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affords at the present day; an instance, we believe, unprecedented in the annals of the hebdomadal press: the MAGNET being the 'only publication, amidst the astonishing number that weekly make their appearance, that is composed of ORIGINAL ARTICLES.

Instead of feeling vain, and growing careless, with the consciousness of superiority, the success we have heretofore experienced, so far from quenching that spirit of emulation that we have hitherto been actuated by, will serve as a stimulus for our further agd more energetic exertions. We offer no pledge for our future exertions, other than what we have already performed: but, in order to prove our undertaking is intended to be carried into effect, we are willing to be judged by the first numbers of the forthcoming volume, in which every improvement that the work is susceptible of, either as regards literary matter, or graphic embellishments, will be found ; which, it is hoped, will not only sustain the proud character our work already possesses, but also render the MAGNET the centre of ATTRACTion in the hebdomadal press of the most enlightened and flourishing city of the world.

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AESENT MAN, singular anecdote of a,

Actor, an excellent, 31
Adventure an, a humourous narrative of

one, 379

of an English knight, 70
Age, Improvements of the, 244
Alasco, the excluded tragedy of M. A.

Shee, review of, 155
ALGERNON SIDNEY, his behaviour

previous to his death, 208
Amantha's blessing, an extract from

Alasco, 156
Ancient Funerals, description of, 26
Pictures, 270

at Somerset-house, 158
English Cookery, Historical

potice of, 79

and Modern Tragedies, a parallel,


Batavian Anthology, or Specimen of the

Dutch poets, Review of, 43
Bathurst Earl, habits of, 318
Bayard, the chevalier, anecdote of, 245
Beauty, 104

the preference of, 87
BELZONI, notice of his death, 269
Boileau, epigram from, 47
Blighted expectations, 390
Blue-bag, confession of a counsellor,

Book of the CHURCH, Southey's review

of, 88
Brescia, 448
British Museum, sketch of its additions
and improvements, 13

-Institution, review of works at, 46

-Artists, Society of, reriew of
exhibition, 307
Buzzari Marco, lines to, 276
Byron lord, notice of bis death, 305

Elegiac stanzas on, 319

stanzas on, 342
Byrsa, origin of the term, 131

and Moderns, a comparison,
Apprentice The. A Rough Sketch,

Ariosto, an anecdote of bis portrait, 190
Arctic Natural Ikistory, an enquiry into,
Arctic Regions, a synoptical paper on
· Capt. Parry's Voyage, 281
ARCHITECTURE, modern-the King's
staircase-the Bauk of Ergland, 62

St. James Palace, 127
ATHENS, internal greatness of during
Pericles, 107
Attornies Young, a satirical address to,

Aureus, or the life and opinions of a

Suvéreign. Review of, 136


CAMERA OBSCURA The-a scries of

satirical and humourous sketches, by
Clement Clearsight, Gent.

No. 1,
Cambyses, historical notice of, 142
Catacombs of Paris, description of, 143
CHARACTER of the Russians, by Dr.

Lyall-Review of, 70
Charilla, origin of the festival, 64
Charles the First, an amiable trait of his

character, 169
Chorus of Angels, 48
City gala-Easter Monday, a humourous

sketch, 249


on, 79

Cockney, (origin of the term) 117 Fancy and Memory, 207
Clito, a character, 182

Farewell the, 186
CLOAKS, a satirical dissertation on, with FATAL ERRORS and Fundamental Truths,
a vignette, 113

review, of, 27
Comet, stanzas to a, 243

« Feather in bis cap," origin of the
Connubial affection, 117

saying, 151
Cooke, George Frederick, anecdote of his February the twenty-ninih, reflections

youthful days, 208
Contrast the, 83

Feralia, account of the Festival, 87
Consumption, a sketch, 357

FINE ARTS—Review of the British
Contented Veteran, The a sketch, 153 Institution exhibition, 46
Conversion of a Jew, Boccacio's relation -Society of British Artists ditto,
of a, 157

CORREGIO and his works, an bistorical

-of Painters in Colours
sketch, 348

ditto, 307
Cousins in the Country, a sketch, -Royal Academy, 423

Fine lady a, 29
Courtship, an Essay on, 93

First love, 78
Curfew, definition of the term, 269 FOREIGN LITERATURE and Corres-
Cutting in general, and the Cut Fuga pondence, 14, 96, 112, 128, 144

ciocus in particular, a humourous Fragment, a poetical, 64
sketch, 296

a sentimental one, 162

French, lines from the, 272
Daphne, an allegory, 14

Dead, the history of the, 425

description of, 36
Dean Swift, 437

FREDERIC MORLAND, review of, 102
by Lord Byron, review of, 55

Gallery National, 426
Demosthenes, on his style of eloquence, GARRICK's first appearance on the

stage, copy of the play-bill of, 256
Description of a Russian sête, 70

Genoa, cuirasses there for the female
Dialogue, poetical one between two fays, warriors, 398

Geneva, environs of, 112
Disappointed love, its effects, 119 German in Italy the, 108
Dining out, a humourous sketch, 330 Giants City, the humourous vindication
Drama-Observations on the English of, 49
Theatres, 369

Genevra, an extract from Roger's Poem
Dramatic Literature and Performance, of Italy, 32
remarks ou, 241

Earle Gilbert, his life, review of, 438
Dreams, an extract from Shee's Tragedy Gray's Elegy, additional stanzas of, 99
of Alasco, 156

Greeks, lines to the, 250
Ducange Colonel, And his trunk, 356 Gregorio, little anecdote of, 140
Duet by LadyCaroline Lamb, from A da Griet external and inward, a sketch, 209
Reis, and answer to the same, 15 GUALTEMA JUARRO's History of, by

Bailey, Review of, 74
ECCENTRIC the, a sketeh, 363

Gustavus Adolphus king of Sweden, 445
Edda, description of the punishment of Gyges king of Lydia, historical notice
the wicked from, 21

of, 47
Edward Browne and Ellen of Scoresby

Hall, loves of, a humourous narra Harp, lines to my, 242
tive, 300

of sorrow, the elegiac stanzas on,
Elegy, 169

Eli! Elah! 252

Happiness and Misery, an extract from
Eltham, description of its ancient Shee's tragedy of Alasco, 157
palace, 387

Havoc among the tombs, a letter to the
Epigrams, 16, 47, 83, 332

dean of Westminster, 91
Eternity, sonnet on, 41

Hearne's prayer, 101
Etymology of augury, 105

Heir of Sky, custom performed by, 83
Evening, stanzas to, 406

Henry IV. of France, 444
Exercises for the flute, Howship's, review Historical Fables, 111
of, 107

Questions to Hume and

Smollet's History of England, Review
Faction, 156

of, 253
Fallen tree, a sonnet to, 306

Honesty, 116

Hope and Beauty, 119
Horace's XXII ode imitated, 347
Human life, a poetical exordium, 204

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Ideas, of theancient, 379
JENNER, Dr. some account of the late,

by one of his intimate friends, 174
Jealousy, on, 106
Imitation of Tymnæus, 61
Imitation and Plagiarismn, a letter on, 72
IMAGINATION, the locality of, 59

the vagaries of, 246
Immortality, Love's, 248
Impromptu, 6
Indifference la douce, 253
Inscription, Monumental a, 45
Innocence, 156
luvitation, the, a humourous sketch, 273
Joke the, or the Strolling Players, a tale

in verse, 149
JOURNAL, extracts from one written on

the coast of Chili, by Captain Hall,

review of, 310
Ireland, 447
Italian poetry, origin from the sacred

writings, 31

Memoirs of a Greek female, 421
Misastreos, the reminiscencies of, 350
Mexico, mines of, 448
Miracle a, 422
Mistress, lines to the poet's, 374
Miscellaneous Notices, 13
MODERN Nomenclature, essay on, 81

-TRAVELLER. Description of
Palestinej review of, 277
Monastery the maid of, 329
MONK of St. BERNARD, a narrative,

Muses, the, their reported origin, 14
Muscat wine, origin of its name, 400

Joanna Queen of review of, 1701

KATHERINE St. bospital and church

description of, 205
King, characteristics of one, 44
Kiss, the stolen, 169
Knight, an adventure of an English

NAPOLEON and JosEPHINE, corres-

pondence between, 337
Newtonian, MSS existing in the Earl

of Portsmouth's family, 105
Nobody, his letter to the Editor, 254
Notary, miseries of one, in a letter, 389
Nymph the, complaining of the death of

her fawn, 361

one, 69

Lady a fine, 29
Lament of old age, 327
LARAS the SEVEN, and other poems,

review of, 353
Laura's Petrarchs first sight of, 14
Learned Son, the, a humourous letter,

Letter, the direction of oue, an anecdote

of Louis the XVI, 346
Lilly the astrologer, anecdote of, 78
Lines for an album, 195

- on visiting the grave of Charles
Gough, 395
Literary imitation and plagirism, an

essay on, 129
Loneliness of mind, an extract from Shee's

tragedy of Alasco, 156
Lord Thurlow, 446
Love, the last words of, 186

and Platonism compared, 4
despised, 95

--perplexity, 306
Lover's Leap, a legendary tale, 374
Louis the Xlth of France, anecdote of,

Lucid interval from prose, by a poet, 9
Lysimachus, an historical anecdote from

the French, 202

OAK the HOLLOW, or the Haunt of

Dæmons, a Welsh legend, with a
vignette, 145
Observations on the modern drama, 194
Ode to Hope, 193
Odes of ANACREON by Richardson,

review of, 141
Otway the tragedian, real cause of his

death, 58
Owen Mr., of Lanark, 427
PANTHEON THE. An Oxford prize

poem, 48
Parisian On-dits, 96, 112
Party the, a satarical sketch, 377
Pastoral, by a Quaker, 196
Patience, ode to, 191
Patriotism, an extract from Mr. Sbee's

tragedy of Alasco, 156
Perkins' Steam Engine, 424
PETER SCALEMIHL, from the German

of Lamotte Fougue, review of, 11
Philip the Second, anecdote of, 203
Philip the Third, king of Spain, 446
Plan and arrangement of the “ Magnet,"


No. 1.-Appius and Claudius, 200
No. 2.-A street in Rome, 407

Poetry French, difficulties of transla-

tion, 324
POMPEII, historical notice of, 106
Porter Miss Jane, memoirs of, 405
PRIDE shall have a Fall, a comedy, re-

view of, 118
Prophecies, more for Poor Robin's Al-

manack, 286
PROSE by a Poet, review of, 7
PUBLIC THE, all the world, and every-

body, a humourous sketch, 134
PUBLIC LIBRARIES of France, their

extent and munificence, 192

Quack, extraordinary advertis ement
of one, 96

Redgauntlet, a tale of the 18th cen-

tury, review of, 436

HESKETH, a sketch, 22

LAND, review of, 4)
Rectitude and Errors, an extract from

Mr. Shee's tragedy of Alasco, 156
Relics for the curious, review of, 445
Reproach, the obliging, 245
Rega, the Greek patriot, memoirs of his

life and writings, 187
Richard the Third, 445
Rose the, lines to, 15
Reubens, anecdote of, 14

Review of, 70

review of, 251

- Melody a, 77
Sadder of Zoroaster, a singular quota-

tion from, 61
Saxon Pursuits, from Edden, 324
SAYINGS AND DOINGs, review of, 121
School the, a sketch, 181
Sculptors Greek, advantage possessed

by, 201
Scholar, a mere one, 30
Sensitive Man; a sketch, 266

her life and writings, review of, 189

a Swiss tale, with a steel plate, 211, 257
Sic Vita, by Dr. King, 131
SKETCHES OF INDIA, by an officer,

review of, 197,
Snow Drop, lines to, 435
Socrates, budily exercises, 404
colours, review of their works, 328

of their works, 307


Soldier's Grave the, a poem, with a

vignette, 161
Sonnets, 210, 276, 363
Song, 342
Sorrow, antidote for, 428
Spaniard, the courteous, 326
Spirit, a noble one, 30
Stan zas Elegiac, 265

400, 420
Student's Farewell, 336
Summum Bonum the, 318
Sylla, instance of his barbarity, 160
SYNOPTICAL PAPER on Captain Parry's

voyage to the Arctic regions, 281

Tale, the village, in verse, 84
Tear of Grief the, 50

Joy the, 98
Terzello, 140
Topography, notice in, 126
Traveller, an affected one, 30

-the Modern, review of, 277

Valens Acidalius, historical notice of, 25
Vault at Bordeaux, 143
Village Factions, a sketch, 391

City Giants, 49



sketch, 17

Warrior female, 448
WALK, A LONG, to little purpose; a

humourous sketch with a vignette, 177
WANDERING WILLIE's tale, from “Red.

gauntlet,” 409
Waterloo, poetical address to, 408
Wealth, instance of the pride of, 309
What is love? 154
WHIT-MONDAY; or a Templar's ramble.

a humourous sketch, 381
Wit, a visit from a, a humourous sketch,

Witticism, an Hibernian, 268

review of, 401
Woman, 365

an extract from Shee's tragedy
of Alasco, 157

-on the influence of observations

on, 366

-from Richardson's Anacreon, 141

Xenophon, historical notice of, 79

Youth, lines on a, aged 17, 95

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