Imatges de pàgina

And seen the desolation of your

streets :
Nor come we to add sorrow to your tears,
But to relieve them of their heavy load ;
And these our ships you happily may

Are, like the Trojan horse, war-stuff’d within,
With bloody views, expecting overthrow,
Are stor'd with corn, to make your needy bread,
And give them life, who are hunger-stary'd, lialf dead.

All. The gods of Greece protect you !
And we'll pray for you.

Rise, I pray you, rise ;
We do not look for reverence, but for love,
And harbourage for ourself, our thips, and men.

Cle. The which when any shall not gratify,
Or pay you with unthankfulness in thought,
Be it our wives, our children, or ourselves,
The curse of heaven and men succeed their evils !,
Till when, (the which, I hope, shall ne'er be seen,)

is welcome to our town and us. Per. Which welcome we'll accept; feast here a while, Until our stars that frown, lend us a smile. [Exeunt.

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Gow. Here have you seen a mighty king
His child, I wis, to incest bring ;
A better prince, and benign lord,
Prove awful both in deed and word.
Be quiet then, as men should be,
Till he hath pafs'd neceffity.
I'll show you those in troubles reign,
Losing a mite, a mountain gain.
The good in conversation
(To whom I give my benizon)
Is still at Tharsus, where each mant
Thinks all is writ he spoken can :
And, to remember what he does,
Gild his statue glorious :
But tidings to the contrary
Are brought your eyes; what need fpeak I ?

Dumb show.

Enter at one door PERICLES, talking with CLEON; all the

Irain with them. Enter at another door, a Gentleman,
with a letter to PERICLES; PERICLES Mows the letter to
CLEON; then gives the Messenger a reward, and knights
Dim. Exeunt PERICLES, CLEON, C. severally.

Cow, Good Helicane hath staid at home,
Not to eat honey, like a drone,



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From others' labours; forth he strive
To killen bad, keep good alive ;
And, to fulfil his prince' delire,
Sends word of all that haps in Tyre:
How Thaliard came full bent with sin,
And hid intent, to murder him ;
And that in Tharsus was not best
Longer for him to make his rest:
He knowing so, put forth to feas,
Where when men been, there's seldom ease;
For now the wind begins to blow;
Thunder above, and deeps below,
Make such unquiet, that the ship
Should house him safe, is wreck’d and split;
And he, good prince, having all loft,
By waves from coast to coast is tost :
All perishen of man, of pelf,
Ne aught escapen but himself;
Till fortune, tir'd with doing bad,
Threw him ahore, to give him glad :
And here he comes : what shall be next,
Pardon old Gower ; this long's the text. [Exit.


Pentapolis. An open place, by the sea fide.

Enter PERICLES, wet.

Per. Yet cease your ire, ye angry fars of heaven!
Wind, rain, and thunder, remember, earthly man
Is but a substance that must yield to you;
And I, as fits my nature, do obey you.
Alas, the sea hath cast me on the rocks,


C 2

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