Imatges de pÓgina

Well if the Lord permit, we shall labour on as long as we live. This is our desire-our hope.

Some tell

We trust we do not get worse for wear. us that we are improving. This is encouraging, and will stimulate to renewed and increased exertions.

Another word or two. When we published our first Magazine it contained twelve pages, now we give thirty six pages-three times as much for the same money! During the past year our sales were nearly doubled. We now give more, we believe, for the money, than is to be found in any other little picture periodical of the same class; and we promise to do all we can in future to give our young friends a large, cheap, and good Children's Magazine.

May all our young readers have, in rich abundance, the wisdom that cometh from above-may they be be preserved from all evil that it may not harm them -and through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, may they enjoy the favour of their Heavenly Father here, and when their days on earth are ended, rise to dwell in a higher, a holier, and a happier state!

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