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R. Clay, Son, and Taylor, Printers,

Bread Street Hill.


THE "Cameos" here put together are intended as a book for young people just beyond the elementary histories of England, and able to enter in some degree into the real spirit of events, and to be struck with characters and scenes presented in some relief.

The endeavour has not been to chronicle facts, but to put together a series of pictures of persons and events, so as to arrest the attention and give some individuality and distinctness to the recollection, by gathering together details at the most memorable moments. Begun many years since, as the historical portion of a magazine, the earlier ones of these Cameos have been collected and revised to serve for schoolroom reading, and it is hoped that, if these are found useful, they may ere long be followed up by a second volume, comprising the wars in France and those of the Roses.*

Feb. 28th, 1868.

* In Cameo XXVI. is a reference to a conjecture of Hugh Miller, that the tomb of Edward is of stone from the Holy Land. Since these pages have been in type it has, however, been ascertained by examination that the monument is only of Purbeck marble.

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