Imatges de pàgina

My Beard to grow, my Ears to prick up,
Or, when I'm in a Fit, to hickup;
Command me to piss out the Moon,
And 'cwill as easily be done.

That I do love you, O all you Host of Heav'n
Be Witness! That you are dear to me!
Dearer than Day to one whom Sight must leave,
Dearer than Life to one who fears to die;
O thou bright Pow'r be judge whom we adore,
Be witness of my Truth! be witness of my Love! Lee Mithrida

If all my Heart and Soul be'n't thine, May thy dear Body ne'er be mine.

Comi. O my Monimia, to my Soul thou're dear As Honour to my Name ; dear as the Light To Eyes but just restor'd and heal'd of Blindness. Otw. Orph. O dearer than the vital Air I breathe.

Dryd. Virg. O lhe is dearer to my Soul than Rest To weary Pilgrims, or to Mifers Gold, To great Men Pow'r, or wealthy Cities Pride.

Otw. Orph. Dear as the vital Warmth that feeds my Life; Dear as these Eyes that weep in fondness o'er chee. Otw. Orgh.

Let me hafte to tell thee What and how dear Moneses has been to me: What has he not been! All the Names of Love, Brothers or Fathers, Husbands, all are poor: Moneses is my felf; in my fond Heart, Evin in my vital Blood he lives and reigns : The last dear Objem of my parting Soul Will be Moneses ; the last Breach that lingers Within my panting Breast, shall sigh Moneses.- Row. Tamerl.

Perdition catch my Soul, but I do love thee; And when I love chee not, Ghaos is come again. Slak. Othel,

My.Love's so true,
That I can neither hide it where it is,
Nor Thew it where 'cis. not.

Dryd. All for Love.
Quoth he, my Faith as Adamantine,
As Chains of Destiny I'll maintain ;
True as Apollo ever spoke,
Or Oracle from Heart of Oak.
Then shine upon me buc benignly,
With that one and that other Pigineye;
The Sun and Day shallsooner part,
Than Love or you shake off my


Hud. How I have lov'd, Witness ye Days, and Nights, and all your Hours, That danc'd away with Down upon your Feet, As all your Bus'ness were to count my Passion.


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One Day pass’d by, and nothing faw but Love;
Another came, and still 'twas only Love ;
The Suns were wearied out with looking on,
And I untir'd with loving.
I saw you ev'ry Day, and all the Day,
And ev'ry Day was still but as the first,
So eager was I still to see you more, Dryd. All for Love.

'Tis she, she only, that can make me bleft; Empire and Wealth, and all she brings beside, Are but the Train and Trappings of her Love. Dryd. Span. Fry.

Oh she's all Softness!
All melting mild, and calm as a rock'd Infant;
Nor can you wake her into Cries : By Heav'n
She is the Child of Love, and she was born in Smiles. Lee Alex.

And is it giv'n me thus to touch thy Hand,
And fold thy Body in my longing Arms!
To gaze upon thy Eyes, my happier Stars!
To taste thy Lips and thy dear balmy Breath ;
While ev'ry Sigh comes forth fo fraught with Sweets,
Tis Incense to be offer'd to a God.

Lee Alexa
The vernal Bloom and Fragancy of Spices,
Wafted by gentle Winds, are not like thee!
From thee, as from the Cyprian Queen of Love,
Ambrosial Odours flow : My ev'ry Faculty.

(Stepm. Is charm'd by thee, and drinks immortal Pleasure. Rew. Amb,

By Heav'n, my Edith, Thy Mother fed on Roses when she bred thee! The Sweetness of thArabian Wind still blowing Upon the Treasures of Perfumes and Spices, In all their Pride and Pleasures call thee Mistress. Beau. Rollo,

Sweet as the rofy Morn fhe breaks upon me;
And Sorrow, like the Night's unwholfom Shade,
Gives way before the golden Dawn she brings. Row. Tameri.

Not the Spring's Mouth, nor Breath of Jessamin,
Nor Vi'lers Infant-sweets, nor op'ning Buds,
Are half' to fweet as Alexander's Breaft!
From ev'y Pore of him a Perfume falis;
He killes fofrer than a Southern Wind,
Curls like a Vine, and touches like a God!
Then he will talk! good Gods! how he will talk !
Ev'n when the Joy he figh'd for is poffefs'd,
Ev’n then he speaks such Words, and looks such things,
Vows with so much Pailion, f'wears with so much Grace,
That ’ris a kind of Heav'n to be deluded by him.
If I but mention him, the Tears will fall:
Sure there is not a Leiter in his Name,
Butisa Charm to melt a Woman's Eyes.

Lee Alex.




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My Lord, my Love, my Refuge, Happy my Eyes when they behold thy Face ! My heavy Heart will leave its doleful Bearing At Sight of thee, and bound with sprightful Joy. Otw.Ven.Pref:

Does the not come like Wisdom, or good Fortune, Replete with Blessings, giving Wealth and Honour? The Dowry which the brings is Peace and Pleasure ; And everlasting Joy is in her Arms.

Row. Fair Pen.
Oh ! she's the Pride and Glory of the World!
Without her, all the rest is worthless Dross;
Life a base Slav'ry ; Empire but a Mock;
And Love, the Soul of all, a bitter Curse. Roch. Valent:

If Love be Treasure, we'll be wond'rous rich :
I have so much, my Heart will surely break with's :
Vows can't express it. When I would declare
How great's my Joy, I'm dumb with the big Thought:
I swell, and sigh, and labour with my Longing.
Oh lead me to some Desart wide and wild,
Barren as our Misfortunes, where


May have its Vent; where I may tell aloud
To the high Heav's and ev'ry lift'ning Planet,
With what a boundless Stock my Bosom's fraught ;
Where I may throw my eager Arms about thee,
Give loose to Love with Kisses, kindling Joy,
And let off all the Fire that's in my Heart. Otw. Ven. Pref

'Tis now that I begin to live again,
Since I behold my Aurengzebe appear!
His Name alone afforded me Relief;
Repeated as a Charm to ease my Grief.
I that lov'd Name, did as some God invoke,
And printed Kisses on it as I spoke.

Dryd. Auren.
Lavinia ! Oh there's Musick in the Name,
That soft'ning me to Infant Tenderness,
Makes my Heart spring like the first Leaps of Life.Otw.Cai.Mar.

Oh Pierre ! wert thou but she !
How I could pull thee down into my Heart,
Gaze on thee till my Eye-strings crack'd with Love,
Till all my Sinews, with its Fire extended,
Fix'd me upon the Rack of ardent Longing ;
Then swelling, fighing, raging to be blest,
Come, like a pancing Turtle, to thy Breaft. Otw. Ven. Pref.

Hold off, and let me run into his Arms !
My Dearest! my all Love, my Lord, my King,
Thou shalt not die, if that the Soul and Body
Of thy Statira can restore thy Life!
Give me thy wonted Kindness! Bend me, break me
With thy Embraces !

Lee Alex.

Love mounts and rouls about my stormy Mind
Like Fire that's born by a tempestuous Wind :
Oh I could stifle you with eager Haste,
Devour your Kifles with my hungry Tafte,
Rush on you,

cat you, wander o'er each Part,
Raving with Pleasure, snatch you to my Heart;
Then hold you off and gaze ! then with new Rage
Invade you, till my conscious Limbs presage
Torrents of Joy, which all their Banks o'erflow ;
So loft, so bleft as I but then could know ! Dryd. Auren;

The God of Love empties his golden Quiver, Shoots ev'ry Grain of her into my Heart ! She is all mine ! By Heav'n ! I feel her here, Pancing and warm ! the Dearest! oh Statira! Lee Alx.

Semandra shall be mine! ev'n all Semandra! The Thought is Extasie! These Arms shall hold her Fast to my throbbing Breast, these ravish'd Eyes Gaze till they're blind with looking on her Blushes! These stifling Lips Iball smother all her Smiles, And follow her with such Pursuit of Kisses, That ev'n our Souls fhall lose themselves in Pleasures.Lee Metbrid,

Who should be lov'd but you ? So lov'd that ev'n my Crown and self are vile When you are by. Come to my Arms, and be thy Harry's Angel ; (of Guise: Shine thro Cares, and make my Crown sit easy. Lee Duk:

Give, ye Gods, give to your Boy, your Cafar, This Ratile of a Globe to play withal, This gewgaw World, and put him cheaply off; I'll not be pleas'd with less than Cleopatra, Dryd. All for Love.

Gallop apace, ye fiery-footed Steeds, Tow'rds Phebus Lodging; such a Charioteer As Pbaeton would lash you to the West, And bring in cloudy Night immediately. Spread thy clofe Curtains, Love-performing Night, Thou sober-suited Matron, all in Black, That jealous Eyes may wink, and Romeo Leap to these Arms untalk'd of, and unseen. Oh! Give me Romeo, and when he shall dye, Take him, and cut him out in little Stars ; And he will make the Face of Heav'n so fine, Thacall the World will be in love with Night, And pay no Worship to the gawdy Sun. Shak. Rom. dull

But oh! there wants to crown my Happiness, Life of my Empire, Treasure of my Soul, Guide of my Days, and Goddess of my Nights! My dear Stafira! Oh that heav'nly Beam!



Warmth of my Brain, and Fire of my Heart !
Had the but shot to see me, had she met me,
By this time I had been among the Gods;

any Extasie can make a Height,
Or any Rapture hurl us to the Heav'ns.

Lee Alex. Oh'thou’rt my Soul itself, Wealth, Friendship, Honour ! All present Joys, and Earnest of all future Are fumm'd in thee! Methinks when in thy Arms Thus leaning on thy Breast, one Minute's more Than a long thousand Years of vulgar Hours. Otw. Ven. Pref.

She reigns more fully in my Soul than ever, She garrisons my Breast, and mans against me Ev'n my own Rebel Thoughts with thousand Graces, Ten thousand Charms, and new-discover'd Beauties : Oh had'st thou seen her when The lately bless'd me, What Tears, what Looks, what Languishings lhe darted! Love bath'd himself in the distilling Balm ; And oh! the subtle God has made his Entrance Quite thro' my Heart : He shouts and triumphs there, And all his Cry is Death or Bellamira ! O Expectation burns me! Heart! how she inflames me! Let's talk no more of War; for now my Theme's all Love! The War, like Winter, vanishes ; 'tis gone, And Bellamira, with eternal Spring, Dress’d in blue Heav'ns, and breathing vernal Sweets; Drops, like a Cherubim, in Spoils before me. Thus to a glorious Coast, thro' Tempests hurld, We fail, like him who fought the Indian World: 'Tis more, 'tis Paradise I go to prove, And Bellamira is the Land of Love ! I have her in my View, and hark, she talks, And see, about like the first Maid she walks ; Fair as the Day, when first the World began, And I am doom'd to be the happy Man! Lee C&f. Borg.

The God of Love once more has shot his Fires Into my Soul, and my whole Heart receives him : Almeyda now returns with all her Charms : I feel her as fhe glides along my Veins, And dances in my Blood. So when Mahomet Had long been hamm'ring in his lonely Cell, Some dull, insipid, tedious Paradise, A brisk Arabian Girl came tripping by : Passing she cast at him a sidelong Glance, And look'd behind in Hopes to be pursu'd ; He took the Hint, embrac'd the flying Fair, And haviog found his Heav’n, be fix'd is there. Dryd. Don Seb.



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