Physical Geography: Introduction To Earth

Discovery Publishing House, 2006 - 332 pàgines
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It may well be said that there can be no geography which concerns itself with the actual shape and form of the land surface, solid rode, the configuration and extent of the seas and oceans, the enveloping atmosphere without which life as we know it cannot exist, the physical process which take place in that atmosphere. This book has been designed to cover the syllabus of physical geography required for the B.A. Students of the Indian Universities. The subject matter has been arranged so as to provide clear and integrated approach to the subject with all essential tools of applicable geography for B.A. curriculum. Care has been taken to make the treatment of the subject simple and accessible to the average students. It is believed that the book in present form will be found to be useful by the student community and the teaching fraternity alike. Suggestion for the improvement of the book will always be most welcome. Contents: Origin of the Earth, Structure of the Earth s Interior and Lithosphere, Continents and Ocean Basins, Earth s Movements and Age, Plateau and Mountain Building, Rocks and Earthquakes, Vulcanicity and Volcanoes.

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Origin of The Earth
Structure of the Earths Interior and
Continents and Ocean Basins
Earths Movements and Age
Plateau and Mountain Building
Rocks and Earthquakes
Vulcanicity and Volcanoes

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