Imatges de pÓgina
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Fond Men, by Passions wilfully betray'd,
Adore those Idols which their Fancy made
Purchasing Riches with our Time and Care,
We lose our Freedom in a gilded Snare ;
And having all, all to our selves refuse,
Oppress’d with Blessings which we fear to lose.
In vain our Fields and Flocks increase our Score,
If our Abundance makes us wish for more.

First, he that led the Cavalcade,
Wore a Sow-Gelder's Flagellet,
On which he blew as strong a Levet,
As well-fee'd Lawyer on his Breviate,
When over one another's Heads
They charge, three Ranks at once, like Swedes.
Next Pans and Kettles of all Keys,
From Trebles down to double Base ;
And after them upon a Nag,
That might pass for a fore-hand Stag,
A Cornet rode, and on a Staff
A Smock display'd did proudly wave:
Then Bagpipes of the loudeft Drones,
With snuffing broken-winded Tones,
Whose Blasts of Air in Pockets shut,
Look filthier than that from Gut;
And make a viler Noise than Swine,
In windy Weacher when they whine.
Next one upon a Pair of Panniers,
Full fraught with that which for good Manners
Shall here be nameless, mix'd with Grains,
Which he dispens'd among the Swains:
Then mounted on a horned Horse,
One bore a Gauntlet and gilt Spurs,
Ty'd to the Pummel of a long Sword,
He held revers'd, the point turn'd downward.
Next after on a raw-bon'd Steed
The Conq'ror's Standard-bearer rid,
And bore aloft before the Champion
A Petticoat display'd and rampant.
Next whom the Amazon Triumphant
Bestrid her Beast, and on the Rump on't
Sate Face co Tail, and Bum to Bum,
The Warriour whilom overcome ;
Armd with a Spindle and a Diftaff,
Which as he rode she made him twist off;
And when he loiter'd, o'er her Shoulder
Chalis'd the Reformado Soldier.



Before the Dame, and round about,
March'd Whifflers and Staffiers on Foot,
With Lacquays, Grooms, Valets, and Pages,
In fit and proper Equipages;
Of whom fome Torches bore, fome Links,
Before the proud Virago Minx,
That was both Madam and a Don,
Like Nero's Sporus, or Pope Joan :
And ar fit Periods the whole Rout
Set up their Throats with clam'rous Shout. Hua,

But Hudibras, who us’d to ponder
On such Sights with judicious Wonder,
Could hold no longer to impart
His Animadversions for his Heart:
Quoth he, in all my Life till now
I ne'er saw so prophane a Show:
It is a paganish Invention,
Which heathen Writers often mention;
And, he who made it had read Goodwin,
I warrant him, and understood him;
With all the Grecian Speeds and Stows,
That best describe those antient Shows.

O Love! thou sternly dost thy Pow'r maintain,
And wild not bear a Rival in thy Reign ;
Tyrants and thou all Fellowship disdain. Dryd. Pal. & Arc.

Love and a Crown no Rivalship can bear ; All precious things are still poffefs'd with Fear. Dryd. Auren.

Lovers, like Misers, cannot bear the Stealth Of the least Trifle from their endless Wealth; Sed. Ant. do Cle.

Great was their Strife, which hourly was renew'd, Till each with mortal Hate his Rival view'd ; Now Friends no more, nor walking Hand in Hand, But when they met they made a surly Stand ; And glar'd like angry Lions as they passid, And wilh'd that ev'ry Look might be their last. Dr. Pal. & Ars,

Roxana then enjoys my perjur'd Love! Roxana clasps my Monarch in her Arms! Doats on my Conqu'ror, my dear Lord, my King! Devours his Lips, eats him with hungry Kisses! She grasps him all! She, the curs'd happy lhe! By Heav'n, I cannot bear it ; ’ois too much! I'll die, or rid me of this burning Torture. I will have Remedy, I will, I will, Or grow distracted; Madness may throw off This mighty Load, and drown the flaming Paffion. Lee Alez


O I shall find Roxana in his Arms,
And taste her Kisses left upon his Lips:
Her curs’d Embraces have defild his Body,
Nor Lall I meet the wonted Sweetness there,
But artificial Smells and aking Odours.

Lee Alex.
My Life! my Soul! my All ! Otavia has him!
O fatal Name to Cleopatra's Love!
My Kisses my Embraces now are hers. Dryd. All for Love.

Methinks I fee her yonder! O the Torment,
Bufy for Bliss, and full of Expectation.
Sh'adorns her Head, and give her Eyes new Lustre,
Languishes in her Glass, tries all her Looks;
Steps to the Door, and listens for his Coming;
Runs to the Bed, and kneels, and weeps, and wilhes;
Then lays the Pillow easy for his Head,
Warms it with Sighs, and moulds it with her Kisses.
Oh I am loft! torn with Imagination!
Kill me, Casander, kill me instantly,
That I may haunt her with a thousand Devils. Lee Alex,

RIVER. Ses Creation, Garden of Eden.
Thames, the most lov'd of all the Ocean's Sons
By his old Sire, to his Embraces runs ;
Hasting to pay his Tribute to the Sea,
Like mortal Life to meet Eternity.
Tho' with those Streams he no Resemblance hold,
Whose Foam is Amber, and their Gravel Gold;
His genuine, and less guilty Wealth t'explore,
Search not the Boctom, but survey his Shore :
O'er which he kindly spreads his fpacious Wing,
And hatches Plenty for th’ensuing Spring ;
Nor then destroys it with too fond a Stay,
Like Mothers who their Children overlay :
Nor with a suddain and impetuous Wave,
Like profuse Kings, resumes the Wealth he gave:
No unexpected Inundations spoil
The Mower's Hopes, nor mock the Ploughman's Toil;
But, God-like, his unweary's Bounty flows,
First loves to do, then loves the Good he does.
Nor are his Blessings to his Banks confin’d,
But free and common, as the Sea or Wind;
When he to boalt or to dispense his Scores,

All of the Tribute of his grateful Shores,
Vifits the World, and in his flying Tow'rs,
Brings home to us, and makes boch Indies ours.
O could I flow like thee, and make thy Stream
My great Example, as it is my Theam !

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Tho' deep, yet clear ; tho' gentle, yet not dull;
Strong without Rage, without o'erflowing full.
Heav'n her Eridanus no more shall boast,
Whofe Fame's in thine, like lefler Currents, loft:
Thy nobler Streams shall visit Jove's Abodes,
To shine among the Stars, and bathe the Gods.

The fair Med vaga, that with wanton Pride
Forms filver Mazes with her crooked Tide.

Blac. Its wanton Tide in wreathing Volumes flows, Still forming reedy Islands as it goes.

Blac, The fair Neella rouls here noble Tide, And o'er the Meads unfolds her silver Pride.

Blai. Fair Ligor, the Armorick Region's Pride, Does thro' the Vale in smooth Meanders glide, And rolls her silver Volumes by its Side.

Blac. Then rolling down the Steep, Timavus raves, And thro' nine Channels disembogues his Waves.

Dryd. Virg. And Lycus swallow'd up, is seen no more, But far from thence knocks at another Door. Thus Erafinus dives, and blind in Earth, Runs on, and gropes his Way to fecond Birth; Starts up in Argos Meads, and shakes his Locks Around the Fields, and fattens all the Flocks.

Dryd. Ovid. Large Amenane, impure with yellow Sands, Runs rapid often, and as often stands : And here he threats the drunken Fields to drown, And there his Dugs deny to give their Liquor down. Dr. Ovid.

There Do first issues from his dark Abodes, And, awful in his Cradle, rules the Floods. Two golden Horns on his large Front he wears, And his grim Face a Bull's Resemblance bears. With rapid Course he seeks the facred Main, And fattens as he runs the fruitful Plain.

Dryd. Virg Betwixt the Trees the Tyber took his Course; With Whirlpools dimpled, and with downward Force That drove the Sand along, he took his Way, And roll'd his yellow Billows to the Sea. About him, and above, and round the Wood, The Birds that haunt the Borders of his Flood, That bath'd within, or bask'd upon his Side, To tuneful Songs their narrow Throats apply'd. Dryd. Virg.

Thus in Meanders to the neighb'ring Main, The liquid Serpent drew its silver Train

Blac. When a calm River, rais'd with sudden Rains, Or Snows diffolv'd, o'erflows th'adjoyning Plains, The Husbandmen with high-sais'd Banks secure Their greedy Hopes; and this he can endure :




But if with Bays and Dams they strive to force
His Channel to a new or narrow Course,
No longer then within his Banks he dwells,
First to a Torrent, then a Deluge swells:
Stronger and fiercer by Restraint he roars,
And knows no Bound, but makes his Pow'r his Shores. Denh.

Thus rising in his Might, the King of Floods
Rush'd through the Forests, tore the lofry Woods;
And rouling onward with a sweepy Sway,
Bore Houses, Herds, and lab’ring Hinds away. Dryd. Virg.

A pointed flinty Rock, all bare and black,
Grew gibbous from behind the Mountain's Back :
Owls, Ravens, all ill Omens of the Night,
Here built their Nefts, and hither wing’d their Flighe.
The leaning Head hung threatning o'er the Flood. Dryd. Virg.

Far in the Sea, against the foaming Shore,
There stands a Rock: The raging Billows roar
Above his Head in Storms; but when 'tis clear,
Uncurl their ridgy Backs, and at his Foot appear.
In Peace below the gentle Waters run,
The Cormorants above lie basking in the Sun.

Dryd. Virg.
A Rock chat braves
The raging Tempests and the rising Waves :
Propp'd on himself he stands, his folid Sides
Wash off the Sea-weeds, and the sounding Tides. · Dryd. Virg. .

See, from afar, yon Rock that mates the Sky,
About whose Feet such Heaps of Rubbish lie,
Such indigested Ruin : Bleak and bare,
How defart now it ftands, expos’d in Air,

Dryd. Virg
He, like a solid Rock, by Seas inclos'd,
To raging Winds and roaring Waves oppos'd,
From his proud Summer looking down, disdains
'Their empty Menace, and unmov'd remains. Dryd. Fire

ROSE. See Blush.
Go, lovely Rose,
Tell her that wastes her time and me,

That now she knows,
When I resemble her to thee,
How sweet and fair she seems to be..

Tell her that's young,
And shuns to have her Graces fpy'd,

That hadit thou sprung
In Desarts where no Men abide,
Thou must have uncondemned dy’d.

Then die, that she

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