Imatges de pàgina




How straight the path appears. 193
How strong Thou art!
How such holy memories.
We... 159
How sure established is Thy... 87
How sweet the tear of.....
How sweet, through long..
How sweet to look, in.
How sweet was that moment..
How sweet will be the..
How swift to save me didst...
How tranquil now the rising..
How vain the delusion, that...
How we deserve the deepest.. 15
How will my heart endure.... 360
How will my lips rejoice to tell 152
How will our joy and wonder. 898
Ho! ye that pant for living.... 191
Huge troubles, with....
Humble as a little child..
Hunger, thirst, disease...




I am weary of the trifles....
I ask a foretaste of the peace..
I ask them whence their.

I bent before Thy gracious...

I beseech Thee, prostrate....



I call to recollection...


I can but perish if I go..
I can not feel Thee touch my.. 157
I can not live contented here.. 161
I cast my burdens on the Lord 249
I come, I wait, I hear, I pray..
I come, Thy servant, Lord.... 877
I come to join that countless.. 132
I could give thee thousand.. 411


I delivered thee when bound 263
"I die for thee," He said....... 123
I dreamed of bliss in pleasure's. 155
I dreamed of celestial rewards. 873
I dream of that fair land, O.... 422
I'd sing the characters He...
I'd sing the precious blood He. 262
I'd tell Him how my sins arise 139
If aught should tempt my soul 212
If bright the world where Thou 355
If burning beams of noon..
If distress befall thee..



If done beneath Thy laws.

I feel a strong, immortal hope.
I feel throughout my evil day.
If e'er I go astray.



If e'er I heedless stray.

If, for Thy sake, upon my.
If God hath made this world so
If government be all destroyed 823
If He afflicts His saints so far.. 329
If He withdraws a moment's.. 163
If I, a wretch, should leave....
I find Thee in the noon of night 21
If in my Father's love..
If in this darksome wild I stray 157
If I to mention Thee forbear.. 239
If life be not in length of days. 346
If love, that mildest flame, can. 139
If my immortal Saviour lives.. 167
If night's blue curtain of the..
If o'er my sins I think to draw 57
If sang the morning stars for.. 806
If Satan tempt our hearts to... 243
If such the sweetness of the... 252
If tears of sorrow would suffice 105
If there's a fervor in my soul.. 159
If this drear change be Thine.. 186
If Thou art my shield and my. 205
If Thou hadst bid Thy.. 23

If Thou should'st take them all 253
If vapors with malignant breath 53
If winged with beams of......
If ye have wept at yonder cross
I had no power to ask His..... 169



... 253


I hate to hear a wanton song.. 444
I have long withstood His grace 111
I have no cares, O blessed Will 247
I have no arguiment beside.... 221
I have no skill the snare to shun 159
have seen the flowers wither. 276
425 I have sinned, but Oh, restore. 209
71 I hear at morn and even..... 361





I hear, but seem to hear in vain 143
I heard His people shout....
I hear the bee humming..
I heard the law its thunders... 143
I hear Thee in the stormy wind
I hear the voice-" Ye dead...
I hear the invitation.....
I hopea that in some favored..
I implored Thy succor...
I know Thee, Saviour, who.... 170
I know the soul that trusts in. 246
I know Thou wilt not slight... 415
I laid me down and slept-I... 211
I languish and sigh to be there 833
I lay my body down to sleep.. 418
7 I lay my garments by... 423






I'll cast myself before His feet. 240
I'll go to Jesus, though my sin 133
I'll make your great...
I'll seek, by day, some glade.. 284
I'll sing Thy majesty and grace 324
I'll shout aloud, Yo thunders 851
I'll speak the honors of Thy... 190
Ill, that God blesses, is our.... 247
I love, by faith, to take a view. 424
long, dearest Lord, in Thy... 403
I love her gates, I love the road
I love Thy church, O God.......
I love, in solitude, to shed..... 424
I love to meet Thy people now 125
I love to think on mercies past 424
I may not to Thy courts...
Immortal glories crown His... 894
Immortal light, and joys...
Immortal glory forms Iis..........
Immortal wonders! boundless. 413
Immovably founded in grace.. 8SS
I'm now on my journey to....
Impart the faith that soars on.. 397
Impossible!-for Thine own... 161
In all our Maker's grand....
In all my ways Thy hand I own 159
In all their erring, sinful years.
In all the times of my distress.
In autumn, a rich feast..
In books, or work, or healthful 445
Increase my faith-increase my 179
In condescending love................
In darkest shades if He appear. 183
In darkest skies, though storms 246
I need not tell Thee who I am. 170
In each event of life, how clear 218
In every dark, distressful hour 164
I need Thy presence every.... 215
In every joy that crowns my.. 218
In every pang that rends the..
Infinite joy, or endless woe.... 107
In foreign realms, and lands...
In God my strength, howe'er..
In Gilead there is balm....
In golden armor blazing...
In golden pomp, when autumn 235
In golden splendor dawning... 434
In heaven, and earth, and air.. £87
In heaven the rapturous song..
In His own words we Christ... 293
In holy duties let the day.....
In honor to His name...
In holy words which can not.. 420
In hope of that ecstatic pause.
In Israel stood His ancient..
In hope of that immortal..
In Jesus is our store...


















In life, Thy promises of aid.... 164
In me the hinderance lies..
In midst of dangers, fears, and. 55
In me, Lord, Thyself reveal.......
In my distress I called my God 241
In ocean caves still safe with.. 415
In one fraternal bond of love.. 225
In our sickness and our health 219
In one vast symphony of... 3:3
In prison I saw Him next..... 169
In prayer, my soul drew near. 140
In riches when I sought for joy 155
In robes of judgment, lo! He.. 41
In reason's ear they all rejoice. 25
In secret foldings they contain. 237
In scenes exalted or depressed. 16-1
In shining white they stand...
In shame and anguish once He 85
In sight of all my foes..
Instead of this He bade me feel 185
Instead of wine and cheerful.. 217
In such society as this..



In suff'ring be Thy love my... 171
In that beautiful place he is... 412
In sunder break each warlike.. 893
In that lone land of deep....
In the cold prison of the tomb.
In the ark the weary dove....
In Thee I place my trust...... 26)
In the cross of Christ I glory.. 275
In the deserts let me labor..... $18
In the furnace God may prove. 11
In the leafy tree-tops...
In the last hour of deep distress 8)
In them Thou may'st be..
In the midst of affliction my... 99
In the world of endless ruin... 279
In the world will foes assail me 273
In the way a thousand snares.. 220
In this divine abode...
In Thine all-gracious....

In Thy word I hear Thee saying 209
In those dark, silent realms of. 342
In Thy strength may we be.... 229
In Thy fair book of life and....
In vain on earth we hope to... 101
In vain I task my aching brain 839
In vain the bright, the burning 155
In vain the noisy crowd..


In vain thou strugglest to get.. 17)
In vain the tempter's flattering 166
In vain we tune our formal.... 13
In weakness, help us to...
In want, my plentiful supply.. 171
In winter, awful Thou..
In works of labor or of skill.... 415
In whom but Thee, in heaven. 240
I pay this evening sacrifice.... 425
I ran and raised the Sufferer up 169
I perish, and my doom were... 141
Is a mighty famine now.
I rest upon Thy word...
I saw, beyond the tomb..



I saw thee stray forlorn...
I saw One hanging on a trec... 103
I see, or think I see....
I saw the opening gates of hell. 241
I see no light, I hear no sound. 397
I shall His goodness see..
I shield thee from alarms..
I see the Lord of glory come... 893


I should, were He always thus. 389
I sigh to think of happier days. 56
I sigh from this body of sin to. 403
I sing the wisdom that..
I sing the goodness of the Lord 34


Is not Thy chariot hastening on 824
Is not e'n death a gain to those 335
Is not Thy name melodious... 183
I spied Him where a fountain,. 169
Israel, a name divinely blest... 52


Israel, now and evermore..... 147
Israel rejoice and rest secure... 219
Israel's strength and consolation 209
Is that He who died on Calvary 97
Is the dream of nature flown.. 431
Is there a thing beneath the... 137
Is there no guide to show that. 130
Is there no kind, no healing art 345
Is this the Man of sorrows..... 46
I strive to mount Thy holy hill 247
Is true freedom but to break... 831
It died ere its expanding soul.. 840
It hallows every cross.
I thank Thee, God's beloved... 168
I thought that the course of the 379
"It is finished!" Oh what... 97
It is; it is; and I adore.......... 66
It is not for thee to be seeking. 408
It is that heaven-born faith.... 253
It is the Lord-my covenant.. 249
It is the Lord who gives mo.. 219
It makes the wounded spirit.. 191
I told Him all my silent grief.. 172
I, too, at the season ordained.. 205
It passed not, through the..... 78
Its dewy morn, its glowing....
It seems as if the Christian's...
Its pleasures now no longer... 189
Its skies are not like earthly... 394
It sweetly cheers our fainting.. 21
It tells me of a place of rest.... 236
It was heaven below..
It was my guide, my light, my 168
It was the good Physician now 266
It was the sight of Thy dear.... 167
I've not a secret care or pain.. 246
I've seen Thy glory and Thy..
I want a godly fear.



I want a sober mind..


I want a true regard..
I want that grace that springs. 167
I want to put on my attire.... 87
was blind-Thy healing ray.. 855
I was not born as thousands... 444
I was not born without a home 444
I was not born a little slave... 441
I was not ever thus, nor.. 250
I welcome all Thy sovereign... 143
I will forgive them....
I will not fear, though armed.. 241
I wish that His hands had been 442
I wooed ambition, climbed the 155
I would begin the music here. 401
I would, but Thou must give.. 135
I would for ever speak His.... 133
I would not ask to climb the.. 166
I would not breathe for worldly 173
I would not live alway; no.... 873
I would submit to all Thy will. 255
I would trust in Thy protecting 273
I yield my powers to Thy..... 418

Jehovah is God, and Jehovah.. 20
Jehovah's awful voice is heard. 185
Jehovah s charioteers surround 298
Jehovah-t is a glorious word. 40
Jerusalem! my glorious home. 396
Jerusalem! thy banished ones. 252
Jesus, and when shall that dear 401
Jesus can make a dying bed... 343
Jesus, for this to Thee I cry... 15s
Jesus-full of truth and love... 113
Jesus, hail! enthroned in glory 97
Jesus, hail! whose glory.. 96
Jesus, hear our humble prayer 229
Jesus is from the proud... 235
Jesus is worthy to receive... 151
Jesus, I throw my arms around 106
Jesus lives, and by His grace.. 200
Jesus lives, and death is now.. 200


Jesus lives, and God extends.. 200
Jesus lives, and I am sure.... 200
Jesus lives and reigns supreme 200
Jesus lives! henceforth is death 871
Jesus lives! I know full well.. 871
Jesus lives! to Him the throne 371
Jesus, my all in all Thou art... 171
Jesus, my constant friend Thou 355
Jesus, my God, but rather..... 163
Jesus, my God!-I know His.. 177
Jesus, my God, Thy blood alone 155
Jesus, my hope, my rock, my.. 132
Jesus! my Shepherd, Guardian 191
Jesus my Shepherd is.. 196
Jesus, once numbered with the 85
Jesus, our God, ascends on.... 86
Jesus, our great High Priest... 116
Jesus, our great High Priest...
Jesus, our living Head.......
Jesus, our Lord, descend..
Jesus, our Priest, for ever lives
Jesus, our shadowy path illume 251
Jesus shall ever reign..
Jesus smiles, and says-"Well. 362
Jesus sought me when a...... 204
Jesus! Thee our Saviour...... 209
Jesus, the hinderance show.... 152
Jesus, the Lord, their harps... 401
Jesus the Lord will hear.... 226
Jesus! the name that calmns our 177
Jesus-the name to sinners.... 153
Jesus! Thou art all compassion 203
Jesus, Thou everlasting King.. 161
Jesus, Thou Friend divine.... 227
Jesus! Thy feast we celebrate. 77
Jesus, to Thee I fly..






Jesus, to Thy dear faithful hand 107
Jesus, to whom I fly.
Jesus! we come at Thy...
Jesus, who reigns above the... 445
Join, all ye ransomed race..... 60
Joined in one Spirit to our.... 224
Join we then with one accord.. 862
Joy e'en here-a budding flower 201
Joyful, all ye nations! rise..... 62
Joyful crowds, His throne. 894
Joy of the desolate, light of the 269
Joy to the world-the Saviour. 68
Judge not the Lord by feeble.. 57
Just as I am-and waiting not. 182
Just as I am-poor, wretched.. 132
Just as I am-though tossed... 132
Just as I am-Thou wilt................... 132
Just as I am-Thy love.......... 132
Just such a pilgrimage is life.. 352
Just such as I, this earth IIe... 243


Keep no longer at a distance... 275
Keep Thou our souls from..... 416
Kindled His relentings are..... 111
Kindle our senses from above.. 58
Kingdoms wide that sit in..... 315
King of glory, reign for ever... 96
Kings for harps their crowns.. 403
Knowing as I am known...... 195
Knowledge, alas, 't is all in vain 183
Known to all to be Thy.... 208

Labor! wait! though mid eight 339
Lame as I am, I take the prey. 170
Laws, freedom, truth, and faith 803
Lead me, O Spirit, to the Son.. 137
Lead on, dear Shepherd!-led. 190
Lead us to God, our final rest.. 59
Lead us to holiness, the road... 59
Leave, Lord, Thy vigil there... 226
Leave no unguarded place..... 192
Lest when thy struggling soul. 120
Let air, and earth, and skies... 415





Let all combined, with one.... 806
Let all that dwell above the... 181
Let all your lamps be bright... 195
Let all your secret passions....
Let cares like a wild deluge
Let clouds, and winds, and....
Let day and dusky night...
Let distant times and nations..
Let each unholy passion cease.
Let earth's alluring joys....
Let elders worship at His feet.. 182
Let everlasting thanks be Thine 21
Let every act of worship be... 161
Let every creature join... 50
Let every creature rise and.... 163
Let every creature sing..













Let every kindred, every tribe. 174
Let every step, let every.
Let fall Thy rod of terror....
Let floods and nation's rage....
Let goodness and mercy, my..
Let him that heareth say.
Let Israel home returning..
Let Israel to the Prince of..... 69
Let Kedar's wilderness afar...
Let love and truth alone.
Let man conform his mind..
Let me go; I may not tarry..
Let me mingle tears with thee. 75
Let me never be forgetful..... 443
Let me to some wild desert
go. 249
Let me to Thee, in all my. 139
Let mountains from their seats 52
Let music swell the breeze.... 818
Let noise and flame confound. 42
Let no sense of guilt prevent.. 118
Let not, amid our hours of.... 422
Let not conscience make you.. 118
Let not death alarin thee.
Let not Thy face be hid from.. 54
Let others stretch their arms.. 185
Let our sins be all forgiven.... 448
Let past ingratitude..





Let princes hear, let angels....
Let rivers of salvation..
Let the dumb world its silence 76
Let the earth totter on her.... 351
Let them adore the Lord..
Let them His great name
Let these earthly Sabbaths..
Let the sweet hope that Thou.. 250
Let the world despise and..... 274
Let this blest hope mine... 418
Let those refuse to sing..
Let those that sow in sadness.. 175
Let Thy blood, by faith.. 149
Let us altogether rise.
Let us be simple with Him.... 837
Let us devote this consecrated 421
Let us for each other care..... 228
Let us still this love be..
Let us take up the cross.
Let us, then, be up and doing.. 272
Let us, then, with angels sing.. 62
Let us, then, with joy remove. 223
Let us Thy dear example, Lord 251
Life, death, and hell, and...... 83
Life is real, life is earnest. 272
Life, like a fountain, rich and.. 58
Life's brightest joys we may... 244
Life's labor done, as sinks the.. 347
Lite will have its evil years.... 440
Lift up thy voice to heaven.. 20
Lift up your eyes, ye sons of...
Light and peace at once.. 874
Light immortal! Light divine. 264
Light of them that sit in....... 815
Light on thy hills, Jerusalem.. 69
Like airy bubbles, lo! we rise.. 849
Like arrows went those... 93
Like flames of fire His..... 45








Like floods the angry nations.. 37
Like Him, now in my youth.. 285
Like Him, through scenes of... 887
Like Him whose fetters dropp'd 23
Like that sweet rain on Judah's 830
Like the rough sea that can... 105
Linger not in all the plain....
Linger not, the stream is...... 3S1
... 117
Ling ring about these mortal.. 107
Lion of Judah-Hail!.......
Listen, Christian, their..
Little, then, myself I knew.
Lives of true men all remind.. 272
Living in the silent hours..... 430
Living stars to view be........431
Lo! every kindred, tongue.... 306
Lo! glad I come, and Thou...
Lo, God is here! Him, day and 45
Lo! He comes-He heeds my. 267
Lo, he receives a sealed book.. 231
Lo! He rises, mighty King!...
Lo, He slumbers in His manger 441
Lo! His triumphal chariot....
Lo! in the desert rich flowers.. 810
Lo, in these latter days, our... 830
Lo! it comes, that day of...... 383
Lo! it dawns, the Sabbath...
Lo, Jehovah, we adore Thee... 209
Lo! Jesus, who invites......
Lone are the paths, and sad the 354
Lonely, I no longer roam...... 266
Long hadst Thou reigned ere..
Long has Thy favor crowned.. 427
Long have we roamed in want.
Long, too long have we been.. 827
Lo! o'er ancient forms....
Look from the tower of heaven 421
Look! how we grovel here.... 153
Loose all your bars of massy.. 8
Loose me from the chains of.. 62
Lord, at Thy foot ashamed I lie 441
Lord! at Thy threshhold I....
Lord, bring these precious....
Lord, from Thine inmost glory 293
Lord God of truth and grace... 109
Lord, grant me grace for every 245
Lord! how Thy wonders are..
Lord, I address Thy heavenly.. 191
Lord, I adore Thy matchless.. 161
Lord! I am guilty-I am vile.. 144
Lord, I come to Thee for rest. 219
Lord, I desire with Thee to live 184
Lord! I obey, my hopes...... 239
Lord! if Thine arm support us 157
Lord! I my vows to Thee..... 419
Lord! in ceaseless.....
Lord! it is my chief complaint. 268
Lord Jesus, come! for hosts... 322
Lord Jesus, come! the slave.. 322
Lord Jesus, take my spirit.... 277
Lord, keep me safe this night.. 428
Lord, let my soul forever..... 416
Lord! let not all my hopes be. 100
Lord, make these faithless..... 181
Lord, may I ever keep in view 178
Lord! not in sepulchers alone. 134
Lord, not in sorrow's hour....
Lord, not my will, but Thine.. 245
Lord of earth and heaven! my. 385
Lord of earth! its mournful... 813
Lord of every tribe and nation 813
Lord of Heaven! beyond our.. 385
Lord of the nations! thus to... 832
Lord of the patriarchs gone... 187
Lord! on Thy cross I fix mine 76
Lord, prepare us by Thy grace. 111
Lord, remove this grievous.... 204
Lord! rise in Thine
Lord, send a beam of light..... 18
Lord! send the gracious tidings 63
Lord! shall the breathings of.. 145





'Mid burning climes and frozen 802
Midst keen reproach, and cruel 80
Mid the chorus of the skies... 363
'Mid the sheep a place decide.. 864
Mighty Spirit, ever nigh
Millions of pilgrims throng.
Mild it shines on all beneath... 309
Mild He lays His glory by
Millions of years my wondering 184
Millions of sinners, vile as you. 103
Mine the God whom you adore 266
Mindful of Thy chosen race...
Mix'd with those beyond the..
"Mine is an unchanging love.. 269
Money was not what he.
Mold its green cup, its wiry... 417
More and more it spreads and. 308
More tranquil than the stilly.. 414
More glorious still as centuries 22
Mourn for the lost-but call.... 332
Mortal, what has life for thee.. 431
Mourn for the ruined soul..
Mourn for the lost-but pray..
Mourning souls dry up your... 206
Much of my time has run to... 418
Mourn for the tarnished gem.. 382
My best desires are faint and.. 143
Must I be carried to the skies.. 178
My cheerful hope can never... 257
My choir shall be the moonlit. 234
My bosom burns with shame.. 259
My crimes are great, but don't. 184
My fainting flesh had died with 54
My eyes are weary looking at. 215
My days unclouded as they.... 418
My Father, God, and may these 188
My Father O permit my..... 255
My feet shall never slide...... 436
My faith would lay her hand.. 198
My feet shall travel all the..... 182
My flesh shall slumber in the.. 160
My friendship's utmost zeal to. 169
My flesh is hastening to decay. 240
My flesh would rest in thine...
My friends, now friends no.... 259
My friends-the whole celestial 397
My God! and can an humble.. 161.
My God! forgive my follies.... 141
My garments, travel-worn and. 215
My God, how excellent Thy... 53
My God, I thank Thee who... 444
My God, what inward....
My God, I hate to walk or..... 444
My God is reconciled.
My God, I would not long to.. 33
My gracious Master and my.... 177
My gracious God, how plain... 12
My great Protector and my.... 257
My heart and flesh cry out for.
My hands are weary, toiling on 215
My heart doth feel that still.... 804
My heart grows warm with.... 235
My heart is fixed: my song.... 44
My heart is weary of its own.. 215
My heart, O Lord, forgets to... 422
My heaven in Thee, O Father.. 821
My heart with grief is breaking 154
My heart shall triumph in my.
My heaven in Thee! O God... 321
My knowledge of that life is.... 249
My life is but a span...
My home henceforth is in the. 355
My life, my joy, my hope, I owe 190
My lifted eye, without a tear.. 218
My mind in perfect peace..
My lips with shame my sins.. 184
My prayer hath power with God 170
My native country! thee...
Myriads of bright cherubic..... 293
My Saviour and Friend...
My reason tells me Thy...










My Saviour bids me come..... 152
My Saviour, every snaile of.... 184
My Saviour's face made thee to 7
My sins a heavy load appear... 141
My song for ever shall record..
My soul is desolate and drear..
My soul, attend the solemn..
My soul looks back, to see...
My soul rejoices to pursue...
My soul, repeat His praise.....
My soul shall pray for Zion.
My soul would leave this heavy
My son would rise and sing...
My suffering, slain, and risen..
My thoughts, before they are..
My tongue repeats her vows...
My wearied soul was all resign'd 248
My willing soul would stay.... 12
My yearning soul would fain.. 344















0, by the pangs Thyself hast... 169
O cease, my wand ring soul.... 260
0, cheerless were our.

O come, and with His children, 103
O come! for Thou dost know.. 239
O come, Thou Holy Spirit..... 213
O come, Thou living Saviour... 213
0 could I hear some sinner say 124
O! could we die with those.... 850
O could we learn that sacritice. 165
O, could we make our doubts. 400
O do not at a distance stand... 159
O drive these dark clouds from 389
O earth, before the Lord, the... 47
O earth! grow flowers beneath 158
O earth, so full of dreary noise. 841
O enter his gates with...
O'er all the names of Christ.... 893
O'er all the sons of human race 323
O'er all the strait and narrow.. 21
O'er all those wide extended... 412
O'ercome by dying love.. 261
O'er the blue depths of Galilee. 69
O'er the negro's night of care.. 809
O'er the toilsome way thou'st.. 854
0!evermore may all our bliss..
Of all that now may seem..... 429
Of all the pious dead..








O Father, in that hour..

Nor we alone; its wakening... 304
Nor we alone; may those whose 296
Nor will our days of toil be long 4
Nor would I drop a murmuring 253
Nor would I wait till angel-host 397
Nor wreck, nor ruin, there is.. 164
No sculptured wonders meet..
No sinful rd, nor deed of.... 423
No sin to cloud, no lure to stay 153
No sun shall smite thy head by 52
Not all that tyrants think or... 135
Not all the harps above.
Not as the conqueror comes.. 319
Not by the terrors of a slave... 191
Not enjoyment, and not sorrow 272
Notes to heaven's high mansions 15
Not half so far has nature placed 42
Not half so high His power.... 42
No, that stream has nothing... 352
Nothing hath the just to lose... 372
Nothing in my hand I bring... 110
Nothing more can we require.. 14
No! Thy dear name engraven.. 259
Not life itselt, with all its joys..
Not many years their round 351
Not more than others I deserve 445
No touching tale of anguish.... 157
Not the fair palaces.
Not the labors of my hands.... 110
Not till blest Peace shall spring 306
Not to ease and aimless quiet.. 839
Not upon us or ours the solemn 365
Not what we wish, but what we 247
Not walls, nor hills, could guard 250
Not with the hope of gaining... 139
No village bell shall toll for him 345
Now behold Him high..
83 O Father! our eye is to Thee.. 359
Now cheerful to the house of.. 91 Of His deliverance I will boast. 179
Now, despisers, look and 115 ofjoys that come no more..... 429
Now destroy the man of sin... 8-5 O for a sight, a pleasing sight... 893
Now, from His high, imperial.. 430 for a strong, a lasting faith... 45
Now God invites; how blest.. 190 O for a trumpet voice....
Now He's waiting to be gracious 119 O for grace our hearts to soften 209
Now I am Thine, for ever.... 138 O for the coming of the end.... 23.
Now I esteem their mirth and. 101 O for the day, the glorious day. 176
Now in the grave He's laid.... 123 O for the living tlaine.....
No winter there, no shales of.. 426 O for the times when on my... 186
Now let each heart and hand.. 335 O for this love let rocks and... 182
Now let me mount and join.... 401 O for thy fragrant flowers..... 405
Now let the Lord for ever..... 47 O! from the streams of distant. 806
Now let the trumpet raise 333 Orso divine a Guest..
Now let thought behold him... 365 Oft do our eyes with joy..
Now, Lord, I would be Thine. 203 Often I feel my sinful heart.... 172
Now may the King descend... 19 Oft has He called thee, but thou 120
Now rest, my long-divided....... 292 Oft has the Lord whole nations 55
Now safely moored, my perils.. 163 Oft the big, unbidden tear..... 363
Now shall my head be lifted... 299 Oft when beneath the work of.. 235
Now, sinners, dry your tears.. 199 Oft, when I seem to tread..... 241
Now the desert lands rejoice... 308 Oft when the world, with iron.
Now the feast is spread before. 129 O garden of Olivet, thou dear.. 71
Now the full glories of the Lamb 330 gentle Shepherd, still.. 283
Now the gay world with.... 189 O gladly tread the narrow path 891
Now the heavens on high adore 350 | O glorious hour! O! blest... 160
Now the storm goes wildly o'er 273 Oglory, shining far
Now they approach a spotless.. 399
Now, though He reigns exalted 291
Now thro' the charmed air, on. 367
Now to our God, the Father... 897
Now to the Lamb that once was 182
Now to the shining realms..... 161
Now to you my spirit turns 266
Now we may bow before His.. 177
Now when the evening shade.. 140
Now, ye needy, come and......... 113
Now, ye saints, His power..... 219
Now, ye saints, lift up your.... 89



O God, make bare Thine arm.. 331
O God, mine inmost soul. 125
O God of glory. God of love.... 87
O God! our help in ages past.. 56
O God Triune, to Thee we owe 59
O gracious God! in whom I live 179
O grant my soul an ear to hear 425
O grant that nothing in my soul 171
O grant us, in this solemn hour 4
Ogaard our shores from every 332
O guide me through the various 419

guide us till our night is... 423
O! guilty sinner, hear the.... 120
O! hadst thou still on earth.. 340
O happy bond that seals my... 292
O happy, happy soul!...
O happy, happy that I am..... 189

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Nations all, remote and near... 309
Naught else I feel, or hear, or 23
Near at the marriage feast shall 293
Nearer to Thee would we..... 327
Near Thee no darkness dares.. 259
No'er think the victory won... 192
New-born, I bless the waking.. 419
New mercies, each returning.. 419
Night her solemn mantle. 15
Night reigns in silence o'er the. 425
Night unto night His name.... 423
No act falls fruitless
No bleeding bird, nor bleeding. 155
No bliss I'll seek, but to fulfill. 239
No burning heats by day.. 212
No! by His early griefs and ... 835
No chilling winds, or poisonous 412
No, dearest Jesus, no; to Thee.. 367
No dimly cloud o'ershadows... 398
No earthly father loves like.... 175
No good in creatures can be.... 250
No guile within IIis mouth is... 77
No-I must maintain my hold. 264
Noiseless the sun emits his fire 425
No; is not this alone...
No lingering look, no parting.. 223
No longer bosts encountering.. 259
No longer now delay..
No more a wand'ring sheep.
No more a weeping wife to.. 333
No more fatigue, no more....
No more let sin and sorrow. 68
No more shall bold blasphemers 106
No more shall foes unclean.... 300
No more shall peevish passion. 47
No more the drops of piercing.. 400
No more the sovereign eye of..
No more the weary pilgrim....
No mortal can with Him ...
No, my soul, in God rejoice
No! place thy trust above.
No profit canst thou gain
Nor accents flow, nor words.. 221
No! rather let me freely yield. 253
Nor bounded to the earth alone 335
Nor death nor hell shall e'er... 247
Nor doth it yet appear.
Nor earth, nor all the sky..... 197
No rest in the grave.
No rest is to be found.
Nor from the seat of scornful......... 55
Nor let the good man's trust.... 256
Nor let thou life's delightful. 25
Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxious 344
Nor scorching sun, nor sickly.. 219
Nor shall the glowing flame. 216
Nor shall Thy spreading Gospel 22
Nor time, nor distance, e'er... 180 O all-sufficient Saviour! be.... 167
No rude alarms of raging foes. 2O all ye Christian heroes...... 213
Nor voice can sing, nor heart.. 142 O angel of the land of peace.... 844







O angels and archangels..
O believe the record true..... 113
O bid this trifling world retire. 2
O blessed be this darkness then. 186
O blessed is he to whom is given 307
O break, O break, hard heart of 73
O! break the fatal chain..





O happy harbor of God's saints 398
O happy scenes above the sky.. 145
O happy servant he
O happy souls! O glorious state 191
O happy souls that pray..
O haste to follow where it leads 391
O hast thou felt a Saviour's.... 176
O hear it, sinner-hear that..... 120
O! holy and sweet its rest shall 408
O holy, heavenly home..
O holy, holy, holy Lord...
O Holy Spirit from above..
O holy trust! O endless rest!...
O hope of every contrite heart.
O how altered my condition...
O how cheating, Ŏ how.......
O how I hate those lusts of......
O how long-suffering, Lord!..
O how sad and sore distressed..
O how shall these dim eyes....
O how tremendous is the...
O! if my Lord would come and. 343
O! if my soul, when death.....
O, if once Thy smile divine.... 385
O, in Thy light be mine to go..
O Jesus, full of grace! the sighs 166
O Jesus, full of truth and grace 136
O Jesus, Lamb once crucified..
O! Jesus, let me ever hail
O Jesus, my sweet Saviour.
O Jesus, once rocked on the...
O Jesus! ride onward.




O Jeans, there is none like..
O Jesus! Thou the beauty art..
O keep me in Thy heavenly..
O land! O land.





















Old friends, old scenes will..
Old friends, old scenes will..
O lead me to the Rock..
O learn to scorn the praise of...
O let man hasten to restore..... 837
O let me wing my hallowed.... 253
let my hand forget her...... 234
O let my name engraven.............
O let my soul on Thee repose.. 416
O let the dead now hear Thy.. 173
O let the soul its slumbers...... 353
O let Thy smitten ones again... 830
O let Thy star of love but...
O let us then with heartfelt..
O let us to His courts repair......
O light of Zion, now arise...... 803
O Lord! amidst this mental.... 243
O Lord! ascend Thy throne.... 95
O Lord! I cast my care on Thee 250
O Lord, my weary soul release 134
O Lord of hosts, Almighty.
O Lord of life and truth.





O Lord, prevent it by Thy...
O Lord, the pilot's part perform 239
O lovely attitude-He stands 98
O Love, thon bottomless abyss 171
O Love, Thy sov'reign aid.
O! madder than the raving.
O! magnify the Lord with me 179
O! make but trial of His love 179
O! make this heart rejoice or 143
O many-toned and chainless... 399
O may He walk among us here 141
O! may I bear some humble.. 83
O! may I feel Thy worth..... 211
O may I live to reach the place 163
O may I never turn aside.... 145
O may I now for ever fear. 414
Omay our humble spirits stand 393
O may our sympathizing breasts 834
O may that faith our hearts..... 187
O may the grave become to us 351
O may the influence of this day
O may the righteous, when I.. 161
may these thoughts possess.. 37







Or round their Father's throne 343
O sacred hope! O blissful hope 223
O Salem! our once happy seat 239
O saving Leader! opening wide 159
89 O Saviour! with protecting care
1800 say not so! the spring-tide... 445
0, shall not warmer accents tell 290
169 O season of soft sounds and hues 419
169 O see those waters streaming... 20
O shine on this benighted...
O shout, ye people, and adore..
O sinners! in His presence bow 105
O! spare me yet, I pray...... 361
O show Thyself the Prince of.. 303
0 speak, thou voice of God........ 399
O spread Thy covering wings.. 218
O Spirit of the Lord! prepare.. 300
O star untimely set...









O stay with us, and still...
O, stay thy tears; the blest..



O may the sweet, the blissful... 181
O may Thine own Bride and... 114
O may Thy Spirit guide my.......
O may Thy Spirit gently draw. 292
O may we ne'er forget His.....
O may we all, while here.....
O may we thus be found....
O may we thus insure...
O may we ever hear Thy voice
O memory! can those strains on
O messenger of dear delight...
O might I hear Thy heavenly..
O! methinks I hear Him...
O might I once mount up and..
O might some dream of vision'd
O move us-Thou hast power..
O mother dear, Jerusalem..... 398
O my sweet home, Jerusalem.. 398
O my unsteadfast mind...
On all the wings of time it flies
Once, a sinner, near despair..
On angels, with unveiled face..
Once more our welcome we...
Once, like thee, by joys
Once the morning's earliest.... 266
Once on the raging seas I rode. 163
Once they were mourning here 399
Once when my scanty meal was 169
Once with Adam's race in ruin 882
On cherub and on cherubim... 46
One army of the living God.... 223
On earth they sought their.....
One family, we dwell in Him...
One day, amid the place..
One gentle sigh His fetters..
O ne'er will I at life repine...
One look of mercy from Thy... 142
One moment, and the silentness 173
One privilege my heart desires 259
One moment-and the Spirit... 93
One thing demands our care... 859
O never let my soul remove... 257
One trial more must yet be.... 243
One thing alone, dear Lord! I.. 1860 thou Almighty Lord..
O, never more may different... 8290, the transporting, rapti rous.. 412
On harps of gold His name they 349 O Thou eternal Ruler...
On Him the Spirit largely..
On Him the weight of..

O sweet abode of peace and love 160
O tell of His might, and sing of 49
O! tell me the place where Thy 233
O! tell me that my worthless. 106
"O! that all the blind but....
O that a dying world might. 183
O, that each, in the day of His 433
O that I could for ever sit.


O that I could now adore Him 279
O that I could, with favor d.... 203
O that I, like a little child .... 171
4130 that our thoughts and thanks

O that we now might see our. 228
O that Thou wouldst hide me in 857
O that with yonder sacred...........
O! that world is passing fair... 985
O then let wrath remove..
O the lost, the unforgotten.... 430

O then shall the vail be removed 386
O the rapturous height..
O, there will be mourning..... 128
O, the rich depths of love..
Other refuge have I Lone....






O Thou great God! whose..

O Thou, who givest life and... 293
O Thou, that fill'st the heavenly 358
O thou, who mournest on thy.. 242
O Thou! who rulest seas and.



O throw away thy rod...
Our birth is but a starting place 853
O to grace how great a.
Our brother the haven hias.... 389
Our beauty and our strength.. 107
Our cautioned souls prepare... 109
Our Captain leads us on
Our days are numbered: let us 239
Our days run thoughtlessly........ 105
Our dearest joys, and nearest... 254
Our eyes have seen the rosy.... 351
Our eyes have seen the steps of 351
Our fathers' God, our Keeper.. 817
Our fathers' God! to Thee..... 318
Our fathers, where are they.... 861
Our fellow-sufferer yet retains.
Our fathers' sepulchres are here 339
Our flesh, our reins, our spirits. 255
Our glorious Leader claims our. 399
Our guilty spirits dread.......
Our glad hosannas, Prince of... 69
Our harvest months have o'er.. 427
Our hopes that when with joy. 456
Our hearts leap up: our.............
Our hearts have often burned.. 224
Our hearts are breaking now... 407
Our journey is a thorny maze..
Our kindred and our friends are 101
Our life contains a thousand.... 251
Our labors done, securely laid.. 849

























On Him, with rapture then I'll.
On impions wretches He shall.
Only, O Lord, in Thy dear love
Only a sweet and holy soul...
Only, since our souls will shrink 267
Only Thee content to know..
Only to sit and think of God... 175
On ine Thy providence hath...
On mightier wing, in loftier....
On my heart each stripe be....
O, not to those whom Thou.
O noblest brow and dearest....
On, piercing Gospel, on! of....
On that my gaze I fasten.
On Thee alone, my hope relies.
On the tree of life eternal.....
On thee foul spirits have no......
On us He bids the sun......
Onward, Christians, onward go 403
On wheels of light, on wings of 72
On wings of love the Saviour... 334
0, on that day, that dreadful.
Open Thou the crystal fountain 275
Oppressed with sin and sorrow's 191
O pray we then for Salem's....
Or as an eagle to the prey
O precious cross! O glorious... 244
O Rest of rests! O Peace, serene 214
O render thanks to God above.. 41
O righteous Judge, if Thou wilt 159
Or if on joyful wing..
Or, if it be the gloom that comes 414



Or, if 't is e'er denied thee..... 484


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