Pornocopia: porn, sex, technology and desire

Serpent's Tail, 1998 - 386 pàgines
In Pornocopia, Laurence O'Toole argues that the expansion of the new technologies -- video, cable, the internet -- is substantially changing the status of porn in society. As it becomes more and more current -- used by women, couples, gay men, fetishists -- and men.

Covering the American and British porn scene -- Pornocopia features some of America's leading porn makers including Henri Pachard, Paul Thomas, Gino Colbert, and John Stagliano; as well as leading porn actresses Chasey Lain, Jen Teal, Julie Rage, and Brandy Alexandre.

Featuring interviews with porn activists and police officers, Pornocopia is the first book to seriously consider the role and interest of the porn viewers and porn fans, including cyberlovers sharing their intimate porn moments with the reader.

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