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Pàgina 189 - For these reasons their Lordships will humbly advise Her Majesty that the decree of the High Court...
Pàgina 207 - Exception may be taken to the use of "why" in a sense different from that in which it is used in the lines immediately preceding and following, but this objection would prove too much, as it would condemn the undoubtedly expletive use of " why " in line 68, where also as in line 65 " why " is not followed by a comma in the Folio.
Pàgina 147 - Let the childless widow, preserving unsullied the bed of her lord, and abiding with her venerable protector, enjoy with moderation the property until her death. After her let the heirs take it.
Pàgina 141 - ... by reason of his or her renouncing, or having been excluded from the communion of any religion, or being deprived of caste, shall cease to be enforced as law...
Pàgina 2 - QC, replied. The judgment of their Lordships was delivered by SIR MONTAGUE E. SMITH: — This...
Pàgina 124 - Women have no business with the texts of the Veda; thus is the law fully settled : having, therefore, no evidence of law, and no knowledge of expiatory texts, sinful women must be as foul as falsehood itself ; and this is a fixed rule.
Pàgina 191 - ... right to share in any property, moveable or immoveable, on the ground that it is joint family property, and to suits for the recovery of maintenance, where the right to receive such maintenance is a charge on the inheritance of any estate, the period of twelve years from the death of the persons from whom the property alleged to be joint is said to have descended or on whose estate the maintenance is alleged to be a charge, or from the date of the last payment to the Plaintiff, or any person...
Pàgina 67 - An entry in any public or other official book, register, or record 2, stating a fact in issue or relevant fact, and made by a public servant in the discharge of his official duty, or by any other person in performance of a duty specially enjoined by the law of the country in which such book, register, or record is kept, is itself a relevant fact 3.
Pàgina 171 - No process of execution shall issue from any Court not established by Royal Charter to enforce any judgment decree or order of such Court unless some proceeding shall have been taken to enforce such judgment decree or order, or to keep the same in force, within three years next preceding the application for such execution.
Pàgina 101 - If it clearly appears to have been the intention of the parties that the property should be deemed to be delivered, and the title to have passed, and especially if their acts be inconsistent with any other view, the mere fact that something remains to be done will not govern such intention.

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