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One Million Eighty Thousand copies of the BELL have already been issued

Published by C. M. TREMAINE, No. 481 Broadway, New York.

Entered according to the Act of Congress, A. D. 1867, bg, Horace Waters, in the Clerk's office of the

U. S. Dist. Court for the Eastern District of New York.


Now, even now, while the beautiful chimes of the “Sabbath-school Bell" are ringing through the iength and breadth of our music-loving land, stirring the hearts of the children, aye, of the parents and teachers to deeds of goodness and mercy-even now, as the sweet strains of the "Choral Harp" and the solemn soul awakening tones of the Christian Melodist” linger on the willing ear, as the little ones still Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him Lord of all; while the sin-parched soul is watered and comforted by “ Zion's Refreshing Shower's," now comes among us another angelic messenger, “Children's songs are heavenly echoes

"Heavenly Echoes."

Echoes from the holy mountains
From the spirit choirs above,

Bosomed in the land of love." So sweet to the ear is the sound of children's voices, mingling together in sacred harmony, that we love to bring them new and beautiful songs; feeling, as we listen to the angelic strains, that we have indeed “a foretaste here of heaven." Since "the morning stars sang together” in praise of their Creator, all nature worships Him in song. The little bird pours forth its silvery notes, and grand old ocean rolls his deep, profound, eternal bass in nature's anthems. Harmony is everywhere in nature ; and since God thus declares it so pleasing to Him, let children's voices swell the chorus, and as it floats above, along the heavenly plains, angels shall catch the sweet refrain and join the grand anthem.

We send forth this little book of “Heavenly Echoes," feeling that it will be heartily welcomed by the children, containing, as it does, many new and beautiful songs; and may their voices soon mingle in the sweet strains of Shall you be there ?" "Beautiful River," "Your Mission,” “Sare, oh! Jesus, save," and many others. Soon our pleasant meetings here will be over; we cannot always come together in our loved Sabbath-schools, but though we shall sing no longer here, we may carry sweet songs to our heavenly home. Let us then tune our voices in beautiful strains below, that they may be worthy to join the heavenly choir above.

COPY-RIGHT NOTICE. The MUSIC and POETRY of nearly every piece in this work is COPY-RIGHT PROPERTY and "Entered according to Act of Congress.” No person, therefore, has the right to print in any form, or for any purpose whatever, either words or music, without first obtaining permission from the author. If hymns or tunes are desired for Sunday-school Anniversaries, or for any other purpose, such permission must first be obtained, otherwise the person using them, trespasses against the law of copy-right, makes himself liable, and will be held accountable.

WARREN, Music Stereotyper, 43 Centre-st. New York

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BEAUTIFUL RIVER. “And he shewed me a pure River of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throno of God and of the Lamb."-Rev. xxii, 1. By permission of the author, Rev. R. LOWRY.

Cheerful -6


3 On the bosom of the river,

Where the Saviour-king we own, We shall meet, and sorrow never

'Neath the glory of the throne.-Cho. 4 Ere we reach the shining river,

Lay we every burden down; Grace our spirits will deliver,

And provide a robe and crown.-Cho.

5 At the smiling of the river,

Rippling with the Saviour's face,
Saints, whom death will never sever,

Lift their songs of saving grace, -Cho.
6 Soon we'll reach the shining river,

Soon our pilgrimage will cease ;
Soon our happy hearts will quiver,

With the melody of peace.-Cho.


5 Words by Mrs. M. A. KIDDER.

Scotch Melody. Arr. by A. CULL ALLEGRETTO. DUET.

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