Imatges de pÓgina

And I do wish your honours may increase,
Till you do live to see a son of mine
Offend you, and obey you, as I did.
You did commit me :

For which, I do commit into your hand
The unstained sword that you have us❜d to bear;
With this remembrance,-That you use the same
With the like bold, just, and impartial spirit,
As you have done 'gainst me. There is my hand;
You shall be as a father to my youth:

My voice shall sound as you do prompt mine ear;
And I will stoop and humble my intents
To your well-practis'd wise directions.
Now call we our high court of parliament:
And let us chuse such limbs of noble counsel,
That the great body of our state may go
In equal rank with the best-govern'd nation;
That war, or peace, or both at once, may be
As things acquainted and familiar to us;
In which you, father, shall have foremost hand.
[To the Lord Chief Justice.

Our coronation done, we will accite,
As I before remember'd, all our state:
And (heaven consigning to my good intents,)
No prince, nor peer, shall have just cause to say,—
Heaven shorten Harry's happy life one day.
Flourish of Trumpets and Drums.




Printed by S. GOSNELL, Little Queen Street, Holborn.

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