The St. Petersburg School of Number Theory

American Mathematical Soc., 2005 - 278 pàgines
For over two centuries, the work of the St. Petersburg mathematicians in number theory has constituted a glorious contribution to mathematics. The Russian book, The St. Petersburg School of Number Theory, is about the life and work of prominent members of this school, such as Chebyshev, Korkin, Zolotarev, Markov, Voronoi, and Vinogradov. These mathematicians are indeed a very distinguished group, and their work in number theory is of the highest quality and continues to have lasting significance. This English translation acquaints the reader with the most important works of these six eminent members of the St. Petersburg school. A short biography is given for each of them, followed by an exposition of some of his most significant contributions. Each contribution features the author's original terminology and notation and is followed by commentary. Certain works receive relatively complete expositions, while others are dealt with more briefly. With a Foreword written for the English edition, this volume will appeal to a broad mathematical audience, including mathematical historians. It is particularly suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in number theory. Society. Members of the LMS may order directly from the AMS at the AMS member price. The LMS is registered with the Charity Commissioners.

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Title page
Foreword to the English edition
Pafnutiĭ Lvovich Chebyshev 18211894
Pafnutiĭ Lvovich Chebyshev
Chebyshevs articles on the prime numbers
On binary quadratic forms of positive determinant
Georgiĭ Fedoseevich Voronoĭ 18681908
Georgiĭ Fedoseevich Voronoĭ
Voronoĭs dissertations on algebraic numbers of the third degree
On a problem from the theory of asymptotic functions
Voronoĭs memoirs on quadratic forms
Ivan Matveevich Vinogradov 18911983
Ivan Matveevich Vinogradov

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Korkin 18371908
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Korkin
The articles of Korkin and Zolotarev on the minima of positive quadratic forms
Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev 18471878
Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev
Zolotarevs memoirs on the theory of ideal numbers
Andreĭ Andreevich Markov 18561922
Andreĭ Andreevich Markov
Works of Vinogradov from the first period of his mathematical activity
Warings problem
The Goldbach problem
Estimation of Weyl sums and the problem of the fractional parts of a polynomial
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