The G. H. Hardy Reader

Donald J. Albers, Gerald L. Alexanderson, William Dunham, Mathematical Association of America
Cambridge University Press, 11 d’abr. 2016 - 395 pàgines
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G. H. Hardy (1877-1947) ranks among the great mathematicians of the twentieth century. He did essential research in number theory and analysis, held professorships at Cambridge and Oxford, wrote important textbooks as well as the classic A Mathematician's Apology, and famously collaborated with J. E. Littlewood and Srinivasa Ramanujan. Hardy was a colorful character with remarkable expository skills. This book is a feast of G. H. Hardy's writing. There are selections of his mathematical papers, his book reviews, his tributes to departed colleagues. Some articles are serious, whereas others display a wry sense of humor. And there are recollections by those who knew Hardy, along with biographical and mathematical pieces written explicitly for this collection. Fans of Hardy should find much here to like. And for those unfamiliar with his work, The G. H. Hardy Reader provides an introduction to this extraordinary individual.

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Hardys Life
The Indian Mathematician Ramanujan
Epilogue from The Man Who Knew Infinity
Posters of Hardys Years at Oxford by R J Wilson
A Glimpse of J E Littlewood
A Letter from Freeman Dyson to C P Snow 22
Miss Gertrude Hardy
The Case against the Mathematical Tripos
The Mathematician on Cricket by C P Snow
A Mathematical Theorem about Golf
excerpts with S Ramanujan
A New Solution of Warings Problem excerpts with
The Integral
Edmund Landau with H Heilbronn
Math Gazette 4 1907 pp 307309

Writings by and about G H Hardy
Selections from What Others Have Said about Hardy
An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
Prime Numbers
The Riemann ZetaFunction and Lattice Point
What Is Geometry?
An Introduction to the Study of Integral
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Sobre l'autor (2016)

Donald J. Albers served as Director of Publications and Associate Executive Director of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) from 1991-2006 and Editorial Director of MAA Books from 2006-12. He was Editor of The College Mathematics Journal and Founding Editor of Math Horizons. He has written or co-authored six books, including Mathematical People and Fascinating Mathematical People - both with G. L. Alexanderson. Prior to his association with the MAA, he was Professor of Mathematics and Special Assistant to the President of Menlo College.

Gerald L. Alexanderson is the Valeriote Professor of Science at Santa Clara University, California, where he has taught mathematics since developing an interest in problems under the guidance of George Pólya and enthusiasm for analytic number theory from a course with Gábor Szegö at Stanford. Long active in the Mathematical Association of America he has served as Secretary and as President, as well as Editor of Mathematics Magazine. He is author of many articles and reviews, and has co-authored or co-edited textbooks, problem collections, books of interviews, as well as biographies and books on history.

William Dunham served as Koehler Professor of Mathematics at Muhlenberg College (emeritus, 2014) and taught mathematics history as a visiting professor at Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University. In 2009, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, and the following year he recorded the DVD course 'Great Thinkers, Great Theorems' for The Teaching Company. He is the author of four books: Journey through Genius (1990), The Mathematical Universe (1995), Euler: The Master of Us All (1999), and The Calculus Gallery (2005). Dunham is currently a Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania.

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