Imatges de pÓgina
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Mitford, Mr. observations on Rhyme, 436. teau, 16_Velasquez, Murillo, Holbein,

Miss, her tragedy of Julian, 473. Poussin, 17—Salvator Rosa, Murillo,

Molucca Islands, 313.

18-David, Raphael, 147–A. Carracci,

Monastery at Sorrento, 63, 343-Dinner at, Titian, 148_Tintoretto, Bassan, Claude,

54_ceremony of taking Vows, 60.. 150_Vandyke, 307–Lely, Q. Matsys,
Moore, 58—his Loves of the Angels, re. 308—Titian, Holbein, Rubens, Knel.
viewed, 212.

ler, 309-Guido, 310_Tintoret, Ti.'
Moral Effects of Revolutions, 564.

tian, Del Piombo, 616-Raphael, 617
Mont Blanc, Mr. Clissold's Ascent of, 223. -Hogarth, 618.
Moscow, Expedition to, 341.

Painting, reflections on, 14 - Catholic
Mouldiness prevented by perfumes, 336. language of, 147–New Process of, 305
Munckley, Dr., 264.

-Collections of, see Galleries.
Music, Ancient Greek, 627.

Paley, Dr., his casuistry, 193, note.

Music, Report of, JANUARY. British Con- Parachute rocket, 467.

certs, 113—Mozart, Rossini ; City A. Paris, New-Year's Day in, 22-Long-

mateur Concerts, 104 Concerts at Cam.

Champs, 24.

bridge; Sir G. Smart, and Mr. Lo Parrot, History of the, 584.
der's ditto, at Bath, 105_Royal Acade. Peat-mosses of Holland, 340.
my, New Publications, 106. FEB. City Percussion Lock, new one, 339.
of London Amateur Concerts ; Opera, Perkins, Mr., his new Steam Engine, 586.

Signor Porto, De Begnis, 225—Bochsa, Persia, King of, his Female Guards, 256.

British Concerts, Royal Academy ; Fi. Road to Preferment in, 389.

garo at Covent Garden ; Sir G. Smart's Persian Jew, Day of, 125.

Concerts at Bath, &c., 226-New Pub. Petrarch, Foscolo's Essays on, 562.

lications, 227-MARCH. Bochsa, Ora. Peveril of the Peak, reviewed, 205.

torios ; Bishop, 351-Dr. Crotch's Pa- Plum-pudding, anecdote respecting, 266.

lestine, Rossini's Cyrus in Babylon, Poetry :

352_King's Theatre, Concerts, New Sonnet: An Italian Philosopher to his

Publications, 353_APRIL. Oratorios, Friend, 40.

Opera, La Donna del Lago, 464--Ros.. • I'll daut no more a Posie,' 52.

sini; Natale Corri, Mr. Lacy, Mrs. Parting of Neoptolemus from Deidamia,

Bianchi Lacy, New Publications, 465 63.

- London Collection of Glees, 466 Arrival of Philoctetes before the Walls

May, Decline of Public Performances, of Troy, 66.

579-Opera, Elisa e Claudio, 580—Be. Christina Swayne's Song, 75.

nefit Concerts, Royal Academy, 581— The Greyhounds Three, 78.

New Publications, 582-June. Concert

Song of Snorro, 81.

for the Royal Academy, 672 - other The Maniac, by B. Barton, 83.

Concerts ; Opera, Garcia, Donna del The Fête Dieu, 94.

Lago, 673— Clari of Milan, Musical Fair Ines, 96.

Festivals, New Publications, 674.

Mallie Faurles, 137.

• The Thistle's grown aboon the Rose,

Neapolitans, 55.


New Process of Painting, 305.

Valentine to Miss M. Tree, 144.

New Year, rejoicing on its coming of Age, 1.

Translation from Garnier, 163.

-'s day in Paris, 22.

Nichols, Lieut. 539.

Sonnets to R. S. Jameson, 180.

Ode: Autumn, 187.

Nigel, Fortunes of, reviewed, 354.

Northumberland, Duke of, Anecdote of his

Sonnet to Elia, by B. Barton, 194.

munificence, 452.

The Storming of Troy, &c. from Q.

Calaber, 200.

North-west Expedition, 338.

Poesy, by J. Clare, 210.

Oersted, Prof. his discoveries in Magne-

Sonnet : Silence, 215.

tism, 221.

Three Italian Sonnets, 259.

Oil-gas Establishments, advantages of, 467.

‘On Eyam Banks,' 284.

Old China, by Elia, 269.

To A. Cunningham: . Minstrel of other

Olympian Revels, a dramaticle,

days,' 372.

Omega, on_Twelfth Night, 37—on Va- Antiquity : by J. Clare, 380.

lentine's Day, 141.

Ode to the King of France, 404.

Opium Eater, Letters by; see Letters.

• The deepest Snow will drop away,'418.

On Herder, 373.

A Poet's Thanks : by B. Barton, 421.

Oratorios, remarks on, 357.

Sonnet : Faith, 428.

Orloff, Count G. 588.

Song: • Whither art thou gone?' 463.

Oxford, Number of Members of the Uni. Elegy on the Death of Bow Fair, 481.

versity of, 350.

Ah why should Pity wet my Bier,' 508.

A Parthian Peep at Life, 525.

Painters : Cuyp, 14-A. Sacchi, Van- Spring Song, 533.

dyke, 15- Rembrandt, Rubens, Wat. Lord William, 540.

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The Roses; from Bilderdyk, 541. land, 363_Commerce ; agriculture, 364

Sonnet, written in Keat's Endymion, -France ; debates respecting war with


Spain, 476_Chateaubriand's argument

On Fortune : from Chartier, 556.

in favour of it ; obnoxiousness of M.

Sonnet: to an Enthusiast, 565.

Manuel to the Ultra party, 477–His

Stanzas to a young Friend, 566.

address to the Chamber of Deputies;

A Valentine to


his expulsion, and his refusal to comply

Lines from the Port-folio of H- 603. with it, 478-Conduct of the liberal

Sonnet to Bernard Barton, 620.

party, 479-Departure of the Duke

Ode to Master Izaak Walton, 635. d'Angouleme for Bayonne ; Spain, fail-

Sonnet; Death, 636.

ure of Bessieres to rescue Ferdinand ;

Bannocks of Barley, 643.

conduct of the latter, his speech, 480—

Ode to a Printer's Devil, 644.

Portugal, decree in favour of Spain,

“ Say what is worse than blank despair?" Amarante's plot, 481_Greece ; suc-


cesses of the Greeks ; fire at Canton, do.

“ Lady, wouldst thou heiress be ? " 660. mestic affairs, parliamentary discussions,

The Daisy in India, 675,

death of Earl St. Vincent, 482--Insol-

Our Ladye's blessed well, 685.

vent act ; agriculture ; commerce, 483

Song of the Elfin Miller, 687.

- Foreign commerce, tables of tonnage,

Epigram on the Doubtful Sneeze, 704. and Customs and Excise, 484_Invasion
Sonnet: Is there another world ? by J. of Spain by the French, 590_Com-
Clare, 706.

spiracy detected in the French army ;
Poland, Rounfeld's History of, 236. proclamation of the Duke d'Angouleme,
Polar Sea, Franklin's Voyage to the 591_Projected march of the army; St.
shores of the, 569.

Sebastian invested, 592_Arrival of the
Police Office, Literary, 157.

Spanish Royal Family at Seville; march
Polish Literature, 236,

of the Portuguese to assist the Spas
Polybius, interesting story from, 637. niards; fire at Constantinople; Mexico,
Poor Relations, 533.

593–Domestic affairs ; paper relative to
Popolino, P.P., 97.

Spain; Catholic emancipation, 594
Poverty, pleasures of, 270.

Ireland ; agriculture, 595_Commene,
Preferment, Road to, in Persia, 389. 596-France and Spain, bulletins of the
Prefiguration of Remote Events, 463. French, Mina, 693 skirmish at Tarra.
Presence of Mind in a Ghost, 98.

gona between Ballasteros and the French,
Pride, Check to, 220.

movements of Abisbal, 694Session of

Proceedings of Philosophical Societies, the Extraordinary Cortes, Guerillas, 695

340, 586.

--Amarante's attempt to join the French,

Public Events : The Congress of Verona ; Paris, Madame du Cayla, rumours from

France and Spain, 107_Successes of India, 696_Greece, Russia, Domestic

the Constitutionalists, 108-Preparations Affairs, 697.

for war; Brazil, 109– Inauguration of

the Prince Regent as Constitutional Em-

peror: Greece, victory at Missolongi, Quatremere de Quincy, work on the Fine

110-Destruction of the Turkish Fleet; Arts by, 588.

diplomacy ; death of Napoleon's mother, Quintus Calaber, Translation from, 63.

111-Ireland; outrage on the Lord

Lieutenant; commerce, 112-Circular

from the Congress of Allied Monarchs, Rain in the tropics, 340.

227_-Their views regarding Spain; Reading, course of, importance of a guide

message from the Cortes to the King,


Their circular to Foreign Ambas. Reformation, the, work on by Robelot, 589.

sadors, 229--Portugal ; Brazil; France, Relations, Poor, 533.

230--Greece; desolate state of Scio; Review : Goethe's Life, 68 — Grimm's

decapitation of Chourschid Pacha; A. German Popular Stories, 91 - Beddoes'

merica, 231-Domestic affairs ; agricul. Brides' Tragedy, 169— Peveril of the

ture, 232 - Commerce ; negociations be- Peak, 205 --Moore's Loves of the An.

tween Britain and Spain, 233_Spain ; gels, 212– Routh's Burnet's Own

notes from the Ambassadors of the Al- Times,' 290 - Freycinet's Voyage round

lied Powers to the Minister, 358—Their the World, 310_Comment on the Di.

departure from the capital ; France, the vine Comedy of Dante, 317, 396--James's

King's speech, 360—Preparations for an Expedition from Pittsburgh, 422— The

attack on Spain ; measures of the latter, Flood of Thessaly, 460, 669-Foscolo's

361_Brazil, coronation of the Empe. Essays on Petrarch, 562- Franklin's

ror ; Greece, capture of Napoli di Ro- Journey, 573_Hazlitt's Table Talk,689.

mani, by the Turks; United States' Revolutions, Moral Effects of, 564.

finances ; domestic affairs, the King's Richardson, 462.

speech, 362—Reduction of taxes; lre. Rhinoceros, Asiatie, 339.

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Rhyme, asonante, 405-remarks on, 431 Spanish Romances, No. I., 405_No. II.

--bad, 432-defective, 432--good, 435 509-No. III. 605.

faults in rhyming, 661-double rhymes, St. Vincent, Earl, Memoir of, 539.


Stories, Traditional, 91.

Richter, John Paul, 377, 378, note. Stafford, Marquis of, his collection of Pic-
Riley Gravestones, a Tale, 282.

tures,. 145.
Rio Janeiro, 311.

Steam Engine, 224--new, 586.
Ritson v. J. Scott, 445.

Staël, Madame de, 527.

Rizzio, 95.

Steel, alloys of, 467—method of ornament-

Road to preferment in Persia, 389.

ing with prismatic Colours, 468.

Robin Hood, 101.

Study, systematic plan of, 190. ·

Rocket, Parachute, 469.

Succory used as blanched Sallad, 339.

Rogers, the poet, 159.

Sugar, fish preserved by, 469.

Rogues, specimen of old English, 518. Swift, his notes on Burnet, 292.
Roman literature, character of, 553-gene. Taafe's Comment on the Divine Comedy of

ral error respecting its Augustan age, Dante, 317, 396.

Roman history, early, fabulous, 553, note. Tales : Christina Swayne,. 73-Corporal
Romances, Spanish, 405, 509.

Colville, 132—Riley Gravestones, 282–
Rothorn Cavern, 583.

Kate of Windiewa's, 410-Road to Pre-
Routh, his new edition of Burnet's History ferment in Persia, 389, 519_ Ship-
of his own Times, reviewed, 290.

wreck, 382—Mr. Schnackenberger, 493,
Royal Society, 340, 586.

646– The Fairy Miller of Croga, 678.

Ruelle, a dramaticle, 181.

Tamahaamah, a Sandwich Chief, 316.

Ruling Passion, 568.

Thermometers, variations in the bulbs of,

Sailor's Receipt for tying Hair and Shaving, Tinian, Island of, 314.

Titian, his Diana and Calisto, and Diana
Sandwich Islands, 315.

and Actæon, 147—Venus rising from
Schnackenberger, Mr., a tale, 493, 646.

the sea, 148.
Schomberg, Dr., anecdote of, 266.

Tragic Drama of Greece, 625.
Schöne, Mr., his continuation of Faust, 590. Travellers, Society of, 224.
Schoolboys, felicity of, 13.

Twelfth Night, 37.

Science, Report of, 221, 335, 466, 582.

Scoggin's Jests, 621.

Verse, writers on, 36-Feet employed in

Scotland, Society of Arts, 224.

English, 178_ Inmbic, 273_Anapæstic,

Scott, Sir W. 160.

274_Dactylic, 275— Licences in Poeti-

Scott, J., Ritson versus, 445.

cal Measure, 273-combinations of

Sculpture, Thoughts on, 217.

Verses, 429-Rhyme, 431.

Sea, its luminous property derived from in. Versification, English, 29-No. II. 173–

No. III. 273–No.IV.429_No. V.661.

Segur, Galerie Morale, 471.

Vesper Hymns, 510.

Sestini, three Italian Sonnets by, 259.

Vesuvius, Eruption of, 224.

Shaftesbury, Anecdote of the Earl of, 293. Vowel sounds, 174, 438.

Shaving, a Sailor's Receipt for, 567.

Sheep, peculiar kind of, on the banks of the Walpole, Horace, described by Miss Haw.

Mackenzie River, 337.

kins, 262-Character as a writer, 263,

Shipwreck, a, 382.


Shopping, 156.

Walton, Izaak, 634-ode to, 635.

Siddons, Mrs., 160—her abridgement of Washington, General, original Letter of,

Paradise Lost, 216.


Signs of the Times, 565.

Watts, on the Improvement of the Mind,

a ramble, 641.

censured, 192

Skulls found in Germany, 587.

Waverley, Author of, 206, 354.

Slaves, state of, in the Brazils, 312.

West Greenland, 224.

Society of Arts, in Scotland, 224.

Whitefoord, Caleb, 507.

Travellers, 224. See Proceed. Whitehead, Paul, 264.


Wilkins, G. dramatist, 515.

Sorrento, visit to the Monastery of, 53, 343. Windsor Castle, 306.
Southey, 160.
Sound, velocity and force of, 586.

Year, the New, rejoicings on its coming of
Spaniards, their attachment to England,

the Chinese, 340.
Spanish Character, 509.

York, Cardinal, 265.

sects, 469.


The Lion's head.


Talc, with Ballads....


The Maniac. By Bernard Barton.. 83
REJOICINGs on the New Year's



By Elia's





GLECTED By the Author of

On Exaggeration, and Matter-of-Fact






The Dulwich GALLERY. By the

Review: Grimm's German Popular

Author of Table Talk........


Stories .......


A CHARACTER of the late ELIA. By


a Friend ........


Letter from Dr. Hill, on Deme.

New Year's Day in Paris. By

trius de la Croix's Connubia

the Author of Hamlet Travestie ... 22





The Choice of a Grave.


TWELFTH NIGHT; or, What you

On Dedications .




Fair Ines ......


Sonnet : An Italian Philosopher to his

Wilks .....



Obituary : Pietro Pinto Popolino 97

German Honesty and Simplicity 98


Presence of Mind in a Ghost.... 98


Robert Garnier...




Weathercock Steadfast for Lack of

Mr. Kean and Mr. Young:



Miss Clara Fisher.... 99


Song ; I'll daut nae mair a Posie.... 52

Maid Marian ........


A Visit to the Franciscan Monastery of

The Huguenot.


Sorrento ...


Report of Music..


Translations from the Supplemental Sketch of Foreign Literature.... 113

Iliad of Quintus Calaber :

Abstract of Foreign and Domestic

The Parting of Neoptolemus



from his Mother Deidamia.

Arrival of Philoctetes before the Literary Intelligence and List of Books

Walls of Troy...

63 published ...


Ecclesiastical Preferments


Review: Sketches of my Life. By

Goethe. Part V........

68 Births, Marriages, and Deaths.. 119, 120

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