History of the Transactions in Scotland, in the Years 1715-16, and 1745-46:: Containing an Impartial Account of the Occurrences of These Years; : Together with an Authentic Detail of the Dangers Prince Charles Encountered After the Battle of Culloden, with a Short Sketch of His Life; Interspersed with a Variety of Anecdotes, Never Before Published, Volum 2

George Charles, bookseller, Alloa, 1817

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Pàgina 71 - Charles, Prince of Wales, &c. ; Regent of the kingdoms of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging.
Pàgina 332 - ... honour), which the Macdonalds had at the battles of Preston and Falkirk, and have had, they say, from time immemorial. The Duke of Perth, in the battle of Culloden, stood at the head of the Glengary regiment ; and hearing the men murmur (for they murmured aloud), said to them, that if the Macdonalds behaved •with their usual valour, they would make a right of the left, and he would call himself Macdonald."— Ibid.
Pàgina 87 - Have they, or do they consider, only the interest of these nations ? Have you reaped any other benefit from them than an immense load of debts? If I am answered in the affirmative, why has their government been so often railed at in all your public assemblies...
Pàgina 470 - And what do you think, my lord, I should do with him ? ' " Lord Holdernesse owned that he was puzzled how to reply ; for, if he declared his real sentiments, they might savour of indifference to the royal family. The king perceived his embarrassment, and extricated him from it by adding, ' My lord, I shall just do nothing at all; and when he is tired of England, he will go abroad again.
Pàgina 88 - The Fears of the Nation from the Powers of France and Spain, appear still more vain and groundless: My Expedition was undertaken unsupported by either: but indeed, when I see a foreign Force brought by my Enemies against me, and when I hear of Dutch, Danes, Hessians, and Swiss, the Elector of Hanover's Allies, being called over to protect his Government against the King's Subjects, is it not high Time for...
Pàgina 377 - I have sent your daughter from this country, lest she should be any way frightened with the troops lying here. She has got one Betty Burke, an Irish girl, who, as she tells me, is a good spinster. If her spinning pleases you, you may keep her till she spin all your lint; or, if you have any wool to spin, you may employ her. I have sent Neil Mackechan along with your daughter and Betty Burke to take care of them.
Pàgina 178 - ... to our High Treasurer, or Commissioners " of our Treasury for the time being. '' Given at our Court at St. James's, first day of June in the " first year of our reign. " By her Majesty's command,
Pàgina 88 - It is now time to conclude, and I shall do it with this reflection: civil wars are ever attended with rancour and ill-will, which party rage never fails to produce in the minds of those whom different interests, principles, or views, set in opposition to one another. I, therefore, earnestly require it of my friends to give as little loose as possible to such passions. This will prove the most effectual means to prevent the same in the enemies of our royal cause ; and this my declaration will vindicate...
Pàgina 434 - Cage ; and by chance there happened to be two stones at a small distance from one another, in the side next the precipice, resembling the pillars of a chimney, where the fire was placed. The smoke had its vent out here, all along the face of the rock, which was so much of the same colour, that one could discover no difference in the clearest day. The Cage was no larger than to contain six or seven persons ; four of whom were frequently employed playing at cards, one idle looking on, one baking, and...
Pàgina 12 - Their design was to sail round Ireland, and land in the western part of Scotland ; but falling in with the Lion, an English ship of the line, a very obstinate and bloody action ensued. The Elizabeth was so disabled that she could not prosecute the voyage, and with difficulty reached the harbour...

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