A Chekhov Quartet: Two Plays and Two Short Stories Translated and Adapted for the Stage

Taylor & Francis US, 1996 - 44 pàgines
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First Published in 1996. Translated from Chekhov's short plays and adapted from his stories by Vera Gottlieb, this collection consists of four one-act plays. Short though they are, each contains a whole range of dramatic possibilities and presented together the plays form a coherent programme, offering performers and audiences an intimate theatrical experience ranging from high comedy to sombre analysis. Both student and professional actors will find an opportunity to display all their powers of invention, characterisation, timing, audience control, concentration and finesse. A Chekhov Quartet has been performed in London, Moscow and at the 1990 Chekhov Festival in Yalta

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Sobre l'autor (1996)

Vera Gottlieb (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

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