Dialogue is Not Just Talk: A New Ground for Educational Leadership

P. Lang, 2005 - 187 pàgines
This is the first and only book that examines dialogue as it pertains to the work of school leaders. The authors of Dialogue Is Not Just Talk develop a theory of dialogic leadership that bridges the gaps between the pioneering philosophical works of such seminal thinkers as Bakhtin, Buber, and Gadamer, as well as the work of educational leaders. Using examples, vignettes, and illustrations, this book develops both a theoretical and a practical approach to educational leadership. Dialogue Is Not Just Talk speaks to leaders striving to develop relationships, improve understanding, overcome conflict, and create an increased sense of community within diverse contexts and pluralistic societies. This book will be useful in academic and practical settings.

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The Authors: Carolyn M. Shields spent eighteen years teaching K-12 in public schools before receiving her Ph.D. in educational administration at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. She is currently Professor of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia, Co-Director of the School Leadership Centre, and board member of the Commonwealth Council of Educational Administration and Management. Her research interests relate to understanding cross-cultural leadership and leadership for social justice, developing schools as communities of difference, and examining the role of spirituality and dialogue as foundations for leadership. She has published widely with over 80 articles, chapters, and reports, as well as three recent books.
Mark M. Edwards writes about dialogic leadership as a response to his best efforts as a vice-principal serving Aboriginal high school students, efforts which were not enough. His professional work has included high school teaching, counseling, and administration, as well as farming, reforestation, and marine safety and quality management. His academic career includes a B.A. in philosophy and history from Carleton University, Ottawa; Teacher Education at Simon Fraser University; an M.T.S. of theological studies from the Vancouver School of Theology, and Ph.D. candidacy in educational studies at the University of British Columbia.

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