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Doorga Pooja,

16 Dissenters Marriage Bill,

70 Extract of a letter from the Rev. W. J. Fox,

7 Do. from Boston,

ib Do. from William Roberts,

8 Extract of a letter from H

198 Extract from a Report of a Committee of the House of Lords on the Marriage Law,

39 Extracts from the Journal of Mr. Harding,

167 Irish Dissenters' Marriage Act,

220 Laying the Stone of the Edinburgh Unitarian Chapel,

40 Marriage of Dissenters,

69 Native Female Schools,

8 New Unitarian Chapels,

70. 165 New Publications,

222 Notices to Subscribers,

24. 171 Presbyterians in Ireland,

8 Secession of the Rev. S. C. Fripp from the Established Church,

10 The King and the Athanasian Creed,

36. 148 The De Facto Prime Minister,

222 Unitarian Association for Protecting the Civii Rights of Unitarians,

5 Unitarian Chapel in Calcutta,

7 Unitarian Controversy,

8 Unitarianism in Transylvania,

11 Unitarian Fund Anniversary,

37 Unitarianism in the United States of America, 112 Unitarian Marriage Bill,

171. 199

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A Paraphrase of Michel Angelo's Poem on the Per

fections of the Deity as they appear in the Beauty
of his Offspring,
God is Good,
Mrs. Barbauld's Thought on Death,
Robert Burns's address to John Goldie,
Sum of Trinitarian Controversy, in Verse,
The Devotion of Nature,

116 88 40 56 71 170 150

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