Imatges de pÓgina

1o. Muratori. “Annali d'Italia.”
9. Moroni, "Dizionario d' Erudizione Ecclesiastica."

to. Letters of the Correspondent of the "Times” relating to the Embankment of Rivers.

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I have also derived some useful hints from a pamphlet by Signore Lanciani on the port of Trajan, and from another published a short time ago by Signore Aubert on the late inundation and the means of preventing similar calamities. Something, also, has been gleaned from Preller's “Rom und der Tiber.” Most of the modern writers, however, and Preller among the rest, confine themselves to the Tiber in and below the city of Rome. They treat the river as if it had no antecedents, as if it descended from the clouds, or emerged from the earth immediately before it entered Rome. Their suggestions, therefore, are of little value, and the remedies which they propose are either entirely useless or mere palliatives, as I shall be prepared to shew more fully in the course of this work.

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Birds of the Tiber:
The Gulls......

IS The Kingfisher.

The Heron..

13 The Bittern.....

144 Fish of the Tiber:

149 The Lupus..

151 The Sturgeon.. The Grey Mullet

155 The Eel...

157 The Tench,

158 The Shad...

160 The Lamprey.

160 The Otter ......


166 Searching the Bed of the Tiber for Works of Art Roman Terms for Colour

18) On the Proposed Schemes for Preventing the Inundations of the Tiber 183 Climate of Rome in Ancient Times.....

199 Conclusion.....



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Map of the Tiber and its tributaries.....

....Frontispiece. Isola St. Bartolomeo et Ponte Rotto, with view of Ponte quarto Capi,

Ponte Sisto, and Ponte Rotto The Ponte Molle, as it appeared after the Siege of Rome by the French in 1849....

49 Geometrical Figures

109 Fish of the Tiber (coloured).

149 Plate I., Fig. 1. Muræna of the Romans,

Fig. 2. Common Lamprey.
Fig. 3. Mugilis of the Romans-Grey Mullet.
Fig. 4. Red Mullet of the Romans.

Fig. 5. Common Sturgeon.
Plate II., Fig. 6. Lupus of the Romans.



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