Internet-enabled Business Intelligence

Prentice Hall Professional, 2003 - 337 pÓgines
William Giovinazzo gives experienced database professionals practical guidance for every aspect of planning and deploying Web-based data warehouses -- and leveraging them for competitive advantage. Unlike previous books, The Web-Enabled Data Warehouse covers all the enabling technologies and analysis approaches you need to know about -- from XML to CRM, Java to customer profiling. Giovinazzo begins by introducing the compelling advantages of integrating business intelligence and data warehouses with Web technology. He reviews the business and technical contexts in which the Web-enabled data warehouse will operate; shows how to build and optimize data warehouse infrastructure, and presents in-depth coverage of key enabling technologies -- including Java, XML and XSL, LDAP directories, and WAP wireless development environments. In the book's final section, Giovinazzo introduces and explains powerful new analysis techniques that can dramatically improve your understanding of customers -- and shows how to integrate data warehouses with CRM and other enterprise systems so you can act on your knowledge far more quickly and efficiently. For every experienced database professional seeking to understand or deploy Web-based data warehouses.

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Making the Internet Work
The Software of the Internet
Building Relationships Over the Internet
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WILLIAM GIOVINAZZO has been involved in every aspect of data warehouse development, implementation, maintenance, marketing, and sales. Currently a business intelligence evangelist, he writes and speaks regularly on data warehousing and Oracle technologies. He is author of Object-Oriented Data Warehouse Design: Building A Star Schema (Prentice Hall PTR).

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