Imatges de pàgina
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still sport my tilbury; and as then, even so now, is it the sole equipage appertaining to the village of Kennaquhair. My boy, now a sober and sedate man, yet rejoices in his livery of subdued

green and pink — the more subdued, on account of its


and his; and both— I mean, gentle Public, my worthy domestic and myself—are the envy of the idlers of our town, amongst whom I number passers-by, as I may so term them, and sundry as idle writers' clerks, and would-be gentlemen, who sojourn here for a short space, in the early summer, to try their skill in the art of enticing trouts in the morning, and hearts, viz. those of the milliner's apprentices, in the afternoon ; in the

eyes of which last class, we, that is my

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