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next session of parliament, and to amend two Acts made in the 47th and 50th year of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Third, for the preventing improper persons from having arms in Ireland.

Cap. 48. An Act to authorize the sale and transfer of the stocks or funds standing in the books of the Bank of Ireland, on account of the office of the Clerk of the Pleas in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland, and the payment and application of the produce of such stock or funds to the consolidated fund of the United Kingdom.

Cap. 49. An Act to continue, till the 5th day of July, 1830, the provisions of an Act to allow sugar to be delivered out of warehouse, to be refined.

Cap. 50. An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the management and improvement of his Majesty's woods, forests, parks, and chaces; of the land revenue of the crown within the survey of the Exchequer in England ; and of the land revenue of the crown in Ireland ; and for extending certain provisions relating to the same, to the Isles of Man and Alderney.

Cap. 51. An Act to amend the laws relating to the employment of children in cotton mills and factories.

Cap. 52. An Act to extend the powers of an Act of the 4th year of his present Majesty for enlarging the powers of justices in determining complaints between masters and servants, to persons engaged in the silk trade.

CAP. 53. An Act to regulate the duties, salaries, and emoluments of the officers, clerks, and ministers of certain ecclesiastical courts * io England.

Sect. 1. The official principal of the Court of Arches, together with the Chancellor of the diocese of London and the Commissary of the diocese of Canterbury, or with either of them, may establish a table of fees. Sect. 2.

Which are to be the only lawful fees. Sect. 3. Power to make alterations or additions in such tables. Sect. 4. Tables of fees to be hung up in the offices to which they relate.

Sect. 5. Not to extend to fees of proctors (!!!).

Sect, 6. Power to such persons to make regulations for the due performance of duties which are to be approved by the archbishop.

Sect. 7. No persons shall be appointed deputy registrar, entering clerk, record keeper, clerk of the seats, or examiner, unless approved by the judges of the respective courts, and confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury or Bishop of London.

Secl. 8. Clerks of seats must be notaries public, and have served

This might have been entitled " An Act for protecting the abuses of the ecclcsi. astical courts, than which done more flagrantly require rcform."

seven years' clerkship with a proctor, and shall execute their duties in person.

Sect. 9. Additional court-days may be appointed, and orders made for expediting causes.

Sect. 10. Holidays to be the same as at the Stamp Office.
Sect. 11. Court of Peculiars may be held in Doctors' Commons.

Sect. 12. Officers shall continue, and business be transacted in the said courts during the vacancy of the sees of Canterbury and London.

Sect. 13. Upon death of judges, surrogates, &c. to continue till new appointments.

CAP. 54. An Act for directing reports to be made respecting gaols in Scotland.

CAP. 55. An Act for the more effectual recovery of small debts, and for diminishing the expenses of litigation in causes of small amount in the Sheriff's Court in Scotland.

CAP. 56. An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to friendly societies.

Sect. 1. 33 Geo. 3. c. 54; so much of 35 Geo. 3. c. 111. as relates to friendly societies ; 36 Geo. 3. (Irish); 43 Geo. 3. c. 111; 49 Geo. 3. c. 58; 49 Geo. 3. c. 125; 59 Geo. 3. c. 128 ; and so much of 6 Geo. 4. c. 74. as relates to friendly societies, repealed.

Sect. 2. Any number of persons may form themselves into such society, and raise funds, and make rules, with power to alter and amend the same.

Sect. 3 Societies, in their rules, to declare the purpose of their establishment, &c.

Sect. 4. Rules of the society to be submitted to a barrister (appointed to certify as to saving banks), and in Scotland to the Lord Advocate, and in Ireland to a barrister (to be appointed by the Attorney General), by whom they are to be certified, and deposited with the clerk of the peace; and the rules, when certified, to be confirmed by justices at sessions, and a duplicate certified by the clerk of the peace ; but it is not necessary to submit rules to the barrister or advocate, if the same are copied from those of any other society enrolled in the same county.

Sect. 5. If the barrister or advocate refuse to certify, the rules may be submitted to the sessions with his objection, and they may be allowed or disallowed.

Sect. 6. Rules not to be allowed unless the justices are satisfied with the tables.

Sect. 7. No society entitled to the benefit of this Act unless their rules have been confirmed.

Sect. 8. Rules when entered to be binding on the members, and a copy made evidence.

Sect. 9. No confirmed rule to be altered but at a general meeting.

Sect. 10. Rules shall specify place of meeting and duty of officers, but the place may be altered.

Sect. 11. Society may appoint officers, who are to give security, if required; trustees and treasurer to give bond to the clerk of the peace.

Sect. 12. Committees to be appointed.

Sect. 13. Treasurer to lay out surplus of contributions, and account for proceeds.

Sect. 14. Treasurers to account, subjected to the Court of Exchequer.
Sect. 15. Exchequer may appoint persons to convey in certain cases.
Sect. 16. And to transfer stock, &c.
Sect. 17. No fees to be taken for any proceeding in such courts.

Sect. 18. Except in certain cases; the persons appointed to transfer stock are to be the secretary, deputy secretary, or accountant general of the Bank of England.

Sect. 19. Act to be indemnity to the Bank.
Sect. 20.

Executors to pay money due to such societies before any other debts.

Sect. 21. Effects to be vested in trustees or treasurer, who may bring or defend actions.

Sect. 22. Limitation of responsibility of treasurers or trustees.

Sect. 23. Payment to persons appearing to be next of kin to be valid.

Sect. 24. Payment not exceeding 201., when members die intestate, without letters of administration.

Sect. 25. Justices may hear cases of fraud, and punish by fine and imprisonment.

Sect. 26. Proceedings on dissolution. Sect. 27. Rules to be made directing how disputes shall be settled by arbitrators; justices to enforce awards.

Sect. 28. Reference of disputes may be to justices, if so directed by the rules.

Sect. 29. Orders of justices to be final.
Sect. 30. Funds may be subscribed into saving banks.

Sect. 31. Or into the Bank of England, on receipts; and societies enrolled under 59 Geo. 3. c. 128, prior to July 28th, 1828, entitled to three-pence per cent. per

diem. Sect. 32. Minors may be members, and have legal authority to act.

Sect. 33. Societies shall make annual audits and statements of the funds to the members.

Sect. 34. Returns to be made to the clerk of the peace.

Sect. 35. Return to be transmitted to a secretary of state, and laid before parliament.

Sect. 36. Penalty on societies not making returns.
Sect. 37. Exemption from stamp duties.
Sect. 38. . Construction of the Act.
Sect. 39. Act to extend to all present and future societies.
Sect. 40. Societies already enrolled to conform within three years
Sect. 41. Public Act..

Cap. 57. An Act to continue till the first day of July, 1830, the powers of commissioners for inquiring concerning charities in England and Wales.

Car, 58.

An Act to repcal an Act of the Parliament of Ireland of

the ninth year of the reign of Queen Anne, for uniting several parishes, and building several parish churches in more convenient places, so far as relates to the parishes of Oram and Drumtemple, in the diocese of Elphin.

Cap. 59. An Act to amend an Act of the seventh year of his present Majesty for consolidating the trusts of the several turnpike roads in the neighbourhood of the metropolis, north of the river Thames, and to make and maintain two new or branch roads to communicate with the said metropolis roads.

CAP. 60. An Act for raising the sum of 13,438,8001. for the service of the year 1829, and to appropriate the supplies granted in this session of parliament.

CAP. 61. An Act to amend an Act of the seventh year of his present Majesty for extending to Charing Cross, the Strand, and places adjacent, the powers of an Act for making a more convenient communication from Mary-le-bone Park.

CAP. 62. An Act- to exclude persons accepting offices in the East Indies from being members of the House of Commons.

CAP. 63. An Act to render valid an Act to amend the law relating to the employment of children in cotton mills and factories. (a)

(a) The original act (cap. 51.) was amended by the Lords, and by mistake not returned to the Commons.


C. Baldwin, Priater, New Bridge-stroul, London.

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