Essayes and Characters of a Prison and Prisoners

W. and C. Tait, 1821 - 91 pàgines

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Pàgina iv - A prison is a house of care. A place where none can thrive, A touchstone true to try a friend, A grave for one alive. Sometimes a place of right. Sometimes a place of wrong, Sometimes a place of rogues and thieves, And honest men among.
Pàgina xv - Plato's court was expressed from this fancy; and the persons are much about the same parity that is there. You may ask, as Menippus in Lucian, which is Nireus, which Thersites, which the beggar, which the knight; — for they are all suited in the same form of a kind of nasty poverty. Only to be out at elbows is in fashion here, and a great indecorum not to be thread-bare.
Pàgina 14 - It is a microcosmo, a little world of woe, it is a map of misery, it is a place that will learn a young man more villany, if he be apt to take it, in one half...
Pàgina xv - A PRISON Is the grave of the living,™ where they are shut up from the world and their friends; and the worms that gnaw upon them their own thoughts and the jailor. A house of meagre looks and ill smells, for lice, drink, and tobacco are the compound.
Pàgina 15 - It is a little common-wealth, although little wealth be common there; it is a desart where desert lyes hood-winckt; it is a famous Citie wherein are all Trades, for here lies the Alchymist that can rather make ex auro non aurum, then ex non auro aurum. It is as intricate a place as Rosamonds Labyrinth, and...
Pàgina 14 - A prison is a graue to bury men aliue, and a place wherein a man for halfe a yeares experience may learne more law than he can at Westminster for an hundred pound.'- — Mynshul's Essays and Characters of a Prison, 410, 1618.
Pàgina xvi - ... themselves, and there is a great deal of good fellowship in this. They are commonly, next their creditors, most bitter against the lawyers, as men that have had a great stroke in assisting them hither. Mirth here is stupidity or hardheartedness, yet they...
Pàgina 17 - It is an exile which doth banish a man from all contentments, wherein his actions doe so terrific him, that it makes a man grow desperate. To conclude, what is it not? In a word, it is the very Idea of all misery and torments, it converts joy into sorrow, riches into povertie, and ease into discontentments.

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