Best of Enemies: Anglo-French Relations Since the Norman Conquest

Impress Books Limited, 2004 - 326 pàgines
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Republished for the centenary of the Entente Cordiale, this new edition of Best of Enemies gives an entertaining and perceptive overview of Anglo-French relations. Updated to include the Anglo-French disagreements over the second Gulf War, this is an extensively revised edition of a book that was widely praised when it first appeared in 1995. Robert Gibson gives a lucid and lively account of the love-hate relationship between the English and the French that has lasted for more than a thousand years. Richly illustrated with cartoons from both sides of the Channel, this intelligent and well-documented study will appeal to anyone interested in the history of English and French relations. Reviews of the previous edition "Best of Enemies is a thoroughly absorbing - and at times hilarious - study of 800 years of hostilities and misunderstandings between our nations." Tom Hibbert, The Mail on Sunday "Copious quotation plus a pleasingly crisp style combine to make this a very attractive and readable volume. Just the thing to consult en route to the gnte." Michhle Roberts, The Independent "This is a readable and scholarly enhancement of the understanding of our diplomatic and military history over nearly a thousand years." Alan Clark, The Daily Telegraph "[A] highly readable account of Anglo-French relations over the past millennium . the perspectives Gibson offers are welcome and timely." A.C. Grayling, The Financial Times

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The Growth of Nationalism in the Middle Ages
The Religious and Cultural Divide in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Cosmopolitanism and Xenophobia in the Eighteenth Century
The French Revolution
Love Hate and Suspicion 18141914
Uneasy Entente in the Two World Wars
De Gaulle and After
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