A Select Collection of Modern Poems

R. Urie and Company: For J. Gilmour, 1744 - 144 pàgines
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ſhould be unequal Happineſs is not made to conſiſt in theſe
happineſs among mankind is kept even by providence by
TH HE whole univerſe one ſyſtem of ſociety VER 7 c Nothing is made wholly for itſelf nor yet wholly
The error of imputing to virtue what are only the calami
poſes 153 c its providential uſe in fixing our principle
they are they muſt be happieſt 130 c That external
Of F Man in the abſtract That we can judge only with regard to our own ſyſtem being ignorant of
Reaſon or inſtinct operate alſo to ſociety in all animals 109

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