Imatges de pÓgina




Bednore (fortress of), causes of its sur-

render to the English, 64.
ADAMS (Sir William), Treatise on the Cata- Bengal Native Army, origin of, 413, 414

ract, 158—Remarks on his style, ib. 159, anecdotes of its valour and Gidelity, 107
and on his definition of cataract, 159— -412, 414-420.
observations on the cataract of the lenti- Bentham (Jeremy), plan of parliamentary
cular membrame, 160, 161-its probable reforms, 128---femarks on Mr, B.'s inno
calise, 162–progress of this disease, 162, vations on the English language, 129
163-treatment proposed by this author,

his ridicule of a mixed government, ib.
16+remarks on it, 166-167.

affirms the field of Waterloo to be the
Adour (river), gallant passage of, by the grave of British liberty, 130__strictures
British, 427, 428.

on the present government, 131, and on
Africa (Northern), account of discoveries the parliamentary representation of cer-
in, 375–378.

tain populous borouglis, 131, 132-
Agricultural Poor, plan of providing for, claims the right of voting for the female

sex, 133—inadequacy of moderate re-
Alva (duke on), his character, 2--extrava- form asserted, 133, 134-virade against

gant eulogy of, by Lope de Vega, ib. the Whigs, 134-cuncluding advice tu
Antar, notice of a poem on the adventures Mr. Bentham, 135.
of, 367, and note, 368.

Bentley (Dr.), points of resemblance be-
Antiquities ( Egyptian), recently discovered, tween, and Bishop Watson, 239.

notices of, 368, 369-notices of re- Bernadotte, interesting anecdote of, 63, 64.
searches making for antiquities in the Bernardez (Diogo), a Portugueze poet, no-
north of Africa, 370.

tice of, 6.
Appeal of Murder, nature of, 181, 189— Bombay Native Army, description of, 402
antiquity of such appeals, 183—110t ne- --anecdotes of its valour and fidelity,
cessarily connected with trial by battle, 403-400.
184--the propriety and expediency of Botelho Pereira, adventurous voyage of,
suffering appeals of murder, considered, 337–339, notes.

Bowditch (Mr.), account of his mission ta
Armada (Spanish), victory of, confidently the king of the Ashantees, 376, 378.

anticipated by the Spaniards, 4-6- Brazil, state of, in 1640, 99--- villainous
description of it, 6,7.

conduct of the Dutch towards the Por.
Articles of Perth, account of, 511---ratified tugueze, ib. 100, 101-their errors in the
by the Scottish parliament, 512.

management of their power, 101, 109–
Ashantees (king oi), account of, 377, 378. oppression of the Portugueze, 102, 103
Ashford v. Thornton, case of, 180, 181. -revolt of the latter in Maranham, 103,
Asia and America, non-contiguity of, de- 104—the Dutch finally cede Brazil to
monstrated, 435–437.

Portugal, 109--fruitless efforts of the
Aurora Borealis, singular beauty of, in the Jesuits in behalf of the Indians, 125,
arctic regious, 492.

124---state of the Portugueze colonies, in

1685, 127.

Bridges (military), observations on the con-

struction of, 426-450.
Baillie (Colonel), massacre of, and of his Bocksoo, a Piadarrie chieftain, account of,
corps, by Hyder Ali, 57.

476, 477.
Battle, trial by, when introduced into Eng. Burchardt (Mr.), enters the service of the

land, 186---form of it, 187, 188--sin- African Association, $69-sketch of his
gular trial by battle at Montargis, 188, travels in Palestine and Egypt, 363, 364
189-remarks on this mode of trial, --interesting account of his last hours,

365, S66.


Burnet (Bishop), parallel berzeel, zod Sharp, 517—sitempts to restore epite

Bishop Wais, 250-scasares recom- pacy by Charles II. 318-jarba
mended by him to the cosideration of trary coeduct of the bishops, 523, 574
parliament, 259, 200.

-reception of the westeru curates by
Burney (Capc.), senat oí, sa the geo- the Scorch, 325—anecdules of the per

grapby of the north<astera part of seccted Scottish coreuanters, 527, 598
Asia, 431-refutation of bis doubts on -betle oi Penuand Hills, 599—crusade
the authentici'y of Descader's voyage of Laar Hethren, against the covenanters,
round the north east point of Asia, 439 554,103-account of the murder of Arth-

-435—— his opinion that Asia and Ame-t bishop Sharp, 37–539.
rica are contiguous parts oi one and the Cidate of Switzerland and North America,
same continent reluted, 431–437—hisi affected by the progress ot ice, 210-06
conclusions, arising from the supposed England, how atiected, 206, 207.
decreasing depth of the sea, erroneous, Cornmea Prayer book, calculations of Easter

in, vindicated, 496–302.

Congo fever, account of, 340, 341.

Congo river. See Zaire.
Cambridge University, Augustan age of, Constables, necessity and advantages of

organizing bodies of, 306, 307.
Caraccas, captaincy os, described, 153— Coral reef, account of the formation of,

condition of the Indians there, 15+ $14.
population, 155-climate, 153, 156 Coreans, in hospitable conduct of, 319–
description of the peaked mountain of interview of Captain Hall with a Corean
Silla, 157.

chief, 311
Cataract, definition of, 161—the term of Cottage farm system, examined, 278-280.

Arabian origin, 162–probable causes, Covenanters (Scottish), anecdotes of, 527
symptoms, and progress of the cataract -529.
of the lenticular membrane, 162, 163— Cranch (Mr.), collector of subjects in na-
account of Sir William Adams's method tural bistury on the expedition to the
of treating this disease, 164, 165-re- river Zaire, account of, 359, 360.
marks thereon, 165—167.

Crawford (Capt.), honourable character of,
Caverns, remarkable, at Cuchivano, 141, 421, 422.
142—at Guacharu, 144, 145.

Cuchivano, remarkable caverns at, 141,
Cawder Beg, a Native Indian officer, gal. 14.

Jant conduct of, 393, 394, 363. Cumana, account of an earthquake at,
Chappell (Lieut.), voyage to Hudson's Bay, 1494-151.

Cumavaçoa, town and plain of, described,
Character, advantage of making it a crite-

rion of amount of relief to the poor, Current (circumvolving), from the north
287-290—300— 306.

Pacific into the norih Atlantic, reasons
Charles I., arbitrary conduct of, in Scot- for supposing the existence of, 440—
laud, 513.

Charles II., attempts of, to restore episco.
pacy in Sculland, 518—522.

Christie (Cap!.), honourable character of, Dalias (Mr.), anecdote of, 59, 60.

Davison (John), considerations on the poor
Church of Scotland, state of, at the time laws, 259.-See Poor Laws.

of the reform:ition, 507 --cruelty of the Deschnew's voyage, authenticity of, vindis
Earl of Cassilis to the Abbot of Crossra. cated, 432-435.
guel, 508. 509—njodification of episco- Douglas(Sir H.), Essay on Military Bridges,
pacy there, 509-the powers of the 423~Exposition of Du Buat's theorem
bishops restored, 510-etlects of this relative to the velocity of water, 425,
measure upou the inferior clergy and the 426-Account of the bridge of boats,
people, 511-Articles of Perth forcibly by which the British crossed the river
introduced by king James, 511-ratified Adour under Lord Hopetoun, 427, 428
by the Scottish parliament, 512--arbi- - passage of rivers by means of flat
trary conduct of Charles I. in Soutland, batteaux and row boats, 428-and fly-
513--platform of the reformed church of ing bridges, ibo-directions for defend-
Scotland, 514-state of the church during ing the passage of a river, 428, 429—-
the rebellion, 515—the clergy, how no. mode of constructing various other kinds
ninated, 516--anecdotes of Archbishop of bridges, 429, 430.

MM 2







ADAMS (Sir William), Treatise on the Cata

ract, 158-Remarks on his style, ib. 159
and on his definition of cataract, 159
observations on the cataract of the lent
cular membrame, 160, 161—its probal
cause, 162—progress of this disease, 1€
163-treatment proposed by this auth

164-remarks on it, 166—167.
Adour (river), gallant passage of, by

British, 427, 428.
Africa (Norther), account of discove

in, 375–378.
Agricultural Poor, plan of providing

Alva (duke of), his character, 2--ext

gant eulogy of, by Lope de Vega, i
Antar, notice of a poem on the adver

of, 367, and note, 368.
Antiquities (Egyptian), recently disco

notices of, 368, 369—notices
searches making for antiquities

north of Africa, 370.
Appeal of Murder, nature of, 181,
antiquity of such appeals, 183,
cessarily connected with trial by
184—the propriety and expedie
suffering appeals of murder, cons

Armada (Spanish), victory of, con

anticipated by the Spaniards,

description of it, 6, 7.
Articles of Perth, account of, 511-

by the Scottish parliament, 512.
Ashantees (king oi), account of, 37.
Ashford v. Thornton, case of, 180,
Asia and America, non-contiguity

monstrated, 435-437.
Aurora Borealis, singular beauty of,

arctic regions, 492.

Baillie (Colonel), massacre of, and

corps, by Hyder Ali, 57.
Battle, trial by, when introduced in

land, 186--form of it, 187, 18
gular trial by battle at Montan
189-remarks on this mode

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Burnet (Bishop), parallel be

Bishop Watson, 230—res
mended by him to the c

parliament, 259, 260.
Barney (Capt.), memoir

graphy of the north-
Asia, 431-refutationi
the authenticity of 1)
round the north east
--435-his opinion
rica are contiguous
same continent rei
conclusions, arisi
decreasing depth

Kendall (E. A.), Argument ou Aptee

Murder and Trial b Battit, 175-chan
racter of ibe work, 17, lei. 241. See

Appeal of Nlur anc batlete
Kirkion (Rer. dunes - Se riester om

the Caunch oi SCU: -

of the author, 5 rumem

preaching, gig. 5.

editor, 531-554->.CUEL L.

Lan: Meste paar tundu 5

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eliack, La 53311

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wuares, Licit. -6

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Caraccas, capt


Silla, 15

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brirs, ons

سن بالا سمت قم و سی سی ہے اس کو سس

Det er

**** armr, 415,

corps cali

و در ایران و
اور جو بھی ہے ، اور سست و بی و
بنده را به 14 دولة لا پر می

Leaf น ".

v bu purina fb

the * Puet
of their for

a Longa


Madura. curetta , interesting

autour of its bravery and boeins,

. : 320,
bitants of los. Maura Batist Amy, u , SC

kita pati ang iyrtitude un
is Paraguay, O sesete pronauviss, 31 --401.

MODE Oí, aud

Drake (Sir Francis), traditior.ary anecdote character of the Greenlanders, 463–

of, 27, 28--account of Lope de Vega's their language, ib.-sacrifices and labours
poem on him, 25—28.

of the Danish missionaries, 484—horticul-

ture of Greenland, ib.-mineralogy, 485.

Gregorian correction of the calendar, ac-
Earthquake at Cumana, described, 149

count of, 497, 498.

Guacharo, cavern of, described, 144, 145.
Easter, ecclesiastical computation of, vindi-
cated, 496--502.

Egede (Hans), journal of his residence in Hall (Capt.), Account of the Loo Choo
Greenland, 480. See Greenland.

Islands, 308-comparison of his work
English, manners and constitution, exag- with that of Mr. M.Leod, 309,510--ac-
gerated sketches of, 224-229.

count of his interview with a Corean
Episcopacy, account of the restoration of, chief, 311-Inhospitality of the Coreans,
in Scotland, by James VI., 311-by 312--notice of Sulphur island, 313-ac-
Charles II., 518-529--arbitrary con- count of the formation of a coral reel,

duct of the Scottish bishops, 523, 524. 314-arrival at Loo Choo, ib.-bospita-
Eyre (Mr.), purser of the Congo, notice lity of the inhabitants, ib. 315-inter-
of, 358.

course of the English with them, S16–

account of Madera, an interesting is-
Farms. See Cottage farm, Parish farms.

lander, 317-319-affecting departure
Fernando (San), mission of, described, 139,

from them, 320, 321--remarks on the

character and manners of these islanders,
Ferns, gigantic growth of, in South Ame-

323, 324.
rica, 1.15.

Handel, character of, 98.
Fetiches, or charms, of the inhabitants of Hawkey (Lieut.), biographical account of,
Congo, account of, 354.

357, 358.
Flint (Lieutenant), anecdotes of his intre- Haydn (Francis Joseph), birth of, 73–
pidity and skill, 56, 57.

his early love of music, 74-account of
Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus,

his musical education, 74-76-com-
fable of, 379_-382-specimens of the

poses music for the Devil on two Sticks,
novel, 383, 384-remarks thereon, 382 79–becomes acquainted with Metasta-

sio, 78-enters into the service of the
Freyre (Gomez), noble conduct of, 126. Esterhazy family, 79-account of his
Friendly Societies, evils of, 277, 278. visit to England, 80—and of his retire-

ment, 81-anecdotes of his piety, loyalty,

and patriotism, 81, 82-honourable tri-
Galwey (Mr.), a volunteer in the expedi- buie of public esteem to biin, 89_his

tion to the river Zaire, biographical no- mode of composing, 83—parallel between
tice of, 361, 362.

Haydn and Mozart, 97, 98.
Gilbert's (Mr.), act of 1782, respecting Hazlitt (William), Characters of Shahe-
poor houses, effects of, 273.

spear's plays, 458-remarks on his a hose
Godwin (Mr.), Mandeville, a tale, 176 of bis critical predecessors, 458, 4594
-character of it, ib. 177.

and on his style, 459-strictures on his
Gongora (Luis de), ode of, on the antici- account of Cymbeline and Macbeth,

pated victory of the Spanish Armada, 400-Hamlet, 461-Romeo and Juliet,
4, 5.

and the Merchant of Venice, ib. 409-
Greenland (old or East), disappearance of King Lear, 462—his observation OR

ice from the eastern coast of, 200-ac- Shakspt are's immorality, refuted, 463%
count of the colony there, 209–iis inter- vindication of Shakspeare's loyalty, 464
course with Denmark, when cut off, ib. --exposure of Mr. Hazlitt's sophistries,
-unsuccessful attempis made to ascer- 465, 466.
tain the fate of the colonists, 210-cir. Holland (Lord), account of the lives of
cunstances tending to prove that Green- Lope de Vega and Guillen de Castro, 1
land is either an island or a cluster of - strictures on his theory.
islands, 211, 212---account of ancient Humboldt and Bonpland (MM.), travels
Norwegian ruins at Julianshaab, 486 of, part II. 185--general observations
---superstitious belief in vampires among

on M. de Humboldt's style of narration,
the Greenlanders, 494, 495.

186--description of the mountains of
Greenland (west ), account of, 481---amount New Andalusia, and the neighbouring
of trade thence with Denmark, 482- regions, 137, 138--and of the anission of


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