Imatges de pÓgina



September, the Lady of Sir John Gordon Sinclair, At 13, Drummond Place, on the 23d August, of a daughter, Mrs William Douglas, of a daughter.

At Grove House, Brompton, on the 7th SepAt 37, Great King Street, on the 23d August, tember, the widow of Mr. David Blackie, W.s., Mrs Archibald Boyd, of a son.

of a daughter. At 108, Lauriston Place, on the 23d August,

At 4, Heriot Row, on the 12th September, the Mrs MacLachlan, of a daughter.

Lady of James Robert Hart, Esq., of Drumcross The Lady Sussex Lennox of a still-born child. Hall, of a son and heir. At 32, Howard Place, on the 25th August,

At Bighouse, on the 9th September, the Lady Mrs William Napier, of a daughter.

of Major M.Kay of a daughter. On the 21th August, The Lady Garvagh of a son. At Aberdeen, on the 6th September, Mrs Alex. At Tanfield, on the lith August, Mrs Rennie

ander Jopp, of a daughter. of a daughter,

At Old Windsor, on the Ilth September, the At the Marquis of Northampton's, Castle Ash.

Hon. Mrs Every, of a daughter. ley, on the 29th August, the Baroness de Nor. At 30, Clarence Street, on the 9th September, mann, of a son.

the Lady of Captain James Buchanan, Honour. At 7, Athol Crescent, on the 30th August, Mrs

able East India Company's Service, of a daughter. Hugh Dunlop, of a son.

At 62, Hanover Street, on the 9th September, At 54, Cumberland Street, on the 28th August, the Lady of Francis Hamilton, Esq., W 8 of a Mrs MacPherson, of a daughter.

daughter At Gloucester Place, London, on the 27th Au.

At Runcorne, Cheshire, on the 31st August, the gust, the Lady of the Hon. Frederick Talmash, of Lady of the Rev. Edward Allan, of a son a daughter,

At Timecraigs, near Campbleton, on the 11th At Blackett Place, on the 29th August, Mrs September, Mrs Stewart of Glenbuckie, of a Turnbull, of a son.

daughter. At Minto Street, Newington, on the 1st Sep

At Claremont Crescent, on the 16th September, tember, Mrs Spittal, of a son

Mrs Stone, of a daughter. At 14, Shandwick Place, on the 31st August,

At 26, Charlotte Square, on the 17th September, Mrs Dauney of a daughter.

the Lady of Colonel Pittman, C. B., and of the At 14, Atholl Crescent, on the 20th August,

East India Company's Service, of a son. Mrs Graham, of a daughter,

At Springhall, on the 16th September, the Lady At 18, Charlotte Square, on the 24th August,

of George Forbes, Esq., of a daughter. Mrs Robertson, of a daughter.

At Glasgow, on the 16 September, the Lady At 15, Drummond Place, on the 238 August,

of John Fleming, Esq., Clermont, of a son. Mrs. William Douglas, of a daughter.

At Camberwell Grove, on the Ílth September, At 37, Great King Street, on the 230 August,

the Lady of the Rev. Henry Melville, of a son. Mrs Archibald Boyd, of a son.

AtMinsteed Lodge, on the 9th September, Lady At Mellerstain, on the oth August, the Lady

Catherine Buckley, of a daughter. of George Baillie, Esq., junior, of Jerriswood, of At Fairfield, Somerset, the Lady of Sir Perea son.

grine Palmer Palmer Acland, Bart, of a daugh. At 16, Atholl Cresent, on the 28th August, Mrs

ter Cadell, of a daughter.

At Stamford Hill, on the 12th September, the At Worton Hall, on the 28th August, the Lady of J A. Droop, Esq., of a son. Right Hon. Lady Louth, of a son and heir.

At Charterhouse Square, London, on the 12th At Auchlyne House, on the 22d August, the September, the Lady of the Rev. William Goode, Lady of George Andrew Campbell, Esq., of a of a daughter, still-born. daughter.

At Park Street, London, on the 6th September, Ai Jedburgh, on the 4th September, Mrs Brown, the Lady Elizabeth Trefuses, of a daughter. wife of Bailie Brown, of a son.

On the 31st August, the Lady of J. D. Alex At Coldstream, on the @ch August, the Lady ander, Esq., M. P. of a daughter. of Thomas Fair, Esq., of Buenos Ayres, of a son. At Gifford's Hall, Suffolk, the Lady of Patrick

At Montrose, on the 18th August, Mrs Lillie, Mannock, Esq, of a son. wife of the Rev. James Lillie, of a son,

At Brockwell Hall, Surrey, on the 31st August, At Horsleyhill, on the 29th August, Mrs Dou. the Lady of Joshua Blackburn, Esq. of a son. glas, of a son.

At Fleet Street, London, on the ist instant, the At 29, Great King Street, on the 20 September, Lady of S. F. T. Wilde, Esq. of a son. Mrs M. N. Macdonald, of a son.

MARRIAGES. At 36, Melville Street, 24th August, Mrs Tho. mas Riddell, of a son.

At Ludgate Lodge,; Ratho, on 31st August, Wil. At !!, St. John Street, on the 20 September, Jiam Hutcheson, r.sq. surgeon, South QueensferMrs Yule, of a son.

ry, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late John At Legerwood Manse, on the 10th September, Hooper, Esq. Mrs. Capples, of a son.

At London, Arthur W. Torrens, son of the late At Kirkaldy, on the 2d August, Mrs Stocks of Major General Sir H. Torrens, Adjutant-General, Abden, of a daughter,

to Maria Jane, daughter of the late General Murs At 31, St Andrews Square, on the 29th August, ray. Mrs George Law, of a daughter.

At London, on 18th August, the Hon. Henry At West End Lodge, Thames Ditton, on the Howard, eldest son of Lord Howard of Effingham, Ist September, the Lady of Francis Horsley, Esq., to Eliza, only daughter of General Sir Gordon of a daughter.

Drummond, G. C. B. At Morrison's Place, Piershill, the Lady of At St. George's, Hanover Square, London, on: Henry Robert Addison, Esq., 2d Dragoon Guards, the 21st August, F. Murray, Esq., son of the late of a son.

General Murray, to Catharine Elizabeth, daughAt Pitfour Castle, on the 6th September, Mrs. ter of Lady Caroline Dundas. Richardson, of a daughter.

At Weymouth, on 220 August, John Muir At Stevenson, near Haddington, on the 8th Mackenzie, Esq. younger of Delvin, to Sophia

VOL. 11.

Matilda, ifth daughter of the late James Ray. At Lowestoft, on 5th September, the Rev. W. mond Johnston of Alva, Stirlingshire.

Herbert Chapman, M.A. of Emanuel College, At Keith, on 21st August, John Wilson, Esq., Cambridge, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Tochineal, to Helen, eldest daughter of Alex. Porter Bringloe, Esq. of Hingham, in the county ander Thorburn, Esq.

of Norfolk. At Camperdown, Forfarshire, on 29th August, At St. James's Church, London, on 6th SeptemJohn James Allen, Esq. Royal Navy, eldest son ofber, William Gilbert, Esq. of Clapham, to Mary John Lee Allen, Esq. or Errol Park, to the Lady Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Skelton of Piccadilly. Henrietta Dundas Duncan, eldest daughter of At Shieldhall, on 5th September, Alexander the Earl of Camperdown.

Macfadzean, Esq. M.D. to Miss Margaret Oswald, At Edinburgh, on 5th September, Adam Rol. youngest daughter of the late Alexander Oswald, land, Esq., younger of Gask, to Charlotte, daugh. Esq. of Shieldhall. ter of the late Jolin Craigie, Esq. of Quebec, and At London, on 30 September, Robert Frederick njece of Lord Craigie.

Gower, Esq. to Lillias Miller, youngest daughter At Seafield, on 4th September, Mr James Wil. of the Rev. Dr. Stewart of Kirkowan, Wigtonson, merchant, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, second shire. diughter of th: late John Clark.

At Edinburgh, on 10th September, Robert Hors. At Inverin, on Ilth August, the Rev. Archi. burgh, Esq. accountant, to Mary, second daughter bald Colquhoun, to Anne, third daughter of the of the late Alexander Marjoribanks, Esq. of Marlate John MacIntyre, Esq, Letterew.

joribanks. At 10, Ainshe Place, on 6th September, Dr. At Craig, on 12th September, by the Rev. P. William Pulteney Alison, Professor of the Theory Comrie, the Rev. Lewis H. Irving, minister of of Medicine in the University of Edinburgh, to Abercorn, to Isabella, only surviving child of Margaret Crawford, eldest daughter of the late Archibald Carruthers, Esq., of Craig, Stewartry Dr. James Gregory.

of Kircuubright. At Edinburgh, on 12th September, Evan Mac- At Lufthess House, East Lothian, on 1212 Sep. Pherson, Esq. of Glentruim, to Helen, eldest tember, Lord Henry Francis Charles Kerr, second daughter of the deceased George Birrell, Esq., son of the late Marquis of Lothian, to Lousia Do. late of the Hon, East India Company's service, othea, only daughter of General' the Hon. Sir

At Dysart, on 11th September, Montague Wil. Alexander Hope, of Craighall and Waughton, G. lian Perreau, Esq. of the Madras Army, to Mary, C. B. third daughter of the late Captain John Reddie. At Edinburgh, on the 18th September, Mr

At Dundee, on 31st August, Mr. James Bath. Thomas Greig, writer, to Jane, eldest daughter gate, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late Mr of Mr George Bookless. William Young, builder, Pathhead.

At Montrose, on the 7th September, the Rev. At St George's, Hanover Square, London, on Andrew Wilson, to Catherine, daughter of the 5th September, the Rev. E. Nepean, youngest son late Mr John Kinnear, merchant, Montrose. of the late Right Hon. Sir Evan Nepean, of At St. James', Piceadilly, London, on the 10th Loders, in the county of Dorset, Bart. to Anne, September, Hugh William Gordon, Esq., of Hans second daughter of Sir H. Jenner, Knt. hls Ma- Place, only son of the late Robert Gordon, Esq., jesty's Advocate General.

of Fort St. George, Madras, to Elizabeth, eldest At Buccleuch Street, on 31st September, Mr daughter of Francis Lovell, Esq., of Sloane Street, Richard Murray, cabinet-maker, Edinburgh, to London. Mrs. Wilhelmina Scott Brown, daughter of the At Oxton, on 11th September, Charles, son of late Mr William Brown.

the Rev. Sir Charles Anderson, Bart. of Lea, in At Tidsbury, on 27th August, Arthur Fane, Esq. Lincolnshire, to Emma, youngest daughter of the youngest son of Lieutenant General Sir H. Fane, late John Savile Folgambe, Esq. of Aldwark, ir G.C.B, to Lucy H, Bennet, eldest daughter of the county of York. John Bennet, Esq. of Pythouse, M.P. for the At Whitechurch, on 11th September, Charles county of Wilts,

T. Gaskell, Esq., of Stanmore, Middlesex, to At London, on 29th August, the Rev. Mon. Charlotte, daughter of the late General Bruce, oi tague James Taylor, vicar of Harrold, Bedford. Elstree, Herts. shire, to Louisa Ann, fifth daughter of Sir Wil. At Hampstead church, on 12th September, the liam Curtis, Bart, of Portland Place.

Rev. George Payton Harvey, Rector of Horton, in At Holland, in the county of Lancaster, on 220 Staffordshire, to Sarah Frances, eldest daughter August, Captain Hunter Ward, of the 430 Light of Thomas Sheppard, Esq., of Hampstead Heath. Infantry, to Harriet Jane, second daughter of J. At St. James' Church, London, on 10th SepA. Hodson, Esq. of Holland Grove.

tember, James Williams Braine, Esg., of St.James' At London, on 28th August, the Rev. J. Berry, Square, to Francis Amelia, second danghter of M.A. vicar of Hoxton, Cambridgeshire, to Jane, the late Allyett Woodhouse, Esq, Advocate. youngest daughter of the late Robert Gilbert, General of Bombay. Esq. of St. John's Square, Clerkenwell.

At Newton Valence, on 8th September, R. Hen. At St. George's, Hanover Square, London, on ley Payne, Esq., second son of Sir Peter Payne, 28th August, the Rev. George William Brooks, Bart., M.P., of Knuston Hall, Northampton, to Tector of Hampden, and chaplain to his Grace the Lousia, youngest daughter of Henry Chawner, Duke of Leeds, to Jane Mary, youngest daughter Esq., of Newton Manor House, Hanis. of William Shepherd, Esq. of Halt Moon Street, At St. Andrew's, Holborn, London, on sth Piccadilly

September, Andrew Playfair, of the Bank of Eng. At Stillorgan Church, on 28th August, Dennis land, Esq , to Miss Jane Dixon, late of Twicken. Henry Kelly, Esq. eldest son of the Rev. Arm. ham. strong Kelly, of Castle Kelly, in the county of At Chepstow Church, Monmouthshire, on 11th Galway, to Elizabeth Diana, eldest daughter of September, Robert Gun Cunningham, Esq., of John Castor, Esq of Beckenham Place, Kent, Newland Park, Gloucestershire, and Mount Ken.

At St. Pancras New Church, London, on 25th nedy, County Wicklow, Ireland, to the Hon. AraAugust, Mr. James Lindley, of Camden Town, to bella Eliza Pery, eldest daughter of Viscount Miss Ann M. Clough. of Brompton, Middlesex.

Glentworth. At Trieste, on 19th August, Charles Grotte, Esq. At St. Mary's Church, Bryanston Square, Lon. of Threadneeile Street, London, to Isabella, eld. don, on 8th September, Elliot Roberts, Esq, of est daughter of (teorge Moore, Esq. of Trieste. Manchester Square, to Elizabeth, widow of the At tverton, on 1th September, Thomas, eldest

late Captain Julius Johnson, of the Madras Army, son of Thomas Quintin, Esq. of Hatley Park, Cam.

daughter of Colonel Barton, Deputy Quarter bridgeshire, to Louisa, third daughter of William Master. General, of Cawnpour, India. Astell, M.P. of Everton House, Bedfordshire. At Teddesley Park, Statfordshire, Viscount

At North Tuddenham, the Rev. John Culling Newark, to Emily, Daughter of E. J. Littleton, Evans, to Marianne Louisa, eldest daughter of the Esq. M.P. Rev. John Day, rector ot North Tuli denham.

DEATHS. Al Greenwich, on 6th September, Henry tla. At 30 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, on the 29th milion Douglies, taq. late of his Majesty : Lite August, l'atrick Wernyas M'Arthur, elde st son tuanis, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late of the late (Captain Doual M'Arthur, retired list, John Allen, Esq. of the Paragon, Blackheath.

2d Royal Veteran Battalion.

At Rothsay, on the 18th August, Miss Ann September, Margaret Young, wife of Mr Andrew
Crawfurd M.Dougall, daughter of the late Colonel Tennent, merchant.
M'Dougall, of Polquhairn,

At Glasgow, on 6th September, Mr Peter At Sydney, New South Wales, on 15th February M‘Nicol, wright. last, Mr. Henry C. Newton, youngest son of the At George Street, Glasgow, on 5th September, late Mr John Newton, Shipowner, Leith.

Mr Malcolm, wright. At si, Ann Street, Fdinburgh, on the 21st At Finnich Malice, Stirlingshire, on 6th SepAugust, Mrs Jean Tennent, daughter of the late tember, George Buchanan, Esq. late of Demer. John Wallace, Esq. of Damhead.

ara. On 20th August, Mr John Paul, Spirit Mer. At London, on 220 August, Lady Lowe, wife chant, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh.

of Lieutenant-General Sir Hudson Lowe. At Fisherrow, on the 17th August, Mrs. Chris- At Whitefordhill, Ayr, on 24th August, Mrs. tian MacMillan, wife of Mr William Watt, mer. Elizabeth Muir, wife of Mr Thomas Young, far. chant,

mer. At Scone, Perth, on 18th August, Miss L. H. At 36, Clyde Buildings, Glasgow, on 5th SepDick, youngest daughter of the late Alex. Dick. tember, Mr James Young, commission merchant. Esq. accountant, Edinburgh.

At Aberdeen, on 4th September, Ann, wife of At , Elm Row, on 21st August, Mr. Thomas Captain David Scott. Watson, upholsterer.

At Thurso, on 30th August, Lieutenant Alex. At 18, St Andrew's Square, on 26th August, ander Robeson, R.N. Mrs Lillias Moore Stewait, wife of William New. At Montreal, on 4th July, Mr Andrew Darling, bigging, Esq. surgeon.

late of Edinburgh. At 3, Lauriston Lane, on 24th August, Miss At Rome, on 13th August, Gilbert Laing Christian Erskine, daughter of the late Lr, John Meason, Esq. of Lindertis. Erskine of Carnock.

At Portobello, on 9th September, Isabella Cor. At Edinburgh, on 29th August, Miss Jane Moir, neila, youngest daughter of William Blair, Esq. youngest daughter of the late Andrew Moir, of advocate. Otterburn.

At 28, Inverleith Row, on Ist September, Jane, At 2 Shandwick Place, on the 31st August, daughter of Captain Grace, Mary Elizabeth, youngest daughter of James An- AC 14, Carlton Place, on 30 September, Au. derson, Esq. civil engineer.

gusta Walker Campbell, daughter of Charles At the Manse of Stromness, Orkney, on 20th Campbell, Esq. August, the Rev. William Clouston, minister of Atl, Grove Street, on 1st September, the Rev. Stromness and Shandwick.

Alexander Harper, late of Lanark. AtFast Polten Mains, Lasswade, on 25th August, At Wedderlie. parish of Westruther, on 20 SepMrs Jane Reid, relict of Mr George Dobbie, late tember, Agnes Peacock. farmer there.

At Wick, on 30th August, Mr. John Calder, At Broughton Place, Peebles-shire, on 17th fish-curer, Leith. August, Mr John Anderson, Cramelt.

At l'athhead, on 7th September, Eliza Trail At Peebles, on 30th August, Mr John Ander. Craigie, wife of Mr. Dove, of the Customs, Kir. son, late in Henderland.

kaldy. At Chelsea Hospital, Sir E. Home, Bart. At London, on 6th September, George Watt, At Falkirk, on zżd August, Thomas William

W.S. Henbest, Esq. surgeon.

At George Street, on 12th September, Major H.
At Sea, on 5th January last, Captain Duncan Cheape, of the Mihtary Establishment.
Ross Taylor, youngest son of the late Reverend At Charlotte Street, on 7th September, Mr
Joseph Taylor, minister of Cambeo, Fifeshire, John Gibb, writer.

At 10, Abbey Hill, on 16th August, Mr William At Cornwall, Upper Canada, in June, Mr
Miller, writer, second son of the deceased Thomas James Thomson, late farmer at Oatridge.
Miller Esq. extractor of records.

At Carluke, on 29th Augusr, Helen Cunning-
At 45, Constitution Street, Leith, on 1st August ham, wife of Mr James Kay.
Mr. A. D. Barclay.

At Green Lettuce Lane, London, Mrs ElizaAt Glasgow, on 4th September, Rachel, young

beth Airy. est child of Mr William Dunnet, teacher, Edin- At Lorne House, Isle of Man, on 21st August, burgh,

Christian Taubman, widow of the late Lieuten At 3, Davie Street, on 1st September, Mies ant.Colonel Cunninghame, 58th regiment. Marion Shaw,

At Ragcate, on 26th March, Lieutenant Alex At Candlemaker Row, on 31st August, Mrs Moir, 15th regiment, Bombay Native Infantry, Huntly, Harrow Inn.

youngest son of the late William Moir, Esq. At Inchyra, on 26th August, Elizabeth, wife of Newgrange. Lieutenant Colonel Campbell, 95th Regiment, and At Cardinnis, on 920 August, Mrs. Katherine eldest daughter of the late James Richardson, Tod, wife of Patrick Begbie, Esq. Esq. of Pitfour.

At Annfield Place, Musselburgh, on 10th SepOn 25th August, on his passage from London tember, Mrs Ann Lamont, wife of Mr John Teller to Kirkcaldy, Mr James Forrester, mathematical merchant. instruinentmaker, London.

At Palaincottah, in March last, the Lady of At Bayswater, on 3d September, David Blackie, Captain Carteret George Scott, ist regiment, Esq. W.s. lale of Edinburgh.

Native Infantry. On 1st September, J. Wade, Esq., son of the At Newcastle, on 5th September, Thomas Trot. late General Wade, and grandson to the Field. ter, M.D. Marshal Wade.

At Hawick, on the 12th September, the Rev. At Lower Berkely Street, London, Cecilia, in- John Cochrane. fant daughter of Lieutenant.Colonel Lindsay. At Edinburgh, on 12th September, The Rev.

At London, on 1st September, Mr. William Alexander Nisbet, minister of the United Associ. Young, of Downe's Wharf.

ate Congregation of Portsburgh. At Belladrum House, Inverness-shire, on 6th Al Quebec, on 26th July, Thomas Gordon, Esq., September, Buchanan M‘Millan, Esq. of Bow merchant. Street, Covent Garden, Printer in Ordinary to his At 126, Lauriston Place, on Joth September, Majesty.

Lieutenant J. C. Mitchell, Fife Militia. At 3, Davie Strect, on 1st September, Miss At Edinburgh, on the 12th September, Mr AnMarion Shaw.

drew Craig M Lehose, junior, son of Mr Möle. At the Manse of Gladsmuir, on 4th September, hose, W.S. the Rev. George Hamilton, D.D. minister of At 12, Roxburgh Place, on 10th September, Gladsmuir.

Mary, eldest daughter oi the late Mr Robert Pri. Drowned, in the River Hooghly, East Indies, die, hat manufacturer, on zid of March last. Mr Alexander Campbell, At James's Court, on 16th September, Mr son of the late Donald Campbell, Esq. Bally- Charles Stewart, printer. mpartin, Istay.

At Edinburgh, on 16th September, Mrs Jean At 3, Norih Hanover Street, Glasgow, on 8th Forbes, wife of Hugh Sinclair, printer.

At Edinburgh, on 31st August, Mr Robert At Bruges, on 5th September, Thomas Drury, Hannay.

Esq., Admiral of the Red. At Morrison Place, Piershill, on 16th Septem. At Wimbledon Common, on 8th September, ber, Mrs Addison, wife of Lieutenant Henry Ad. Arthur Tyton, Esq., late of his Majesty's (us. dison, Queen's Bays.

toms. At Cadogan Place, London, on 13th September, At North Brixton, on 9th September, Sarah, Lady MacLean, wife of Lieut. General, Sir Fitz. relict of the late James Brewer, Esq., of Clapham roy MacLean, Bart.

At Aberdeen, on 10th September, James Calder, At Chelmsford, William Meggry, Esq.
Esq., wine-merchant.

On the 1st September, T. Wilshire, Esq. of At Guernsey, on 9th September, Charles Tyn. Hitchin, Herts. dall, Esq., son of the late Thomas Tyndall, Esq., At Bryanston Square, London, on 10th Sep. of the Fort near Bristol.

tember, Tully Higgons, Esq. At Quebec, on 13th August, the Rev. Joseph At Dalbam, Suftolk, Miss Afleck, sister of L. Mills, D.D., Chaplain to his Majesty's Forces, General Sir J. Affleck, Bart. Quebec.

At Boulogne, on 25th August, the Rev. John At Colombo, on 31st_March, Mrs Hamilton Fisher, Archdeacon of Berks. Bailey, daughter of the Right Rev. Bishop Gleig, At Grotto, near Reading, Caroline Anna Maria and spouse of the Rev. Benjamin Bailey, senior Frederica, daughter of the Hon. Arthur Thelchaplain of Ceylon.

luson. At Norwood Lodge, Surrey on 11th September, At Cheltenham, od 4th September, Lee Steere Elizabeth Mary, wife of John Rays, Esq.

Steere, Esq., of Jayes, Surrey. At Leiston House, Saxmundham, on 8th Sep- At Logie, on 24th August, the Rev. Dr James tember, Charles Calvert, Esq., M.É.

Robertson, South Leith.

On Friday, 21st September, at past 1 P.M., Walter Scott departed. He cannot be said, at his years, and after his labours, to have been prematurely taken from us; yet so strong was the principle or vitality in his frame, so apparent is the fact that a partial giving way of the organic structure alone has occasioned his death, that we cannot look upon him as one who has lived out his full term of years. His death is “ matter for a greater moan, and that we'll spend hereafter.” Of all the authors of our day he was the one to whose works the term healthy may be applied. His power was of that true and conscious kind, which is at times forgotten in the intense depth of its repose. His imagination, free from the currents and eddies of passion, was the fathomless pellucid lake which mirrors everything truly but lovelier. His soul was mirrored in his features :-colossal, homely, with an expression in which shrewdness gave a playful cast to intense kindliness ; as if in him love, instead of being diminished, had but been afforded fuller scope and freer play by knowledge ; as if the characteristics of the cherub and seraph had in him been blended together.

J, JOHNSTONE, Printer, 19, St. James's Square,

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EBENEZER ELLIOTT, Author of Corn Law Rhymes, The Village Patriarch,

Splendid Village, &c. &c. &c.; CRABBE, Burns, CowPER, SOUTHEY, POLLOK, a COUNTRY CURATE, &c. &c. &c.

“What is poetry?” has often been asked. To this question, Lord Bacon, a true poet, though he wrote in prose, replies,—“ It is something divine ; because it raises the mind, and hurries it into sublimity, by conforming the shows of things to the desires of the soul; instead of subjecting the soul to external things, as reason and history do." What is poetry? we ask of Hazlitt, another of the poets, who neither submitted to the links of rhyme, nor more majestic bondage of blank verse ; and he poetically replies,—“Poetry is that fine particle within us that · expands, rarifies, refines, raises our whole being—without it man's life

is poor as beasts”;" and he eloquently illustrates the definition,—" The child is a poet, in fact, when he first plays at hide-and-seek, or repeats the tale of Jack the Giant Killer; the shepherd lad is a poet, when he first crowns his mistress with a garland of flowers ; the countryman, when he gazes after the Lord Mayor's Show; the miser, when he hugs his gold ; the courtier, when he builds his hope upon a smile ; the savage, when he paints his idol with blood ; the slave who worships a tyrant, and the tyrant who fancies himself a God; the vain, the ambitious, the proud, the choleric man; the hero and the coward, the beggar and the king, the rich and the poor, the young and the old, all live in a world of their own making ; and the poet does no more than describe what all others think and act." These are subtle and exalted descriptions of poetry-passionate and imaginative poetry ; but they are not complete. What is poetry? we inquire of Ebenezer Elliott, a Radical Poet, and he forcibly and briefly answers,—“What is poetry but impassioned truth?" The definition is clear and complete as regards his own writings, and applies, with nearly equal propriety, to those of CRABBE, the Great Founder of the Radical School; in which the Sheffield worker in iron and in steel is rather his steady and unflinching fellow-labourer than imitative dis



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