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The ENCHANTER : or, Love and







Price bound Ten Shillings Sixpence.

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Lord Flimnap, Master Cau- Messrs. Pope, Hurst, therly.

Martin, etc. Bolgolam, Master Simpson. Fripperel, Master Largeau. Lady Flimnap, Miss Simp“ Lalcon, Miss Pope.

son, Gulliver, Master Bransby. Toadel, Miss Matthews. A number of Lilliputian?

Citizens, etc..

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HIS marriage is the devil—I have sold my liberty,

ease and pleasure; and in exchange have got a wife, a very wife!-Ambition began my misery, and matrimony has completed it-- But have not other men of quality wives, nay, fashionable wives, and yet are happy ? --Then why am not I?.

Because I am a fool, a singular fool, who am troubled with vulgar feelings, and aukward delicacies, though I was born a nobleman, know the world, and keep the best company.

Bol, What, in the dumps, brother Flimnap;
Flim. Ave, brother, deeply so.
Bol. Why. what's the matter?
Flim. I am married.

Bol. And to niy sister--.If she wrongs you, I'll do you justice; and if you wrong her, I'll cut your throat that's all.

Flim. My dear admiral, I know your friendship, and your honour, and can trust both ; I have sent for you and your Vol II.


brother * This piece was acted all by children.

brother Fripperel, as my wife's nearest relations, to open my heart to you, and to beg your advice and assistance.

Bol. He advice you ! what can he advice you about! he was bred to nothing but to pick his teeth, and dangle after a court; so, unless you have a coat to lace, a feather to choose, or a monkey to buy, Fripperel can't assist you,

Flim. But he is the brother of my wife, admiral.
Bol. So much the worse for her and you too, perhaps

If she has listened to him, I shan't be surprized that you have a bad time of it! such fellows as he, who call thema selves fine gentlemen, forsooth, corrupt the morals of a whole nation.

Flim. Indeed, admiral, you are too severe.

Bol. Indeed, my lord Flimnap, I speak the truthTime was when we had as little vice here in Lilliput as any where; but since we imported politeness and fashions from Blefuscu, we have thought of nothing but being fine gentlemen; and a fine gentleman in my dietionary, stands for nothing but impertinence and affectation, without any one virtue, sincerity, or real civility.

Flim. But, dear brother, contain yourself.

Bol. 'Zounds! I can't We shall be undone by our politeness-Those cursed Blefuscudians have been polishing us to destrov us. While we kept our own rough man. ners, we were more then a match for 'em; but since they have made us fine gentlemen we don't fight the better for't I can assure you,

Enter FRIPPEREL. Frip. What, is my dear brother and magnanimous ad miral firing a broadside against those wretches who wear cle::! shirts and wash their faces ? eh!

Bol. I wou'd always fire npon those, good brother, who dare not sbew their faces, when their king and country want em

Flim. My dear brothers, let us not wander from the sube ject of or meeting- I have sent to you for your advice and assiitance in an affair that nearly concerns me as a man, a poll-mall, and the father of a family.

Frip. What can possiblv, my dear lord, disturb your tranquiliti', while you have fortune to purchase pleasures, and beslth to enjoy 'em?

Bol. Well said, Fripperelam. There spoke the genius of a fine gentleman Give him but dainties to tickle his palate, women to flatter his vanily, and muney to keep the dice agoing, and you may purchase his soul, and have his honour and virtue thrown into the bargain.

Irip. Well said, admiral; I would as soon undertake to ste 1 thy ship, as teach thee manners.

Bol. And I would souner sink my ship, than suffer such fellows as thee tu come on board her.

Flim. I find, gentlemen, you had rather indulge your own spleen, than assist your friend.

Bol. I have done.
Frip. Come, ci me, let us hear your grievances,
Flim. Your sister has dishononr'd me.
Bol, I'll cut her to pieces,

Flim She is a fine woman, and a woman of quality, and thereto e ought not to be cut to pieces for trifl-s.

Bol. Thou art a fine gen:leman, and ought to le hang'd: but what has she done?

Flim. Hurt me, injur'd me, beyond reparation.
Bol. The devil! - what
Glim. I am ashamed to tell you.
Bol. Out'
Flim. Fail'n in love with a monster.
Bol, A monster!-land or sea monster ?

Flim. The new progidy-this Quinbus Flestrin-The man-mountain—Gulliver--the English giant.

Frip. Ha ! ha! what, and are you afraid, brother, he should swallow her? for you cannot possibly be afraid of any thing else.

Bol. I don't know what think of this in love w monster! my sister has a great soul, to be sure--But all the women in Lilliput aie in love with him, I think---The devil is in 'em-And now they have seen the English giant, they'll turn up their noses at such a lusty fellow as I am - But how do you know this ? have you intercepted her love-letters?

Frip. Or have you ever caught her in his sleeve, or coat pocket? or has she been locked up in his snuff-box :-Ha? ha! ha!

Flim. I cannot bear to jest, when the honour of myseif and family. is at stake I have witnesses that she visiis him every day, and allows, and takes great familiarities. Frip. She's a woman of quality you kno --ünd iherefore A 2

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