Christology of the Oriental Orthodox Churches: Christology in the Tradition of the Armenian Apostolic Church

Peter Lang, 2010 - 309 pàgines
The book offers to the reader a deep and ample knowledge about the theological tradition of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in general and of the Armenian Apostolic Church in particular. Since this small family of Orthodox Churches is not very known to the public, the book provides exact, reliable and scholarly first-hand theological information which is of immense value and importance. The Family of the Oriental Orthodox Churches acknowledges only the first three Ecumenical Councils, those of Nicaea (325), Constantinople (381) and Ephesus (431), and thus maintains the pure theology of the early Church without addition or changes. The book contains theological studies which without exception were read at international Conferences or symposia and consequently and naturally are written in a spirit of tolerance and reconciliation. This ecumenical aspect is an important contribution to the rapprochement and reunion of the Churches. Tolerance and understanding of other theological positions and phrasings are remarkable throughout the book and in this sense an additional advantage in studying the theology of the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

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Foreword By Dr Christoph Kardinal Schönborn
The First Three Ecumenical Councils And Their Significance For The Armenian Church
Christological Discussions Between Eastern Orthodox And Oriental Orthodox Churches

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The Author: Since 1981 Archbishop Mesrob K. Krikorian is lecturer and since 1986 honorary professor of Armenology in the Institute of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Vienna. He is theological consultant, honorary member and close collaborator of the Foundation PRO ORIENTE. In 1986 the author was ordained Bishop of the Armenian Apostolic Church for Central Europe and Scandinavia. In 1992 he was elevated to the rank of Archbishop.

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