A compendium of geography

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1822 - 727 pàgines


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Pàgina 560 - and diligently slow, The firm connected bulwark seems to grow ; Spreads its long arms amidst the wat'ry roar, Scoops out an empire and usurps the shore; While the pent ocean, rising o'er the pile, Sees an amphibious world beneath him smile; The slow canal, the yellow blossom'd vale, The willow tufted bank, the gliding sail.
Pàgina 635 - olive ripe as when Minerva smil'd, And still his honied wealth Hymettus yields; There the blithe bee his fragrant fortress builds, The free-born wanderer of thy mountain-air; Apollo still thy long, long, summer gilds, Still in his beam Mendeli's marbles glare; Art, glory, freedom, fail; but Nature still is fair.
Pàgina 632 - Oh, bloodiest picture in the book of time, Sarmatia fell, unwept, without a crime; ' Found not a generous friend, a pitying foe, Strength in her arms, nor mercy in her woe: Hope for a season bade the world farewell, And Freedom shrieked as
Pàgina 507 - And thou, fair FREEDOM! taught alike to feel The rabble's rage and tyrant's angry steel; Thou transitory flower ! alike undone By proud Contempt or Favour's fostering sun, Still may thy blooms the changeful clime endure, I only would repress them to secure.
Pàgina 372 - would I say, and, as I spake, bid fly A captive bird into the boundless sky,— This triple realm adores thee! — thou art come From Sparta hither, and art here at home ! We feel thy force still active: at this hour Enjoy immunity from priestly power: While conscience, happier than in
Pàgina 598 - Obsequious at their call, the docile tribe Yield to the sled their necks, and whirl them swift O'er hill and dale, heap'd into one expanse Of marbled snow, as far as eye can sweep, With a blue crust of ice unbounded glaz'd.
Pàgina 408 - Has He not hid thee and thy favour'd land, For ages safe beneath his sheltering hand; Given thee his blessing on the clearest proof; Bid nations, leagued against thee, stand aloof; And charged hostility and hate, to roar Where else they would, but not upon thy shore.
Pàgina 642 - brave, Whose land, from plain to mountain cave, Was Freedom's home, or glory's grave : Shrine of the mighty, can it be, .. That this is all remains of thee ?
Pàgina 372 - could I worship aught beneath the skies, That earth hath seen, or fancy could devise, Thine altar, sacred Liberty, should stand, Built by no mercenary vulgar hand! My soul should yield thee willing thanks and praise, For the chief blessings of my fairest days!— But that were sacrilege: praise is not thine, But His Who gave thee, and preserves thee mine: Else
Pàgina 598 - .The vast leviathan wants room to play, And spout his waters in the face of day ; The starving wolves along the main sea prowl, And to the moon in icy valleys howl; For many a shining league the level main, Here spreads itself into a glassy plain.

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