya.' J. W. Arthur: The Kenya Colony and Protectorate.' H. J. Adams: Religious Instruction in Government Schools in W. Australia.' Right Rev. E. S. Lines (Bp. of Newark) A Notable U.S.A. Anniversary.' W. T. Grenfell: in Labrador.' E. M. Hughes: Women and Industry in Japan.' Moule Confucianism or the Religion of the Chinese.' T. E. Johnson: Racial Bridges. The Bridge of Proverbs.' A. B. Keith Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon. L. Creighton G. A. Selwyn.' Shillito François Coillard.' 'R. A. Nicholson The Idea of Personality in Sufism.' Papini The Story of Christ.' Roscoe The Bakitara.' • Platt The Home and Health in India and the Tropical Colonies.' Mackenzie Hindu Ethics.'

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The more important will be reviewed in Articles and Short Notices as space permits.


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Bampton Lec

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(G. Lyal,

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Pp. xii +

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Printed in England by Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. Ltd., Colchester, London & Eton

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