A History of the Life of Edward the Black Prince: And of Various Events Connected Therwith, which Occurred During the Reign of Edward III, King of England, Volum 2

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1836

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Pàgina 92 - ... or ornament." Mr. James considers that although the accounts, long current of the amours of Edward III. and the Countess of Salisbury are proved to be false in so many particulars, " the whole tale becomes more than doubtful," while the statement which connects her name with the Order of the Garter is neither disproved nor improbable. " That a lady might accidentally drop her garter in the midst of the court is certainly within the bounds of possibility ; and that a gallant and graceful monarch...
Pàgina 484 - Pierce, (the king's concubine) as lady of the sun, rode from the Tower of London, through Cheap, accompanied by many lords and ladies, every lady leading a lord by his horse's bridle, till they came into West Smithfield ; and then began a great just, which lasted for seven days.* Also the 9th of Richard II.
Pàgina 190 - Chandos," replied the prince. "You shall not see me tread one step back, but ever in advance. Bear on my banner. God and St. George be with us!" The horses of the English force were all held in readiness by their attendants close in their rear. Every man sprang into his saddle, and with levelled lances the army bore down the hill against the enemy, while the Captal De Buch forced his way through the struggling ranks of the French to join them.
Pàgina 201 - Scilicet et tempus veniet, cum finibus illis Agricola incurvo terrain molitus aratro, Exesa inveniet scabra rubigine pila : Aut gravibus rastris galeas pulsabit inanes, Graiidiaque effossis mirabitur ossa sepulchris.
Pàgina 483 - ... impossible, the English ambassadors waived it, without prejudice nevertheless to Henry's rights. They then demanded the sovereignty of the duchies of Normandy and Touraine, the earldom of Anjou, the duchy of Brittany, the earldom of Flanders, with all other parts of the duchy of Aquitain, the territories which had been ceded to Edward III. by the treaty of Bretigny, and the lands between the Somme and Graveline; to be held by Henry and his heirs, without any claim of superiority on the part of...
Pàgina 201 - ... scarcely known — the glorious feats and gallant actions, which, even in dying, they thought would be immortal, overwhelmed beneath the lumber of history, or blotted out by fresh comments on the same bloody theme — the thrones they fought for, and the lands they won, passed unto other dynasties, and all the objects of their mighty daring as unachieved as if they had not been ?
Pàgina 54 - Lady," he is reported to have exclaimed, " what should be the meaning of this, that always in my passage for France, the winds and seas befriend me, but on my return to England, I meet with nothing but storms and tempests?
Pàgina 484 - Dame Alice Ferrers (the kings Concubine) as Lady of the Sunne, rode from the Tower of London, through Cheape, accompanied of * These jousts followed directly upon a serious fracas with the Papacy.
Pàgina 183 - ... viewed with the strongest disapproval his efforts to snatch what they regarded as certain victory from their hands, gave him a peremptory warning not to show himself again in their lines. The prelate then bore the news of his failure to the Prince of Wales. "Fair son," he said, "do the best you can, for you must needs fight, as I can find no means of peace or amnesty with the King of France.

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