Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Academic Press, 1 de març 1989 - 370 pàgines
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Psychology of Learning and Motivation

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What Have We Learned?
A Response Rule For The Expression Of Associations
Reinforcement Behavioral Stereotypy And Problem Solving
Memory Performance And Phenomenological Appearance
A Review And A New View
Chapter 6 Strategic Control Of Retrieval Strategies
Chapter 7 Alternative Representations
Chapter 8 Evidence For Relational Selectivity In The Interpretation Of Analogy And Metaphor
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Pàgina 115 - If a card has a vowel on one side, then it has an even number on the other side.
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Pàgina 354 - This work was supported by the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research, under Project THEMIS and Contract ONR-N00014-68-A-0152 to the University of Notre Dame. References 1 Krenzke, MA, and Kiernan, TJ, "Tests of Stiffened and Unstiffened Machined Spherical Shells Under External Hydrostatic Pressure," David Taylor Model Basin Report 1741, Aug.

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