Imatges de pÓgina





Our life is a dream; our time.. 433
Our life, whilst Thou preserv'st 55
Our lives through various..... 82
Our moments fly apace... 361
Our mirth is not afraid of Thee 167
Our mourning is all at an end.. 3SS
Our sacrifice is one.
Our Saviour shall be still our... 175
Ours, by the pledge of love and 355
Our sorrows and our sins were. 244
Our souls are faint, our hearts.. 169
Our voices join the heavenly.. 234
Ou vows, our prayers, we now 218
Out of great distress they came 403
O utter but the name of God... 189
O voice of mercy! voice of love 237
O wash my soul from every sin 134
O watch and fight, and pray... 192
O wavering, wretched state.... 152
O! weak to know a Saviour's. 255
O were I like some gentle dove 249
O what a blessed hope is ours.. 225
O what a glorious sight appears 397
O what amazing joys they feel 393
O what a night was that which 10
O, what are all my sufferings.. 397
O'what hath Jesus bought for. 897
O, when His wisdom can
Of when shall my foes and my 233
O, when will the period appear 357
O! when wilt Thou, my Life 138
O while I breathe to Thee..... 140
O, while the soul unruffled lies. 237
O, who hath lock'd those 186
O, who, in such a world as this 352
O, who like Thee-so calm, so 73
O, who like Thee so humbly... 73
O, who would bear life's stormy 245
O! why should I stray with the 233
Of why should I wander............. 232
O! with the visits of Thy love 345
O, with what congratulations.. 369 Quick as their thoughts their.. 156

Plenteons grace with Thee is.. 261
Poor souls! that know not how 187
Poor tho' I am-despised.. 287
Poor tremblers at His rougher. 307
Pour not thou the bitter tear... 371
Praise Him, ye celestial choirs. 89
Praise Him, ye who know His.
Praise, my soul, the God that..
Praise the Creator of the skies.
Praise the God of our salvation 65
Praise the Lord-for He hath. 65
Praise the Lord-for He is.... 65
Prayer is the burden of a sigh.. 220
Prayer is the Christian's vital.. 220
Prayer is the contrite sinner's. 220
Prayer is the simplest form of. 220
Prayer makes the darkened... 217
Pray thou, Christian, daily.... 279
Precious is the Saviour's name. 117
Prepare us, Lord, by grace............. 427
Press on! and if we may not.. 336
Preserve it from the passing. 8
Princes and magistrates must. 314
Prisoner, long detained below 363
Prisoners of hope, in gloom.... 116
Proclaim abroad. His name.... 95
Proclaim Him King, pronounce 37
Proclaim His wonders from the 45
Proclaim the glories of your... 87
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel.. 204
Prostrate before the mercy seat 155
Prostrate bow; confess your... 117
Prostrate I'll lie before is.... 183
Protect me from the furious... 244
Publish-spread to all around 61
Pure as the air, when day's first 419
Pure as the sum's enliv'ning... 167
Put all thy beauteous garments 300
Put on the armor from above. 167

O! wondrous Love- to bleed.. 145
O, would He all of heaven...... 225
O, wretched state of deep..... 106
O, ye angels, hovering round us 115
Oye that love His holy name.. 43
O Zion! learn to doubt no more 259
"O Zion, lift thy raptured eye. 72

Pardon, and grace, and heaven 137
Pardon, O Lord, our childish... 415
Partakers of the Saviour's grace 224
Pass a few fleeting moments. 876
Patience, poor soul! the.... 215
Patiently enduring, ever.. 339
Pause, my soul! adore and.... 270
Peace and joy shall now attend 814
Peace! and no longer, from its. 321
Peace be within this sacred.... 8
Peaceful be thy silent slumber. 395
Peace from the bosom of his... 834
Peace is on the world abroad... 15
"Peace on earth, good-will.... 64
Peace to our brethren give..... 13
People and realms of every.... 163
Perhaps, before the morning... 249
Perhaps He will admit my plea 1383
"Permit them to approach," He 293
Perpetual blessings from above. 425
Physician of souls! unto me... 888
"Pilgrims, see that stream.. 382
Pilgrims through this world and 207
Pilgrim thou dost justly call me 723
Pillar of fire, through watches.
Pity and save my sin-sick soul 292
Pity the nations, O our God!.. 290
Pity the weeping widow's woe 305
Plant Thy heavenly kingdom. 885


Rage, while our faith the...... 415
Raised on devotion's lofty wing 41
Raise thy downcast eyes, and.. 127
Raise your devotion, mortal... 177
Ready for their glorious crown 362
Reason, I hear, her counsels.... 143
Rebel ye waves, and o'er the..... 39
Rebuild thy walls, thy bounds. 258
Receive, O earth, his faded.... 345
Redeemed from earth and.... 359
Regard the weak and fatherless 337
Rehearse His praise, with awe. 86
Rejoice in glorious hope.. 19
Rejoice in hope and fear.. 193
Rejoice when care and woe.... 193
Rejoice, ye righteous, and.. 43
Released from sorrow, sin and. 394
Remember all the dying pains. 444
Remember all who love thee.. 434
Remembered songs of gladness 154
Remembering mine affliction.. 356
Remember still that they are.. 292
Remember Thee-Thy death.. 290
Remember Thy pure word of.. 144
Renew'd, the earth a robe of... 69
Repeated crimes awake our. 164
Resign the honors of their form 351
Rest for my soul I long to find. 135
Resting in this glorious hope.. 872
Restraining prayer, we cease to 217
Rests secure the righteous man 372
Retreat beneath His wings. 231
Return, O holy Dove, return... 220
Return, O wanderer, return.... 104
Return, O wand'rer, to thy.. 104
Revive our drooping faith..... 195
Rich dews of grace come o'er us 316


Rich is the grace we sing..
Ride forth, victorious..
Ride on in Thy greatness, Thou 823
Ride on, ride on in majesty... 74
Righteous Judge of retribution 864
Right thro' thy streets with 893
Ring, Liberty, thy gorious bell 807
Rise, God! judge Thou the 337
Rise, great Redeemer, from Thy 824
Rise, my soul, the day is.
Rise, Saviour! help me to..
"Rise," says the Saviour. 261
Rise, touched with gratitude.. 99
Rivers of love and mercy, here 191
Rivers to the ocean run.
Roar on, ye waves; our souls.. 415
Roll back the swelling tide of.. 80
Room in the Saviour's bleeding 163
Round each habitation hovering 312
Round the altar priests confess 403
Rude in speech, or grim in.... 313




Sad be the notes, the plaintive 253
Sad to his toil he goes
Safe the dreary vale I tread....
Safe in my Saviour's love I'll.. 851
Sages,leave your contemplations 65
Saints and angels, joined in.... 115
Saints, before the altar bending 65
Saints, begin the endless song.. 403
Saints below, with heart and.. 200
Saints! in fair circles, casting.. 95
Saints in glory perfect made.... 403
Salvation and immortal praise. 10
Salvation!-let the echo fly.... 181
Salvation to God, who sits on.. 48
Satan may vent his sharpest.. 171
Save me, for none beside can.. 141
Save me, save me, O my. 273
Save us, in Thy great.
Saviour, hasten Thine appearing 96
Saviour in glory beaming.
Saviour, may our Sabbaths be. 15
Saviour! shine, and cheer my. 147
Saviour, Thy love is still the.. 137
Saviour, where'er Thy steps I. 157
Saw ye not the cloud ari-e.... 303
Say, hath thy heart its treasure 273
Say-live forever, glorious. 74
Say, O sinner, that livest at rest 129
Say, shall we yield Him in 90
Say to the heathen, from Thy, 300
Scarce morning twilight had.. 84
Scenes of sacred peace and.... 813
Seal my forgiveness in the ... 41S
Searcher of hearts, in mine.... 294
Season of rest! the tranquil soul 4
Seasons and times, and moons 4.6
Secure, amidst alarins
Secure from danger and from.. £55
See a long race thy spacious 820
See barbarous nations at thy.. 820
See, from all lands-from the.. 310
See, from His head. His hands 74
See, God is reconciled..
See heathen nations bending.. 316
See how the Conqueror mounts 177
See, Jehovah's banner furled.. 809
See, Jesus stands with open.... 103
See, low before Thy throne of.. 251
See, Mercy, from her golden.
See on the mountain top
Sea Salem's golden spires.
See that glory, how resplendent 895
See the hippy spirits waiting.. 881
See, the heaven its Lord.
See the Judge our nature
See the kind angels at the gates 257
See the kinder shepherds round 441


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See, the light of truth is..
See the lovely Babe a-dressing.
See the morning sunbeams.
See the rocks and mountains
See the stars appearing.
See! the storm of vengeance... 115
See, the streams of living
See the universe in motion.
See where it shines in Jesus'.. 163
See where rebellious passions.. 166
See-where the Sun of..
See you orient streak appearing 874
Selfish pursuits, and nature's.. 136
Send forth Thy word, and let.. 258
Seraphs, with clevated strains.. 401
Serene, I laid me down..
Servant of all, to toil for man.. 138
Shall aught beguile us on the.. 160
Shall break these clods, a form 340
Shall every creature around.... 205
Shall it leave the low earth, and 408
Shall Jesus for admittance.... 141
Shall love like Thine be thus.. 140
Shall love, with weak embrace 353
Shall man, the lord of nature.. 435
Shall Nature from her couch.. 423
Shail things withered, fashions. 827
Shall we, for whom that star.. 420
Shall we, for whom the Saviour 420
Shall we Thy life of grief forget 244
Shall we, whose souls are.
Shall winds and waves their..
Sharing now Thy wounds, I...
Shed on those who in Thy....
Shepherds, in the field abiding.
Short is the passage, short the.
Should earth against my soul..
Should earth and hell with..
Should friends and kindred..
Should I suppress my vital.
Should storms of trouble blow. 263
Should strong temptations.
Should sudden vengeance seize 134
Should swift death this night.. 430
Should worlds conspire to drive 135
Shont to the Lord, ye surging..
Shout, ye bright. angelic choir.
Shout, ye little flock, and blest.
Shout, ye saints, with.
Shout, ye seraphs; Gabriel.
Show me what I have to do.
Show me Thy face, and I'll... 153
Show us some token of Thy... 221
Shrink not, Christians; will ye 403
Sick or healthful, slave or free. 267
Silence, and solitude, and...... 100
Silent and slow, they glide.....
Silent our harps o'er Babel's.... 252
Since Christ and we are one..
Since from His bounty I receive 190
Since on this fleeting hour.... 859
Since Thou, the everlasting.... 18
Since, with pure and firm....
Sinful, unworthy, trembling.
Sing how eternal love..
Sing, how He left the worlds of $5
Sing of the Lamb that once was 176
Sing, on your heavenly way.
Sing praises to the righteous... 824
Sing, till we feel our heart..... 198
Sinner! can yon hate this...... 119
Sinner! come, ere thy doom... 1'2
Sinner! come to thy home
Sinner! come, while there..
Sinner! haste, time fleets fast..
Sinner! hear your God and.... 119
Sinner! it was a heavenly.
Sinner! perhaps, this very day 101
Sinners in derision crowned..
Sinners rejoice, and saints.... 162










Sinners, whose love can neer.. 174
Sinners, see your ransom paid.. 89
Sinners, will you scorn the..... 115
Sinners, wrung with true .....
Sin, o'er sense so softly stealing 315
Sin no more can taint thy.
Sin the primal charter broke... 831
Sleep, my babe, thy food and.. 441
Stain in the guilty sinner's
Sleep shuns mine eyes-mine.. 344
Small are the offerings we can.. 337
"Sleep soft, beloved!" we
So Abra'm, by divine command 233
So before Thy presence fading.
So be it! let this system end.
So deep were His sorrows, so...
So, cured of my folly, yet cured 873
So fades a suminer cloud away. 847
So fast eternity comes on......
Soft and easy is thy cradle..... 441
Soft as the morning dews.
Soft, my child-I did not chide 441
So, gracious Saviour, on my
So grant me, Lord, from every. 155
So in the dreary grave confined 671
So, in the last and dreadful day
So in this darkness I can learn.
So Jesus looked on dying men.
So Jesus rose to pray.
So Jesus slept; God's dying..
So Jesus still doth pray..
So let our souls, benighted.
So let each faithful child..




So let the Saviour be adored...
So, Lord, when that last.
So live for ever, glorious Lord..












So long Thy power hath blessed
So I may sing, in Jesus safe..
So may my soul, upon the.
Some Rose of Sharon, dyed in..
Some to their everlasting home
Songs of praise awoke the..
Son of the Father! Lord most..
So oft my soul hath trod..
Sons of Adam, once in Eden..
Soon as the evening shades....
Soon as the morn the light..... 140
Soon as the morn with roses... 151
Soon as we draw our infant....
Soon, borne on time's most....
Soon must we change our place
Soon, for me, the light of day.. 264
Soon night comeson with.
Soon relentless death will come 127
Soon shall a darker night...... 417
.... 145
Soon shall I pass the gloomy... 172
Soon shall our doubts and fears 194
Soon shall ocean's hoary deep.. 34
Soon shall we hear Him say.... 199
Soon shall our doubts and fears 269
Soon shall we meet again
"Soon the days of life shall end 111
Soon will the awful trumpet... 105
Soon will our earthly race be... 401
Sorrow and fear are gone.
So pilgrims on the scorching...
Sorrow and Love go side by.
So shall it be at last, in that.
So shall every slavery cease..
So shall my walk be close with
So shall that curse remove.... 360
So shall their course more.
So sleeps the soul, till Thou, O. 156
So speaks the Christian, firm..
So sorrow often presses
So thou, Eternity, so vast.....
So, through the ocean-tide of... 845
So, though our path is steep.... 193
So, trusting in Thy love, I..... 242
So to the heart that knows Thy 214








Soul, then know thy full..
Soul, adien! this gloomy...
Sounds among the vales and..
Source of truth, whose rays.
Sounds of so sweet a tone.
Source of light, Thou bid'st the.
So, when a raging fever burns. 101
So when the Christian pilgrim. 394
So when my latest breath
So when our mortal ties death. 367
So, when the transient storm is 216
So will Thy people with.....
So, when that mora of endless. 421
Space cannot cheek, thought... 313
Spare, Lord! the thoughtless... 333
Spared to see another year
Speak gently-t is a little thing 334
Speak, for you feel His burning 45
Speak gently to the erring ones 331
Speak gently to the aged one... 834
Speak gently to the young.
Speak gently to the erring ones 837
Speed on Thy work, Lord God. 830
Spirit of glory and of God..........
Speak of the wonders of that... 40
Spirit of purity and grace
"Spread for thee the festal...
Spread, mighty Gospel, spread. 320
Spread then Thy plumes of... 423
Sprinkled afresh with pardoning 425
"Sprinkled now with blood.... 111
Spurn not the call to life and... 101
Stand up, and bless the Lord... 31
Stand, then, in His great might 192
Star Divine! O safely guide.... 869
Star of hope! gleam on the.... 869
Star of faith! when winds are. 869
Stay with us, Lord, and with... 157
Still as the light of morning.
Stern and awful are its tones... 201
Still for us He intercedes


Still give us grace, Almighty... 333
Still heavy is thy heart


S 1 let her mid rebukings..
Still let the barren fig-tree....
Still let the Spirit ery..




Still may their light our duties 290
Still mid heavy mourning...... 865
Still near the lake, with weary
Still, still with Thee! as to each 214
Still restless nature dies and...
Sull to a stricken brother true.. 420
Still tossed on a sea of distress.. 889
Still watch and pray, and raise 417
Still the Spirit lingers near.
Still we wait for Thine...
Still would we bear Thy easy.. 414
Still will I hope for voice and.. 255
Strangely, my soul, art thou.... 151
Stop, thonghtless sinner, stop... 120
Stripp'd of each earthly friend... 263
Strike, strike the harps again.. 70
Stronger His love than death or 203
"Stronger than death Thy love 236
Strong in the Lord of hosts...
Strong were thy foes; but the.. 230
Struggle through thy latest.... 881
Sublime upon His azure throne 891
Stung by the scorpion sin.... S3
"Such a Guide? No guide...
Subdued and instructed at...... 878
Such is pleasure's transient..
Such blessings from Thy.
Such was the lot. He freely..
Such is the Christian's parting.. 420
Sure as Thy truth shall last.... 227
Sun of my soul! Thou Saviour.. 416
Sun, moon, and stars convey............
Sure is Thy protection.......
Sure I must fight, if I would.... 178









Surely, once Thy garden...... 275
Sure never, till my latest...... 102
Sure there was ne'er a heart so 143
Sweet as home to pilgrims..... 119
Sweet, at the dawning hour.. 12
Sweet bonds that unite all the 408
Sweet drops of grace, the...... 251
Sweet fields, beyond the...
Sweet hour! for heavenly..
Sweet in the confidence of...... 252
Sweet is the dawn of day..
Sweet is the day of sacred rest
Sweet is the early dew.
Sweet is the light of Sabbath...
Sweet is the vision of Thy face 133
Sweet majesty and awful love.. 412
Sweet mercy to my soul....... 259
Sweet on His faithfulness to... 252
Sweet, on this day of rest. 12
Sweet rose! in air whose odors 102
Sweet soul, we leave thee to.... 393
Sweet spring! of days and..... 12
Sweet the day of sacred rest..... 15
Sweet to look inward, and.......... 252
Swift as an eagle cuts the air.... 165
Swift to its close ebbs out life's 215
Swiftly roll, ye lingering hours.. 881
Swift through the vast......... 68






Take down thy long-neglected 239
Take heart-the waster builds 414
Take His easy yoke, and wear it 119
Take the rest this day is...... 17
Take to Thee Thy royal power 385
Tarry with me, O my Saviour 480
Teach all the nations My...... 805
Teach me some melodious.... 204
Teach me to live, that I may.. 416
Teach us, in every state...... 260
Teach us, O Lord, how frail is 86
Teach us, O Lord, to keep in... 833
Teach us that not a leaf can.... 43
Teach us to knock at heaven's.. 416
Tell how He shows His smiling
Tell of His wondrous.....
Tell them, I AM, Jehovah said 23
Tempest-tost, my failing bark 266
Temptations fled at His rebuke 241
Tempted souls, they bring you 115
Tendrer is the form it wears.. 201
Ten thousand offices unseen.. 298
Ten thousand thousand precious 54
Ten thousand thousand voices 10
Ten thousand worlds, ten.... 189
Thanks for mercies past receive, 146
Thanks to my God for every.. 183
Thanks we give, and adoration 17
That awful Word, that sovereign 63
That deeper shade shall break.. 419
That every human word and.. 43
That glory sits on every face.. 893
That, having all things done.. 192
That light shall shine on distant 803
That long as life itself shall last 139
That man may last, but never 333
That man shall flourish like the 55
That Power, which raised, and 256
That prize with peerless glories 178
That sacred stream, Thine holy 52
That Upper Room is heaven on 93
That voice's echo hath not died 420
That warning voice, O sinner.. 148
That was a most amazing... 422
That when my days are past.. 428
The Almighty thunders from.. 329
The angel host appears.
The angelic hosts descend.. 70
The angels come at dawn..... 123
The answering bills of Palestine







The apostles' glorious company 46
The arms of everlasting love.. 174
The arms of wicked men...... 326
The beams of noon, the
The beans that shine on Zion's 289
The bending angels stooped to
The billows breaking o'er us.. 272
The birds that wake the morn'g 435
The blossom blushed bright, but 378
The bounties of Thy love..... 197
The breezes waft their cries.. 226
The brightest things below the 254
The calm retreat, the silent.. 220
The changing wind, the flying 426
The cheerful tribute will I give 157
The cherub, near the viewless 393
The children, like the lily.... 353
The Christian's years, though 352
The city of my blest abode.... 174
The city so holy and clean.... 888
The clouds disperse, the light.. 248
The clouds shot hail, they..
.... 154
The consecrated cross Ill bear 244
The cross hath power to save.. 83
The cross-the cross alone.... 83
The crowd of cares, the..... 189
The crown that my Saviour.. 205
The day glides swiftly o'er their 156
The day of bright glory is....
The day of sinall and feeble.
The days of old, in vision..
The dazzling sun at noonday.. 29
The dead in Christ shall first.. 842
The dearest idol I have known 220
The depths of earth are in His
The dew lies thick on all the.. 247
The dust returns to dust again 101
The dying thief rejoiced to see 181
The earth and all the works.. 343
The earth doth mourn her.... 841
The earth shall soon dissolve.. 150
The earth,the ocean and the sky 225
Thee in these works of power.. 32
Thee, in the watches of the.... 240
Thee my ransomed powers...
Thee, the first-born sons of light
The evening rests our weary.. 422
The evening star has lighted.. 434
Thee, while dust and ashes.... 88
Thee will I love, my joy, my.. 137
Thee will I praise, O Lord, my 335
The Father heard; and angels, 181
The Father of eternal light.... 400
The Father, shining on is.... 877
The feartul soul that tires.... 100
The fires that rushed on Sinai.. 93
The first-fruits oft a blessing..
The floods, O Lord, lift up their
The flowers of spring may. 435
The flowers that spring along.. 401
The fondness of a creature's love 254
The footsteps of Thy flock I see 158
The forests in His strength.... 30
The friends, gone there before 435
The friends of truth assembled 32
The fury of conflicting waves.. 354
The gladness of that happy day 161
The glorious orb, whose golden 13
The glory! the glory! around 121
The God of glory down to men 396
The gospel trumpet hear...... 116
The grave is near the cradle.. 130
The graves of all His saints He 350
The great, mysterious Deity.. 877
The greedy sea shall yield her 343
The guiltless shame, the sweet 183
The hand that gave it still.... 21
The happy gates of gospel-grace 191
The healing sense of pardoned 290
The hearing ear, the watchful 221







The heathen lands that lie.... 804
The heavenly Babe you there.
The heavens His rightful power 177
The highest place that heaven 86
The hill of Zion yields....... 199
The holy church throughout the 46
The holy triumphs of my soul 184
The hopes that holy word
The hope that such a day will 286
The hosts of God encamp.... 179
The hosts of saints around Him 406
The bour of triumph comes.... 807
The hours of pain have yielded 249
The house of mourning He.... 251
The huge, celestial bodies roll.. 391
The incense of the spring.. 69
Their fancied joys-how fast.. 101
Their Father marks their..... 854
Their feet shall never slide to.. 219
Their barmony shall sound........
Their hatred, and their love.. 100
Their peace is sealed, their rest 251
Their streaming eyes together 216
Their toils are past, their work 355
Their worship no interval.... 205
The joy of all who dwell above 86
The joy, the shout, the harmony 294
The judgment! the judgment! 121
The King himself comes near.. 12
The king of terrors then would 180
The Lamb shall lead His..... 899
The landscape, lately shrouded 20
The lark mounts up the sky.. 31
The laurel withers on our brow 844
The light my path surrounding 45
The light of love is round His 237
The light of smiles shall fill.. 2-6
The light of truth to us display 59
The light, the dark, where'er I 53
The lilies bend meekly.

The limpid stream with sudden 23
The little cloud increases still.. 224
The living know that they must 100
The lofty hills and towers..... 193
The Lord can clear the darkest 175
The Lord has promised good.. 15C
The Lord hath eyes to give the 329
The Lord in heaven hath fixed 828
The Lord is God; 't is He alone 86
The Lord is good, the Lord is.. 86
The Lord is great; His majesty 49
The Lord is great; His mercy 49
The Lord is King! child of the 45
The Lord is risen indeed.........
The Lord of glory builds His..
The Lord proclaims His power 44
The Lord sits sovereign on the 44
The Lord's unsparing hand.... 281
The Lord will come-a dreadful 342
The Lord will come, but not the 842
The Lord will raise Jerusa em 57
The Lord yields nothing to our 807
The madinan in a tomb had.. 140
The majesty of God ne'er broke 157
The man, the wisest of our kind 349
The meanest child of glory.... 406
The men of grace have found.. 199
The men that know Thy name 324
The midsummer sun shines but 359
The mighty God, whose..... 165
The moment we believe, tis.. 203
The more I strove against their 172
The more Thy glories strike my 390
The morning star is lost in light 159
The morn with glory crowned 489
The mountain and the vale.... 263
The mountains in their places 297
The mountains melt away.... 51
Then Afric's liberated sons.... 808
Then all the chosen seed...... 199



Then, all the day long..
Then all the earth, renewed..
The names of all His saints He 87
The nations all whom Thou hast 335
Then at Thy feet, with awful.. 890
Then back to heaven they fly.. 82
Then, brother man, fold to thy 323
Then cease, fond nature, cease 354
Thence He arose, ascending.. 350
Then, Christian, dry the falling 255
Then, come back, my darling.. 357
Then, come, in robes of light.. 436
Then, e'en in age and grief.
Then fling it, unrestrained and 417
Then, fly, my song, an endless..
Then from the craggy mountains 317
Then gentle patience smiles on 345
Then gladly will I follow Thee 145
Then hail, blessed state! hail.. 409
The night of woe resigns....
Then, in a moment, to my view 169
Then in a nobler, sweeter song 181
Then I shall end my sad.
Then I, within Thy sacred.... 253
.... 249
Then keep ine, Lord
Then let me mount and soar.. 172
Then let my soul march boldly 165
Then let our humble faith....
Then let our songs abound.... 199
Then let our sorrows cease to.. 855
Then let the last loud trumpet 35
Then let the noisy world pursue 213
Then let the price be what it.. 136
Then let the thundering..
Then, let Thine image on this.. 843
Then let us adore, and give Him 48
Then let us earnest be..
Then let us form those bonds.. 390
Then let us make our boast...
Then let us, 'midst pleasure and 3-7
Then, like the morning ray.. 822
Then loud shall ascend from.. 323
Then love's soft dew o'er every 313
Then, man, be wise; thy
Then mighty God, I'd sing and 166
Then, mortal, turn! thy danger 351
Then mourn we not, beloved.. 341
Then, my soul, in every strait 219
The noble and victorious host 162
Then One, amid their thick....
Then peace returns with balmy 805
Then raise the song of gladness 95
Then right shall over might.... 307
Then save me from eternal...
Then, Saviour, then my soul.. 125
Then shall a shout of joy go up 330
Then shall blaze earth's funeral 407
Then shall I see, and hear, and.
Then shall I upward fly.
Then shall my cheerful spirit.. 145
Then shall new luster break... 428
Then, shall on faith's sublimest 184
Then shall our hearts....
Then shall the Lord a refuge..
Then shall the mourner at Thy 140
Then shall the trembling...
Then shone Almighty power...
Then should the earth's old...
Then should we see the saints. 350
Then sorrow touched by Thee. 215
Then swift and dreadful she... 107
Then take your golden lyres... 92
Then the great, the rich, the... 111
Then, then I feel that He..
Then they might fight, and rage 156
Then they who live shall...
Then, though conscious we are. 430
Then, though it be in accents.. 221
Then to his portals press......
Then to the Lord I cried....... 259







Then, to thy courts when I....
Then weep no more-their..... 843
Then, trembling through the... 419
Then what my thoughts design 100
Then whene'er the signal's....
Then when I knelt to meditate
Then, while a voice of pardon. 145
Then who would choose to.... 225
Then, why, O blessed Jesus... 139
Then why should I so long.... 445
Then will He own my.
Then will I tell to sinners.....
The oak strikes deeper as it.. 249
Then with my waking thoughts 253
The o'erwhelming power...........
The ocean that in mountains.. 23
The opening heavens around.. 1SS
The orb of light thro' clouds... 255
The pains of death are past..
The parent finds the long lost. 851
The pains, the groans, and............
The peaceful gates of heavenly 177
The pity of the Lord...
The perfect way is hard to flesh 189
The powers of darkness leagued
The poor in spirit thou hast fed
The powers of hell agree.
The prophet of the cross may..
The present moment flies.....
The rapture, mighty,.
There all the followers of the.. 394
There all the heavenly hosts.. 890
There all the millions of His.. 400
There are mansions exempted. 378
There all the ship's company.. 359
There are no acts of pardon... 100
There endless crowds of sinners 107
There behold the day-spring.. 309
There faith lifts up her cheerful 248
There everlasting spring abides 400
Therefore I murmur not...... 2-3
There for ne the Saviour stands 111
There fragrant flowers.....
There happier bowers than...
There from the bosom of my.. 161
There interceding, there..
There His triumphal chariot.. 84
There if thy Spirit touch the.. 220
There is a dark and fearful vale 246
There is a death whose pang.
There is a day of sunny rest... 256
There is a gulf that must be... 246
There is a home for weary.
There is a scene where spirits. 234
There is a place where Jesus.. 234
There is a soft, a downy bed.. 243
There is a stream whose gentle 52
There is a world above.
There is my house and portion. 377
There let the way appear..... 253
There joys unseen by mortal.. 184
There, like the nightingale, she 220
There, low before his glorious.. 394
There no sigh of memory.
There, no more at eve declining $S3
There, on a high, majestic..
There, on a green and flowery. 257
There our exalted Saviour..
There on His holy hill...
The reproach of Christ is.
There's a delightful clearness...
There, safe thou shalt abide.... 260
There, seated in Thy majesty.. 81
There shall I offer my requests. 289
There shall I bathe my weary.. 251
There shall no doubts disturb. 239
There shali I wear a starry.... 165
There shall our raptured tongue 195
There shed Thy choicest love.. 191
There shall the conqueror rest. 192





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There's nothing bright, above.. 234
There's not a sin that we......
There's not a plant or flower..
There's nothing dark, below...
There's room in God's eternal. 105
There's room in heaven among 103
There's room around thy...
There's room within the church 103
There's the city to which I.... 404
There sweeps no desolating.
There the blessed man, my.
There, there, on eagle wings, we 234
There the glory is ever shining 404
There the glorious triumph...
There, too, may we our..
There we shall reign, and shout 876
There, when the turmoil is no.. 318
There we shall in full chorus.. 301
There, with eternal glory.
There, where my blessed Jesus 184
There, with saints and angels.. 413
There, where ten thousand.... 423
There, with united heart and.. 103
The rising God forsakes the... 74
There, ye that love my Saviour. 401
The righteous Lord loves... 328
The rolling ocean's vast abyss.. 44
The rocks can rend; the earth. 166
The saints of God, from death. 850
The rolling sun, the changing.
The saints on earth and all the. 223
The saints I heard with rapture 148
The saints shall flourish in His. 304
The Saviour smiles upon my.
The saints shall mount on..... 253
The scourge, the thorns, the... 76
These are the living lights..... 818
The sea beheld, and struck.... 47
These ashes, too, this little dust 845
These are the sweet and.....
The seas shall waste, the skies. 320
The seeds of ecstasy unknown. 237
The seeing eye, the feeling....
The seeds of joy and glory.. 177
These speak of Thee with loud 82
These inward trials I employ.. 135
These through fiery trials trod. 402
These lively hopes we owe...
These were but seasons....... 215
The sharper and severer..
The shepherds on the lawn....
The shepherd, leaning o'er his 420
The silver cloud hath sailed....
The silence thronged gloriously 283
The Shepherd sought His sheep 196
The sins I fancied quell'd...... 259
The smoothest seas will..
The solemn harvest comes..... 427
The social talk, the evening fire 187
The songs of everlasting years. 54
The solemn, midnight cry..... 109
The soul, a dreary province... 13
The soul alone, like a neglected 215
The son! by faith reclined.....
The soul that on Jesus hath... 230
The soul that longs to see My.. 105
The spacious worlds of..
The sparrow for her young..
The Spirit wrought my faith.. 181
The spacious earth and..
The stars of Heaven are....
The Spirit calls to-day
The storm is laid, the winds... 55
The stormy winds are hushed.. 23
The storm that wrecks the.... 847
The sun and rain will ripen...
The streams all beautiful and.. 426
The sun went down in fearful. 78
The things unseen, O God.... 397
The tears are shed that.
... 391











The thirsty ridges drink their. 426
The thorn and the thistle..... 408
The thunder is His voice.... 432
The thunder of that dismal.... 106
The thunders of His hand. 19
The tide of creatures ebbs and. 87
The time how lovely and how.
The trivial round, the common 165
The troubled conscience knows 59
The trumpet's martial voice... 50
The trumpet sounds. Awake.. 359
The trumpet! the trumpet.... 121
The trump hall sound-the... 842
The truths ye urge are borne.. 336
The umbrageous oak in pomp. 235
The unvailed glories of His.... 899
The unwearied sun from day to 25
The vaulted heavens shall fall.. 193
The vision of the heavenly.... 899
The voice at midnight came... 359
The volume of my Father's.. 21
The voyage of life's at an end 359
The want of sight she well.... 235
The warbling notes pursue... 811
The watchinen join their voice 832
The waves obey thy dread.... 82
The way the holy prophets.. 172
The way to heaven is straight.. 124
The wise will make their anger 445 |
The weapons which your hands 836
The weary bird hath left the.. 72
The whole creation groans.... 109
The whole creation join in one 181
The widow and the fatherless.. 48
The wings of every hour shall 40
The woodland lum is ringing.. 434
The work begun is carried on.. 89
The world and Satan I forsake 145
The world beheld the glorious 175
The world can never give.... 109
The world is seldom what it.... 352
The world is tempting still my 239
The world shut out from all my 133
The worlds of nature and of.... 12
The world, the clustering...... 25
The worst of all diseases.. 150
The wounded and the weak.... 263
They are justified by grace... 265
They are lights upon the earth 265
They are slaves, who fear to.... 831
They bid us be in mirthful... 252
They come as half-forgotten.. 91
They come, on the wings of the 48
They come, they come; Thine 253
They come when we wander.. 43
They die in Jesus, and are blest 349
The year rolls round, and steals 107
They find access at every hour 191
They flourish like the morning 256
They gaze upon His beauteous 394
They go from strength to.... 19
They journey on from strength 9
They leave the dust, and on the 898
They'll waft us sooner o'er.... 361
They marked the footsteps that 899
They saw a glorious light.. 67
They saw Him on the cross.. 92
They scorn to seek our golden 156
They shall find rest who learn 98
They sing of death and hell.. 46
They sing of earth and heaven 405
They sing the Lamb of God.. 92
They sing Thy deeds, as I have 247
They spoke in tender love.... 196
They suffer with their Lord.. 86
They thronged flis chariot... .. 92
They were imortal, too, like us 403
They who die in Christ are.. 371
Thine anger, like a pointed dart 328
Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord..










Thine essence is a vast abyss.. 82
Thine, wondrous Babe of.. 304
Think how on the cross He.... 127
Think of Thy sorrows, dearest 105
Think, O Jesus, for what reason 364
This can my every care control 145
This day be grateful homage..
This day I must to God appear
This empty tomb shall now..
This freezing heart, O Lord.... 186
This glorious hope revives.
This happiness in part is mine.
This heavenly calm within the
This hour, with flowing tears.
This is my body, broke for sin
This is the field where hidden
This is the grace that lives and 183
This is the hidden life I prize.. 133
This is the judge that ends.......... 21
This is the Man, th' exalted.. 412
This is the spouse of Christ.... 286
This is the thing I crave.
This is the way I long had.... 172
This lamp through all the dreary 21
This life's a dream-an empty 160
This only can my fears control 250
This pilgrim-path by Thee was 142
This precious truth is word.. 39
This shall be known when we 57
This spotless robe the same ... 173
This spring with living water 103
This was compassion, like a 291
Thither, his raptured thought.. 349
Thither the tribes repair.. 18
Those are the hymns that we. 401
Those characters shall fair abide 87
Those gentle whispers let me.. 56
Those joys which earth cannot 216
Those mighty orbs proclaim.. 33
Those mighty periods of years 256
Those trees each month yield.. 895
Those wandering cisterns in the 426
Thou aged man, life's wintry 126
Thou art a God before whose.. 6
Thou art gone to the grave! and 379
Thou art gone to the grave! but 879
Thou art gone to the grave! we 879
Thou art my everlasting trust 182
Thou art my Pilot-wise. 211
Thou art resting now, like.... 854
Thou art the earnest of His love 55
Thou art the sea of love.
Thon callest me to seek Thy.. 153
Thou didst the meek example.. 137
Thou dost conduct Thy people 287
Though as yet no losses grieve 374
Though buried deep, or thinly S
Though dead, they speak in.. 178
Though destruction walk around 430
Though distresses now attend 279
Though earth may boast one.. 346
Though earth-born shadows.. 245
Thongh faith and hope may oft 241
Though fields, in verdure once 38
Though for a time I hid My face 239
Though from the fold the flock 89
Though furiously their heads.. 253
Though high above all praise. 31
Though his eye hath brightened 365
Though His majesty be great. 127
Though I have most unfaithful 184
Though in a bare and rugged.... 24
Though in the paths of death I 24
Though in a foreign land...... 194
Though in the dust I lay my 85
Though, like the wanderer. 283
Though long of winds and.. 347
Though now ascended up on.. 85
Though on foreign shore we 228
Though raised to a superior..







Though rocks and quicksands. 211
Though rough and thorny be.. 236
Though saints to sore distress.. 824
Though seed lie buried long in 175
Though Sinai's curse, in.. 169
Though sin defile our worship 161
Though tears may dim my...
Though tempest-tossed, and half 29
Though ten thousand ills beset 279
Though the night be dark and 430
Though the root thereof wax old 857
Though unworthy, Lord, Thine SS
Though waves and storms go 171
Though we are guilty. Thou art
Though we here should meet no 265
Though your heart be made of 127
Thou givest me the lot. 259
Thou giv'st the word; Thy....... 256
Thou good, and wise, and... 805
Thou hast been called when by 120
Thou hast been called when o'er 120
Thou hast helped in every need 264
Thou hast redeemed our souls 182
Thou hast turned my mourning 254
Thou heard'st, well pleased, the 303
Thou heaven of heavens, His.. 23
Thou high and holy One.............
Thou in that sign the rebel.... 165
Thou in toil art comfort sweet 264
Thon knowest I love Thee.... 188
Thou know'st in the spirit of.. 856
Thou know'st the way to bring 186
Thou layest them, with all.... 256
Thou lovely Chief of all my joys 106
Thou loving, all-stoning Lamb 136
Thou moon that rul'st the night 436
Thou my Deliv`rer art, my God 43
Thou, O Christ, art all I want.. 261
Thou, of heaven and earth.... 275
Thou on the Lord rely.
Thou restless globe of golden....
Thou, Saviour, only Thon.... 259
Thou seest my heart's desire.. 259
Thou shalt see My glory soon.. 268
Thou spread'st the curtains of. 418
Thou that hast slept in error's 102
Thou that to will in me hast.. 7
Thou, through the starry orbs.. 81
Thou, tossed upon the waves.. 3
Thou, to whom all power is.. 315
Thou traveller in this vale of.. 847
Thou treadest on enchanted.. 167
Thou, who alone, when man.. 844
Thou who art mourning o'er.. 3
Thou who hast dear ones far.. 3
Thou who hast laid within the 3
Thou, who hast our plans..... 385
Thou, who homeless and.........
Thou, whose benignant eye.... 13
Thou, whose favors without
Thou wilt not break a bruised.
Thou wilt not break the bruised 838
Thon wilt not, Lord, our smiles 167
Thou wilt! Thou dost!-a still 142
Thou wondrous Advocate with 144
Thrice happy morn for those.. 359
Thro' all my weak and fainting 145
Throned on a cloud our God.. 106
Through all eternity to Thee.. 54
Through all His works what. 53
Through all my pilgrimage..
Through all the dangers of the 425
Through all the storms that.... 13
Through all the windings of my 845
Through changes bright or....
Through David's city I am led 66
Through duty and through.... 179
Through each perplexing path 218
Through every period of my.. 64
Through floods and flames if.. 179


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