Imatges de pÓgina

Whom I, with all the duty of my heart,
Intirely honour. I would not be delay'd;

my 'offence be of such mortal kind,
That neither service past, nor present sorrows,
Nor purpos'd merit in futurity
Can ransom me into his love again ;
3 But to know so, must be my benefit.
So shall I clothe me in a forc'd content,
* And shoot myself up in some other course,
To fortune's alms.

Def. Alas! thrice-gentle Caffo,
My advocation is not now in tune ;
My Lord is not my Lord; nor should I know him,
Were he s in favour, as in humour, alter'd.
So help me every spirit fanctified,
As I have spoken for you all my best ;
And stood within the blank of his displeasure,
For my free speech! You must a-while be patient ;
What I can do, I will: and more I will
Than for myself I dare. Let that suffice

Iago. Is my Lord angry?

mil. He went hence but now; And, certainly, in strange unquietness.

Iago. Can he be angry? I have seen the Cannon, When it hath blown his ranks into the air,

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2 --the office of my heart,] Saltem aliquis veniat, qui mihi diThe elder quarto reads,

cat, abi. the duty of my heart.

+ And foot mofelf up -] The authour used the more pro- This is the reading of one of per word, and then changed it, the early quartos. The folio, I fuppofe, for fashionable dic- and all the modern editions, tion ; but, as fashion is a very have, weak prote&ress, the old word And fhut myself upis now ready to resume its place. smin favour, ) In look, 3 But to know fo, must be my in countenance. benefit.]

6 within the blank of his Si neque placidas affari Cafaris displeasure,] Within the shot




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of his anger,

And, like the Devil, from his very arm
Puft his own brother; and can he be angry?
Something of moment then. I will go meet him.
There's matter in't, indeed, if he be angry. [Exit.

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Manent Desdemona, Æmilia, and Caffio. Def. I prythee, do so. Something, sure, of State, Either from Venice, of ? some unhatch'd practice, Made here demonftrable in Cyprus to him, Hath puddled his clear spirit; and, in such cases, Men's natures wrangle with inferior things, Tho'great ones are their object. 'Tis ey'n so. * For let our finger ake, and it endues Our other healthful members with a sense Of pain. Nay, we must think, men are not Gods; Nor of them look for such observance always, As fits the bridal. Beshrew me much, Æmilia, I was, ' unhandsome warrior as I am, Arraigning his unkindness with my soul; But now I find, I had suborn’d the witness, And he's indited falsely.


- Some unhatch'd practice, ] of pain. I believe it. Thould be Some treason that has not taken rather, Subdue our other healtheffect.

ful members 10 a sense of pain. 8 For le: our finger 'ake, and it 9 —unhandsome WARRIOR as endues

I am, ) How this came to Our other healthful members be so blundered, I cannot conwith a sense

ceive. It is plain Shakespear Of pain ] Endue with a wrote, Jarle of pain, is an expreffion, unhandsome WRANGLER as which, though it might be endured, if it were genuine, can So Aniony and Cleopatra, not deserve to be introduced by -- fo wrangling Queen. artifice. The copies, both quarto

WARBURTON. and folio, sead, Endue our other Unbandsome warrior, is evihealthful members even to a sense dently unfair assailant.

I am. .

Æmil. Pray heaven, it be
State-matter, as you think ; and no conception,
Nor jealous toy concerning you.

Des. Alas-the-day, I never gave him cause.

Æmil. But jealous fouls will not be answer'd fo;
They are not ever jealous for a cause;
But jealous, for they're jealous. It's a monster
Begot upon itself, born on itself.
Def. Heaven keep that monster from Othello's

Æmil. Lady; amen.
Def. I will go seek him. Caso, walk hereabout;
If I do find him fit, I'll move your suit,
And seek t effect it to my uttermost. .
Caf. I humbly thank your Ladyship.

(Exeunt Desdemona and Æmilia at one

door; Caffio, at the other.



Changes to the Street before the Palace.

Re-enter Cassio, meeeting Bianca.

Bian. Save your friend Caffio.

Caf. What makes you from home?
How is it with you, my most fair Bianca ?
Indeed, sweet Love, I was coming to your house.

Bian. And I was going to your lodging, Capio.
What ? keep a week away ? seven days and nights ?
Eightscore eight hours ? and lovers' absent hours,
More tedious than the dial, eightscore times ?
Oh weary reck’ning!

Caf. Pardon me, Bianca :
I have this while with leaden thoughts been prest;
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But I shall in a ' more convenient time
Strike off this score of absence. Sweet Bianca,

[Giving her Desdemona's Handkerchief. 2 Take me this work out.

Bian. Oh Cafo, whence came this? This is fome token from a newer friend: Of thy felt absence now-I feel a cause. Is't come to this ? well, well.

Cas. Go to, woman, Throw your vile guefés in the Devil's teeth, A From whence you have them. You are jealous

now, That this is from some mistress, some remembrance ? No, in good truth, Bianca.

Bian. Why, whose is it?
Caf. I know not neither. I found it in my cham-


I like the work well; ere it be demanded,
As like enough it will, I'd have it copied :
Take it, and do't, and leave me for this time.

Bian. Leave you? wherefore ?

Caf. I do attend here on the General,
And think it no addition, nor my wish,
To have him fee me woman'd.

Bian. Wby, I pray you?
Caf. Not that I love you not:

Bian. But that you do not love me. 1

pray you, bring me on the way a little ; And say, if I shall see you soon at night?

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more convenient time] 2. Take me this work out.] The The folio has,

meaning is not, Pick out the more continuate time, work and leave the ground plain ; time lefs interrupted, time which but, Copy this work in anosber I can call more my own. It bandkercbief. gives a more distinct image than convenient.


Caf. 'Tis but a little way that I can bring you, For I attend here. But I'll see you soon. Bian. "Tis very good'; ? I must be circumstanc'd.

[Exeunt. nails 91 bant 195


ACTIVE SCENE I. auol69 to OY

A Court before the Palace. PgKC0**

Enter Othello, and Iago.


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'ILL you think so?

Oth. Think so, Iago? lago. What, to kiss in private ? Otb. An unauthoriz'd kifs.

Iago. Or to be naked with her friend in bed, An hour or more, not meaning any harm?

Oth. 4 Naked in bed, Iago, and not mean harm ? It is hypocrisy against the Devil:


3 -I must be circumstancd.] bed together, there might be no i. e. your civility is now grown harm done ; it might be only for conditional. WARBURTON. the trial of their virtue ; as was 3. Naked in bed, lago, and not reported of the Romih Saint, mean harm?

Robert D'Arbrisel and his nuns. It is hypocrisy against the Devil:] To this we mult fuppofe Othello This observation seems itrangely here replies ; and like a good abrupt and unoccasioned. We Proteftant. For fo the sentiment must suppose that Iago had, bec does but fuit the character of the fore they appear in this scene, fpeaker, Shakespear little heeds; been applying cases of false com- how those sentiments are circumfort to Othello; as that tho' the ftanced.

WARBURTON. parties had been even found in Hyp crisy againft the Devil,


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