Labyrinth of Thought: A History of Set Theory and Its Role in Modern Mathematics

Birkhäuser Basel, 5 d’oct. 2014 - 440 pàgines

"José Ferreirós has written a magisterial account of the history of set theory which is panoramic, balanced, and engaging. Not only does this book synthesize much previous work and provide fresh insights and points of view, but it also features a major innovation, a full-fledged treatment of the emergence of the set-theoretic approach in mathematics from the early nineteenth century. This takes up Part One of the book. Part Two analyzes the crucial developments in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, above all the work of Cantor, but also Dedekind and the interaction between the two. Lastly, Part Three details the development of set theory up to 1950, taking account of foundational questions and the emergence of the modern axiomatization." (Bulletin of Symbolic Logic)

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Sobre l'autor (2014)

Jose Ferreiros is professor of logic and philosophy of science at the University of Seville in Spain. He is the author of "Labyrinth of Thought: A History of Set Theory and Its Role in Modern Mathematics" and the coeditor of "The Architecture of Modern Mathematics: Essays in History and Philosophy".

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