Imatges de pÓgina

religion as can well be crowd, ed into an equal space, and, in its Bengalee dress, con tributes more than any 0. ther single book to perpe; tpate the popular idolatry of Bengal ; and this undertaking was not entered op, ou only from an apprebension that the demand for it might not compensate for Ibe expense which it would involve. Again, not long af ter the appearance of the Second Appeal there was printed at "ibe Mission


| moodee

, a treatise written bg

you to do; on the contrary by acting as you have done yga barę disregarded ihe claims of both. No map wbo values religions free. dom will throw any impedi. meat in the way of the pube lication of opinions, bow. ever opposed to his own, if they be temperately dis, cussed; and the love of truth will lead him to give every facility in his power to their publication. It is only er. for that dreads (xroşure, apd, according to Lia Bacon's

's maxim, "a torbidoen writing is thought to be a certain spark of trub bar flies op in the faces of them who seek to tread it out.?".

As you have yourself brought this subject before tbe pablic I have expresso ed my sentimenış without reserve respecuing it. I think that you would have done better if you had paid less attention to the scru. ples of your friends and more to the dictates of

your own onbiassed judgment. Your friends have not al ways beep thus watchful of your conduct or you have not always been thos obsequious to their wishes. It was at one time cootemplated, at the suggestion of 40 idolatrous puodit, to print át "ibe Mission Press a Bengalee trgoslation of the Muhabharut, the great na, tjopal poem of the Hindoos, ubich contains as much false

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an idolatrous pundit also, op the Nyayu or atomic system of philosophy abigh teaches the eternity both of the pri. mary atoms, and of human souls. In these cases there was both false reli,ign and false pbilosophy, aod yet you do mot appear to have been troubled with any of those apprehensions Test you should " sanction er. Toi!' whicb infected your friends and finally yourself jo reference to Rammohun Roy's publications. If I had not been acquainted with these ipstances I might have supposed that in your opinion a printer's mind resides in his types, and that his understanding and his conscience must approve of every sentiment which he permils them to express. Bai as you are not a believe er either in the mythology of




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șbe Mulabharnt or in tbe of a directly opposite kind philosnphy of Goutum, I

which led yon

to decline : Brust consider that

priotiog Rautoban Roy's . print or not to print these works on Christianity. Thero ID00 works was regarded must have been a secret as a Riete question of profit consciousness tbat in proand 6: aud if so I can portion as the doctrines of perceive no reason why the Unitarianism

fully printing of Rain.mobon made koowo and clearly Roy's publications anderstood, they would Christianity should not have assume the place, subvers been placed at least the authority, and rise' avon an equal footing, the more the ruins, of those wbica especially as he constantly you bave made it gous by appealed to the authority siness to delend, of those looks which you YO

our officious friends did yourself deem to be the only not rest conichied with cen.) standards of religions iroth. suring your condari, bat If you deny that the honest even wept so far as to use! gains of trade were the sole pect your orihodoxy. Your olject you had io view, you - views of the divjoity of can only further say that Chrisi' had beep“ reudered in addition to tbis object oubious" you say by the you hoped that in propor. facts that yoo had prin. tion as the idolatroos and ted az“the Mission Press! philosopbical systems of the book which denied his Hindoos were exposed to Deily, and that " ove who view.their errors and abomi. was formerly engaged with nations would be perceived. you "io Missionary work Was this indeed yoor object had lately declared his bea in desiring to publish the lief in similar sentiments.? Muhabharut and in actually With respect to the first printing the Podarthu.Coo- ground of suspicion it was moodee? Had you a fullcon- evidently very sorry reasons viction that in proportion as ing to say that because a Hindoo idolatry and phi- beretical book had been Josophy were fairly exhibi. printed at "the Mission -ted they would be despised | Press' therefore ibe Prore and neglected? And did prietors of that Press were this conviction lead sou to themselves beretics. This desire and promote the pob. I reasoning is soo lale hy at lication of those works least ino: centuries. Ii ar wbich present them in their mounts to this that the Pro. just colours? Then it inust prietors of a press must have been a conviction priņt motbipg but what fald


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ng agrees with their own ordinary, viz, that one who i opinions, and that they must was formerly engaged with endeavour to suppress eve- you in Missionary work bad : ry opinion contrary to their lately declared bis belief to owo, as if the latter could not similar sentiments. Why :: bear the test of inquiry and were not your accusers sa examinatioó. · Oo the cop. tisfied with the assuranco trary, a lover of truth and that this individual was not i freedom, without relinquish. then, and for a considerable ing his own opioions or poriod had not beed, engago the right to defend them, ed with you in " Missionary. will afford every facility in work? Why were they not bis power to the teenperate! satisfied with the bording discussion of opinions the zeal wbich you bad.distnost opposed to them, played against him by ex•* convinced-tbat in tbis way pelling him from Christian troth will be most effectu. communion without ventar. ally elicited. By printing ing oven to sortise any Rammobur Roy's Second thing against his quoral Appeal, therefore, instead character, without inquirof laying yourself opeñ to ing into the grounds of those . the charge of heresy, you religious opinions wbicb bos abowed that you had a professed to hold, without firm confidence in tbe truth endeavouring to briog hima of your own religious sys- back to the only saving faith, tem; and by since declio. and without affording him an ing to print bis other works opportunity to defend him. ? on the same subject you self against all that ignore I show that you bave lost ance and malice might sogbat confidence.*

gest? Why were they not t The other groand of gas- satisfied with the poblic inpiciod is still more extra- sults which he received

The Proprietors of the from their Prese unless they Baptist Mission Press bave. are themselves the Editors." Jately discovered a method of If this is to be considered as .guieting the scruples of their an invitation to Unitarians to ultra-orthodox friends. In ad give their c118tom again to the Advertisement of date April Baptist Mission Press, they' 20, '1824, after notifying that cad only lament with the Pros!

* Bonks and Pamphlets in the prietors of tbat Press that it is varions languages of Europe now too late, The Calcutta ánd Asia continue to be print. Baltist Missionaries bave, ed" at their Press, it is added taught Unitarians to pript, "ibe Proprietors do not bold bowever imperfectly, for thong themselves respop sible for the selves. bebliments of any Work issued

Some pero

was a body of Christian: Missionaries consisting of five or six individuals in no degree ipferior to go equal number of their pro. fessional bretbreo in talents and learning, piety, zeal, and ortbodoxy. sons, wbether weakly or maliciously does not appear, affected on the most absurd and unreasonable grounds, to doubt their possession of the last mentioned virtas. A deficiency io any of the other virtues or excellepcies might have been pardovod, or the charge of sucb a de. ficiency night bave been overlooked. But a deficiency in orthodoxy was bei. ther to be lightly forgiveo,


from you individually, when availing yoorself of bis continued atteodance for Di. vipe worsbip at the Missionary Cbapel, presQmjog on the sanctity of the ministerial, character, and prostituting the digoity of the pulpit, you preache ed, not to the congregation assembled for religious instruction, but at him and against him as pointedly

if you had mentioned. bim by Dame? Sure. ly tbese coosideratioos should have taught tbeo to put a lepiept coostruction opon every other part of your conduct, and above all sbould have prevented them from accusing you of beterodoxy merely on accoopt of a petty sermớo with the writing, preacbiog, prioting, or publishing of which you had not the re. motest connection.

Having thas shown how futile were the grouods oo wbich yoor conduct aod your creed were impeached, I need Dot-say macb to convince you that your Seven Essays were scarcely called for in order to viodicate either the one or the other. Koon. ing, indeed, the necessity onder which you were pla. oed, I can only recur to the language of condolence; and certainly all the circabistances of the case are calculated to excite thé sin. acrost commiseration, 'Here


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deficiency to be ligbtly,re. garded. What then was to be done? It was not enough to'give the most solemn a's. surances and protestations of orthodoxy in private, por to preach and pray with all their migbt against the beterodox in public. It was not enough henceforib to seal "the Mission Press' against fieresy, and cootdmeliously to expell heretics from their communion. Nò. Assurances and protestations, preachings aod praxings, sealings and excommunications were very good, in their owo times. aod places, bot something mote was required in the present case.

Their punishme

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must be as notorious as to have been at work sioco Their crime. They bad been the commencement of the guilty of taking heretical dispate and to bave exerponey for printing a bere- cised an improper infoence tical book, and they are re- apon others who bave not, quired to disgorge the one like


had the ingendousby writing, printing, and

ness to acknowledge it. publisbiog a reply to the After witnessiog" you say piber. They had been gaile (p. 87, 88,)“ the spirited man. ly of once regarding as a ner in whicb be (Rammohua Cbristian brother ap indi- Roy) disdained the epithet that jidual who bad since prov

bad been applied to him by the ed bimself to be a beretic,

Editor of the Friend of ladia-and they are required pab.

the appeal that be made to prove

bis right to the title of a Christi. licly 'to renounce him and

ap-the condescension of the to oppose bis pripciples. Editor of that work to answer, He who bad once doubted him on bis own terms- tbe free is required to declare tbat be quent intercourse tbat be held doubts no longer; and if

with Christians of various de. he bad ever thougþt that

nominations-and the conces,

sions that he would occasione he perceived a peg in the

ally make in favour of some system of orthodoxy giving

eyangelical truths, we were Fay, wbilo that of hetero- prepared to expect something doxy was proportionally from his pen in defence of strengthened, he is now re.

Christianity far beyond wbat qoired to see all form dess

he has furnished; and

consider ourselves no longer and compactness in the one,

justified in keeping silence, all weakness and instability

noder the bope that he might in the other. I bave heard be brought to the acknowledge before of a people being ment of ibe mystery of God priest-ridden : yearself and

and of Christ, in whom are bid brethren afford a melancho- all the treasures of wisdom ly example of a priesthood

and koowledge. (Col. ij. 2)." people-ridden,

The plain meaning of this 3. The next season by is that yoq bad formed cerwhich you have been in- tain expectations respecą. Huenced to engage in the Mis- ting Rammobon Roy-tbat siopary Controversy with these expectations bave not Rammohuo Roy is as for. been realized and that the mally, althongb pot so ex. severity of the disappointe' plicitly, stated as the two ment has led yoo, by, the preceding; and it is the publication of your Seven more deserving of notico Essays, to break that sin as it lass opeo a secret lepce respecting him and spring which would secm bis writings wbich yon bad


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