History of the Frasers of Lovat. To which is added those of Dunballoch and Phopachy

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 1896 - 784 pàgines

History of the Frasers of Lovat, With Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Name: To Which Is Added Those of Dunballoch and Phopachy by Alexander Mackenzie, first published in 1896, is a rare manuscript, the original residing in one of the great libraries of the world. This book is a reproduction of that original, which has been scanned and cleaned by state-of-the-art publishing tools for better readability and enhanced appreciation.

Restoration Editors' mission is to bring long out of print manuscripts back to life. Some smudges, annotations or unclear text may still exist, due to permanent damage to the original work. We believe the literary significance of the text justifies offering this reproduction, allowing a new generation to appreciate it.


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Pàgina 184 - Let me not, I pray you, accept any man's person, neither let me give flattering titles unto man. For I know not to give flattering titles; in so doing my Maker would soon take me away.
Pàgina 701 - Charles, Prince of Wales, and Regent of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, and the Dominions thereunto belonging...
Pàgina 160 - ... what I spake against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, that they should become a desolation and a curse, and hast rent thy clothes, and wept before me ; I also have heard thee, saith the Lord.
Pàgina 554 - Take your stations in that clump of bushes, and do your duty." Within five minutes Fraser fell, mortally wounded, and was carried to the British camp by two grenadiers. Just previously to his being struck by...
Pàgina 438 - ... you must be hanged by the neck, but not till you are dead ; for you must be cut down alive ; then your bowels must be taken out, and burnt before your faces ; then your heads must be severed from your bodies, and your 'bodies must be divided, each into four quarters, and these must be at the King's disposal. And God Almighty be merciful to your souls...
Pàgina 445 - ... his lady would receive from seeing her. The chief then went to the lonely tower in which Lady Lovat was secluded without decent clothes, and even without sufficient nourishment. He laid a dress before her becoming her rank, commanded her to put it on, to appear, and to receive her friend as if she were the mistress of the house, in which she was, in fact, a naked and half-starved prisoner.
Pàgina 184 - For I am full of matter, The spirit within me constraineth me. Behold, my belly is as wine which hath no vent ; It is ready to burst like new bottles.
Pàgina 220 - Now, in a letter from his father to the Earl of Argyle, subscribed by himself and other gentlemen of his clan, he says, " Also they'll have my son and his complices guilty of a rape, though his wife was married to him by a minister, and they have always lived since as man and wife.
Pàgina 396 - Loose men that comes from the Highland Army, and to seize them and to send them to Inverness. By this project I hope to contribute to the preservation and peace of the Country as much as any two Independent Companys that are at Inverness.
Pàgina 366 - I defyed them then, as I do now, and do declare to you upon honour, that I do not know what has become of that woman, where she is or who takes care of her ; but if I had contrived, and assisted, and saved my Lord Grange from that devil, who threatened every day to murder him and his children, I would not think shame of it before God or man ; and wherever she is, I wish and hope she may never be seen again, to torment my worthy friend.

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