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ease. they might, without Christianity but to retard any breach of charity, be

its progress. be supposed to have come to this country not to spread


Dir. Schmid on the Queries and Replies respecting the

Protestant Missions in Bengal. We bave much pleasure but are regularly ordaioed in giving insertion, by per.

ministers of what is com mission of the writer, to monly (though incorrectly) ibe following note explana- called the Latheran Church, tory of some particulars in and are considered in every the work bearing the above respect as of equal rapk wiib Title which has been just the European Missionaries published.

of the Society. The other

two patives whom you menTo the Rev. W. Adam

tion as

employed in the My Dear Sir,

same way a's Abdool Mes.

As in see, are merely schoolwas. the preface to

ters, In fact the Charch publication on Missions you Missionary Society bas not express a wish to bave any adopted, and indeeď cappot of the mistakes which may consistently adopt, the plan be found in it pointed out

of employing young conto you, I beg leave to in- verts as preachers, wbicb form you that Mr. Bowley you censure, and Abdool Messee are not

Yours sincerely employed io soch a sabor

D. Schmid. dipate capacity as you say,

30tb. April 1824.

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your late

The Influence of Unitarian Christianity. Lord Shelborne, the first Priestley and Price, and Marquis of Lansdowne, others like-minded, persons said, “ that when a specú.

never seeking for, and even Jative believer in Christia- willingly sacrificiog all pits, he rather doubted of its worldly advantages to the power to affect the mind pro- demands of what they portionably to its apparent thought Christian integrity importance, the ministers required, he was then conof this religion with whom vjoced, not only of the he bad conversed appearing truth of the gospel, bot of jotent above all things up- its power to exalt the died on obtaiping preferment. above everything here: When he became acquaint

below." ---Christian Refored with Lindsey and Jebb,


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Trinitarian Baptism. A CORRESPONDENT has vangelists put opon the sent us an account of the words, our correspondent administration of baptism, observes : by immersion, to certain a. “ Though the Baptists dults, on Christmas-day, in and Conformists use tbreo a country towp. He bears names in baptiziog, the awitness to tbe order and de. posiles used the name of corom of the ceremony, and Jesus Christ only, Acts ii. to the useful instructions 38; and in his name alone that were delivered upon worked miracles, ch. iii. 6. the occasion. But as the ad. What is the reason that ministrator used the bap- those who call Jesus “the tismal form, Matt. xxviii. God-mao" and the “God 19, evidently in a Trinita- incardate," are yet afraid rian sease, which the other to confide in bis name, and Scriptures sbew, that nei. to follow the example of the iber our Lord nor

the E.

Apostles ?---Christian Ref.


Unitarianism in the United States of America. Some very interesting and public virtue of its inJetters have been lately re- dividual professors. ceived by Mr. Belsham I hope, my dear Sir, from America, and put into you will live many years, if our bands by the venerable so it seew good to the Sufrieod to whom they were predje Arbiter, to witness addressed. We lay before the spread of those views oor readers a few extracts. of Christianity which you The names of the writers justly consider so consonant

well known in this to the doctrines of the New country, bat we do not Testament, and so favour. think it necessary to give able to the happiness of man. them. The fact of Mr. Jef. kind. In this country, bot ferson, the Ex. President, only do they rapidly exieod, baving arowed bis belief in but they seem also to apUnitarian Christianity, is prove themselves to men of of great importance, and intelligence and worth. Our will be hailed with delight es president, Adams, now by all that desire to see di- eigboy-six, and in the full vine revelation adorned by possession of bis uoderthe intellectual endowments standing, you know bas



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been for many years a decided aod zealous Unitariap. I saw lately a correspon. dence between our estima. ble fellow.citizen Colonel Pickering (oow eigbty) and Mr. Jefferson upon this sub. ject, and I assure you read.. it with no small surprise. Pickering, of the genuine raće of the New Evangeli. cal Paritans, and of a family for several generations of the straitest of that sect ; the most ioflexible since the days of Cato, the zealous supporter of Wasbingtoo's administration, and after a distinguished career during the revolutionary war, appointed by W. Postmaster General, and then Secretary of State-bred up by temperament, education, and fieree political rivalry to abhor Jefferson, who

doubt returned it by perhaps guarded bat a deeper abi. mosity :-He writes to the man who seemed almost bis datural enemy, in a style truly gentlemanly and truly Christian, to inquire joto his sentiments respecing the Cbristian revelation. He states that many persons believe Mr. J. to be a sceptic or disbeliever, hoping it is not so, but that bis rejection is only that of tbe irrational, unscriptoral, and absord doctrines which have too ofteu passed for

Christianity; hoping ton,
that Mr. J. will poi permit,
his celebrated
descend to posterity, as
that of a

man who dis. believed the doctripes of tbe Christian revelation, and to be used as an argu. meot against its credibility. Jefferson replies with great, good sense and good feeling, and as it appeared to me, (scanniog his words, you may assure yourself, with sospicous kecuness) io a mapper open and explicit. He professes his belief in tbe divine mission of Cbrist, his regret that the corruptions of Christianity have so long obscured its glories and prevented its, reception--and his joy, that these corruptions are now passiog away, and that the doctrine of the Divine Uni. ty and just views of the di. vine character are making

progress 80 rapid and extepsire. When I speak of Mr. Pickering, I speak of a man of great intelligepce and of a character which more resembles that, of Cato-thap of any other map. His opinions were changed maoy years ago, by the reading of Dr. Price's, Sermons, and he has since beep a zealous Unitarian.

" These also are the opio nions of General Brooks Dr. Osgood's parishioner, whose steady liberality of

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sentiment had an effect the the most beneficial upoo the good Doctor's character and ministrations. He also has had a dislioyoished military career, ood commanded a segiment at the capiure of Bargoyoe with great eclar. At the peace, he resumed the medical profession, and contidaed it with great reputation for thirty years, and indeed to the present time to his immediale friends and neighbours. He has been for seven or eight years governor of ibis state with great esteem, and with so murb moderation, that even the democrats had al0:08t given up their opposition to his aonualio election. This office he resigned two 03:aths agu, to the regret of all. We have just lost

admirable man, George Cabot, of this towo, a direct descendant I be. lieve of Sebastian Cabot. He told me that more than forty years ago, he met with one or two merchants in a little compting-room, wbich he pointed out, to devise the

of publishing some liberal tracts, especially Dr. Priestley's little

Appeal' and History of Corruptions. When the Doc. tor was at Philadelphia, Mr. C. was gri'ns, and his constant hear. er iud.great admirer.

Dr. Kiiklaud preached bis fu

neral sermon last Sunday, ard I hope to bring you acquainted with the character of this pure, able, judicious, and most amiable man He was a Unitarian, who Taid great stress upon the value of these principles; and at one of the last con. versations I bad with him, he expressed, in terms si. milar to those in which

you to cloibe the strength of your belief, that those priociples of which

were speaking, would in no long time become those of the intelligeat aod virtuous throughout the United States.

"I mention these menyre my dear Sir, not because ibey are governors and se. nators, &c.

These names,

and emphatically in this country, vox et préterca nihil,, conferred upon The ignorant, ibe worthless, and the rolgar. But I meu. vion them as men of senso and reflection, raised, all of them, by these qualities, united with an excellent moral character, from an humble station, to mach distinction among their fele low-citizens. They wero all educated in the times and priociples of Orthodoxy; all eminept during their wbole lives in active' life and the business of the world. Tbat such should become the 80p

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a senator in Con.

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Calcutta School Society. On Wednesday, the 28th last of these departments, of April, agreeably to pub. the importance of which in lic notice previously given, expanding the mind appears the annual Examination of to be doly estimated by the more advanced boys of those who prescribe the The Calcutta Scbool Society course of study to be porin the English and Benga- sned, or rather who prepare Jee languages, was held at aod furnish the class-books the house of Baboo Gopee. that are employed in the Somohon Deb in Sohha Ba. ciety's schools. Among the European We

e augur the happiest gentlemen present were Sir resolts from that combina. Anthony Baller, Mr. Lar. tion of European and Native kins, Mr. Blaquiere, Capt, philanthropy which the opeBeatson, Professor Ross, rations of this Society preand the Rev. Messrs. Law. sent, and particolarly from son and Warded. Among

the interest taken in its obe the native gentlemen · pre- jects by some of the staunch

we observed Baboo est advocates of idolatry Radhakant Deb, Nundu. in Calcotta. With a libe. Jal Thakoor, Ramcomal Sen rality, or shall we ratber and several others whose say, an inconsistency which dames are unknown to us. is not the less pleasing or The examination was prin.

oseful because it contil not cipally condocted by Mr. have been expected, several Hare the present, and Mr. native gentlemen of this Pearce the former, Secreta- description, have been the ry to the Society, and the warm friends of the Society boys upon the whole evio- and she active promoters of ced a very pleasing degree its plans ever since its of proficiency in Writing, formation. Whether this Reading, Spelling, Arithme proceed from an enlighten. tic, and Geography. We ed desire of improvement were particularly gratified, disregardful of all cooseby their attainments in be quences, or from an honest


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