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Jated in the osoal manner, with tbe exception of such portiops as relate to the ioterests of iodi. viduals and societies ; in tbis department the Committee bad been able to afford considerable assistance in several important instances.

Mr. Bowring, in a very interesting speech, detailed the resolt of his observation in a long tour over Europe, and dwelt forcibly on the duty of Christians of @very denomination coming fore ward to protest against a secular and persecuting spirit. He described Iofidelity as every where making the most rapid progress which was in all places to be ascribed to the alliance of Chris. tianity with persecution and civil despotism. He recommend ed the eager adoption of every means of rescuing the faith which Christians revered from the reproaches to which its un. boly alliances subject it, aud bailed ihe rising spirit of freedom and independence as open. ing the most valuable opportanities for disseminating concur. rent feelings of trath and jastice in religious matters, Qne interesting fact he had that morning learot by perusing the Constitution of the Republic of Columbia. Almost every treaty or code published in Europe, certainis in Catholic countries, was entitled, " in the name of the holy and undivided Trinity :'' this Constitution was entitled, $ Io the name of God, the CreaTor and Legislator of the oni. Verse." This code, moreover,

copiained no single infriogement on the fullest liberty of the Press or the free enjoyinent and expression of opinion by all'sects.

Some discussion then took place as to the propriety of taking measures for procuring a strong Christian protest against any prosecution for the expres. sion of opinion on religious matters, and several late judicial proceedings were reflected upon in the warmest terms of repreg bepsion, as discreditable to our Christian faith, and prejudicial to its best interests. In the end it was understood that the committee would, as individuals, take ibe subject into their ear. liest consideration,

It was resolved,

That this Meeting has learn. ed with great satisfaction the progress made in obtainingrelief on the subject of the Marriago Act, and tbat the Committee bo requested to continue tbeir exertions towards Goal success.

And, after considerable dise cossion, it was farther resolved,

That the Committee be ins strucled to convey to the Come mittee of the Deputies, and the Committee of the Protestant Society, the strong and decided feeliog of this Association, that the present period imperiously calls, apon Dissenters of all des nominations to concar aud persevereio applications to Parlia. ment for a repeal of the Corpo. ration and Test Aots, and every other restriction upon the civil right of Nonconformists. That this expression of opinion be ac.


which it is likely to command, will promote an increase of this branch of their members. Large subsciptions are oot desired; for when once communication is established, there is ao doubt that any emergency would call forth adequate assists auce.--Monthly Repository.


companied byan earnest request to those bodies to co-operate in agitating the question in Parlia. ment daring the ensuing session, and that, if necessary, the Com. mittee call apcthcr General Meet ing of the Association previous to the session, to report progress in porsoance of this resolution, and adopt sach measures as cir. comstances may then require. Mr. Young was, in his ab

abroad, re-appointed Treasurer, and Mr. Richmond was requested to discharge the duties of the office till it should be understood whether it was agreeable to Mt. Young or consistent with bis engagements, to re-assame the office.

Mr. Taylor was re-appointed Secretary; and Dr. T. Rees and Messr. Fox, R. Taylor, M. D. Hill, Rotherham, Richmond, Hart, Jobp Watson, and Fergie, were appointed the Committee of the ensuing. year.

N. B. The qualification of individuals, as members of this Association, is an annual sob. scription of not less than 10s. 6d. or a donation of not less than £ 5. 55-Every congregation contriboting annually not less than one goipea, is at liber. ty to send two representative members - The friends of the Unitarian Association bave always pripcipally desired thc extension of its connexion with Congregations, and they trust that the attention which the union already accomplished has commanded, and the success

Extract of a letter dated Feb.

17, 1823, from the Revd. W. J. Fux, Secretary to the London Unitarian Fund Society, addressed to the Secretary of the Calcutta Unitarian Come mittee.

“ I think it probable that a. boot £ 400 or £ 500 may be raised in this country towards your proposed Chapel; and if that be insufficient, and there be a prospect of saccess, further assistance afterwards."

UNITED STATES Ectract of a letter from Boga

ton, dated April 13, 1823, to the same.

“ Relate to us your wants, your prospects, your numbers, your success ; and we shall not faith to sympathize with and aid you.

“To this city 30 years ago, there was a scarcely ap avowed Unitarian ; and now half the po. pulation (which is 44,000) are such. This faith has possession of the minds of large numbers throughout the Uuited States. It is prevailling,"

men are all gentlemen's servants such as cooks, mates, and butlers. Of course their salaries are small and barely enough to sopport them and ibeir families; yet most of them had the good sense to provide for themselves, out of their own pockets, the O.d and New Testaments. Both of these in valoable divine books are com plete in the Tamul Language.

"Of late years we have been liberally supplied with New Testaments, and this year with the first part of the Old Testa. ment by the Bible Society, to which we bring our poor mites once a year. Most of our men, and some of our women, cad read, and we make a point of teaching our daughters to read as well as our soos.'

MADRAS. Extract of a letter from Wil

liam Roberts, a native Unita. rian Christian of Madras, to the same.

Madras, Dec. 28 1822. “ Unitarianism began to exist in Madras as early as the year 1795, but, through the want of books and a qualified teacher, it did not make much progress till the year 1810, by which time I had prepared a few small tracts, and several copies of them in bandwriting for circulation. Still tbe want of proper means was Fery great, Being a gentleman's servant, poor and unlearned, and mucb confoed to my mas. ter's house, I could not for many years make mach impression upin many. My hearers were poor, for those above my rank in life ooly laughed at my new doctrines. Many when convinced of the absurdity of heatbe. nism and the reasonableness of pore Christianity, yet could not be persoaded to profess it opeo. ly for fear of offending their re. lations and losing worldly ad. vantages. “How could this poor unlearned fellow in his situation of life, attain to purer doctrines than our priests, missionaries, and governors "_was the common cry and insinuation on all sides. However in time the projodice in some began to abate, and individuals became converts to Unitarianism, and were openly baptized. Our Society at present consists of nearly twena ty whole families and several individuals of both sexes. The

CALCUTTA. Unitarian Chapel. - The ámoon't subscribed in Calcotta for the e. rection of a Unitarian Chapel is about Sa. Rs. 11 000, of which Sa, Rs. 7,000 havebeen subscribe ed within the last month. It is believed there are many others friendly to the object who have not yet subscribed; and theġ are earnestly requested, without further delay, to forward iheir names. The estimated expenso is Sa. Rs. 30,000, but on account of the encreased and encreasing valae of landed property it is probable that Sa Rs. 40,000 may be ultimately required. If however onehalf of the latter sum can be realized in Calcutta, the remainder may he confidently expected from the liberality,

and zeal oi Unitarian Christians

less cordially anite witb them in iB Ebgland and America. Suba

confessing that Jesus Christ scriptions are received by the is Lord to the glory of God the Treasurers, Messrs. Mackintosh Father, and that it is of-far less & Co., by J. Cömmivo Esq. No. importance to any society of bu Tank-square, hy Baboo'Rám- Christians to say, that, they mobon Roy, and by Mr. W. are of Pail, they are of Apolo Adam, No. 39, Circular Road. Lolos, they are of Cephas,' tban

that they are of Christ;'"aod Presbyterians in Ireland. - Most

with the venerable Archbishop of the Calcsita: Papers, doring pin considering that altho'rowa the past week bave pablished an

are not all membeks. of the Address of the Presyterian

Church of England ;" we may Church ia Cork to the Archbi

notwithstanding be" all memshop of Cashel, together with his

bers of the Chorcb of Christ." Grace's reply, botbof them distin guished for ibai liberal and ep.

Unitarian Controversy – The lightened spirit of forbearance

controversy between Dr. Ma sh. and good will, which it is one of

mao and Rawmohun Roy bas the objects of the Unitarian Re

attracted sone attention in Eng. pository to promote amongst

land; the Baptists having reall venominations of Christians.

published what has beeo written With such an impressive exam.

on one side of the question, and

the Unitarians what has been ples before our eyes, furnished

written on the other. The is. by one of the bighest dignitaries

soe must of course be left to the of the Episcopal Church, aod shown towards Presbyterians

serious and impartial inquirer

after truth.. bo in Ireland as well asio Eog. land are koown to be,. for the most part, Antitrinitariads ::witb Native Female Schools.- The this example before our eyes Report of the Serampore Naquoted, admired, and applaud- tive Female Education Society ed, as it has been, we venture to has just reached os.. Tbis Sojodulge ihe bopetbalwe shall not ciety has existed about six again bear, as we bave often months. The number of schools heard, the Christian name and is seventeen; the pomber of chil. character denied to Unitarians dreo enrolled is three hundred in this country, the head and and thirty-five ; and the average front of wbose offendiog is, in attendance is two hundred and Common with their Presbyteria thirty-three; Seren yonog Jato brethren in Ireland, a denjal dies regularly visit and so perin. of the Trinity. Joining with tend the schools. Two schools them in rejecting this doctrine, bad existed before the formation Bhe Unitariads in Calcutta no of the Society, and in these sea veo scholars have made consi. derable progress in reading lo one of tbew there are bine children, ibe daoghters of pative Christians. Needle work-isfaogbt as a reward. The re..

ceipts bave been Sa. Rs. 1457
90";, aod the disbarsements.
Sa. Rs. 1313 10 1. It is ex.
pected ibat hereafter funds sof.
ficient for their sopport will be
remitted from Britain..

Second Edition.
Calcutta :- Printed at the Unitarian Press, for the Editor No. 391
Circular Road..

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