The Significance of the Fine Arts


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PÓgina 359 - And when the evening mist clothes the riverside with poetry, as with a veil, and the poor buildings lose themselves in the dim sky, and the tall chimneys become campanili, and the warehouses are palaces in the night, and the whole city hangs in the heavens...
PÓgina 84 - Who has ever heard tell, in times past, that powerful princes of the world, that men brought up in honour and in wealth, that nobles, men and women, have bent their proud and haughty necks to the harness of carts, and that, like beasts of burden, they have dragged to the abode of Christ these waggons, loaded with wines, grains, oil, stone, wood, and all that is necessary for the wants of life, or for the construction of the church?
PÓgina 230 - This division may be found symbolized in American architecture: a neat reproduction of the colonial mansion — with some modern comforts introduced surreptitiously — stands beside the skyscraper. The American Will inhabits the sky-scraper; the American Intellect inhabits the colonial mansion. The one is the sphere of the American man; the other, at least predominantly, of the American woman. The one is all aggressive enterprise ; the other is all genteel tradition.
PÓgina 230 - I said a moment ago, a young country with an old mentality: it is a country with two mentalities, one a survival of the beliefs and standards of the fathers, the other an expression of the instincts, practice, and discoveries of the younger generations.
PÓgina 332 - London's Encyclopaedia of Agriculture: comprising the Laying-out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property, and the Cultivation and Economy of the Productions of Agriculture. With 1,100 Woodcuts. 8vo. 21s. London's Encyclopaedia of Gardening: comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape Gardening.
PÓgina 230 - The truth is that one-half of the American mind, that not occupied intensely in practical affairs, has remained, I will not say high-and-dry, but slightly becalmed; it has floated gently in the back-water, while, alongside, in invention and industry and social organization, the other half of the mind was leaping down a sort of Niagara Rapids.
PÓgina 84 - There one sees the priests who preside over each chariot exhort every one to penitence, to confession of faults, to the resolution of better life ! There one sees old people, young people, little children, calling on the Lord with a suppliant voice, and uttering to Him, from the depth of the heart, sobs and sighs with words of glory and praise ! After the people, warned...
PÓgina 315 - ... things by half. The goal has by no means been reached. but enough has been accomplished to justify the thought that New Jersey may some day be better known as "The Skeeterless State." City Planning Is Cooperation CITY planning is the job of the whole community. City planning of some sort is going on whether we know it or not, whether we wish it or not. Every man who determines the shape or the use of anything in a city is to that extent a city planner. But if we plan each for himself alone, we...
PÓgina 340 - ... hope his languid lids to close, Where brawling taverns banish all repose? Sleep, to the rich alone, "his visits pays:" And hence the seeds of many a dire disease. The carts loud rumbling through the narrow way, The drivers' clamours at each casual stay, From drowsy Drusus would his slumber take, And keep the calves of Proteus broad awake! If business call, obsequious crowds divide, While o'er their heads the rich securely ride, By tall Illyrians...
PÓgina 84 - ... they march in such silence that not a murmur is heard, and truly if one did not see the thing with one's eyes, one might believe that among such a multitude there was hardly a person present. When they halt on the road, nothing is heard but the confession of sins, and pure and suppliant prayer to God to obtain pardon. At the voice of the priests who exhort their hearts to peace, they forget all hatred, discord is thrown far aside, debts are remitted, the unity of hearts is established. But if...

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