Lipids in Health and Nutrition

John H. P. Tyman
Woodhead Publishing, 1999 - 156 pàgines
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Lipids have a variety of functions in the human body, which have increasingly been under the spotlight in recent years. A multidisciplinary book, Lipids in Health and Nutrition addresses the chemical, biochemical and physiological aspects of these widely occurring compounds. International experts combine to present the most up-to-date research on a variety of topics, including advanced analytical techniques; the role of flavonoids in diet; possible links between dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention deficit disorder and the metabolism of fatty acids; the influence of dietary fatty acids in coronary heart disease; and lipids and obesity. The wide coverage of the apparently dual nature of lipids, alongside the extensive bibliography, provides the latest information for graduates and researchers in the food science and nutrition areas. Scientists and industrialists in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and cell and molecular biology will also find this title highly relevant.

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Global Resources and Consumption
Studying Lipid Metabolism Using Stable Isotopes
Trans Unsaturated Fat in Health and Disease
Antioxidant Properties of Flavonols
Dietary Fatty Acids Postprandial Lipaemia and Coronary Heart
Lipids and Obesity
a Dietary Factor Essential for Individuals
The Potential for Prostaglandin Pharmaceuticals
The Importance of Mycobacterial Lipids
J R L Colvine J D Douglas and A M S Ahmed

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