Imatges de pàgina
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P. M.

2. Come to that happy land, come, come away; Why will ye doubting stand, why still delay? Oh, we shall happy be,

When from sin and sorrow free!
Lord, we shall live with Thee,
Blest, blest for aye.

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Like shafts through the gloom Of the dark, silent tomb; Heaven's fair bowers waveNo rest in the grave!

3. Arise from the grave!

Heaven's bright, burning throng
Come rushing along;
They gird me about,
And triumphant shout,
As myriad palms wave,
"Ascend from the grave."

CH. BEECHER. Hindoo Air.

1. There is a happy land, Far, far a-way, Where saints in glo-ry stand, Bright, bright as day.

O. how they sweetly sing, Worthy is our Saviour King, Loud let His praises ring, Praise, praise





3. Bright, in that happy land, beams every eye; Kept by a Father's hand, love cannot die. Oh, then, to glory run:

Be a crown and kingdom won;
And bright, above the sun,

We reign for aye.

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1272. C. M.

2. O, the transporting, rapturous scene,
That rises to my sight!

Sweet fields arrayed in living green,
And rivers of delight!

3. O'er all those wide extended plains
Shines one eternal day;
There God, the Sun, for ever reigns,
And scatters night away.

4. No chilling winds, or poisonous breath,
Can reach that healthful shore:
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death,
Are felt and feared no more.


fair and hap-py land, To Canaan's fair and hap-py land, Where my possess

5. When shall I reach that happy place, And be for ever blest?

When shall I see my Father's face,
And in His bosom rest?

6. Filled with delight, my raptured soul
Can here no longer stay;
Though Jordan's waves around me roll,
Fearless I'd launch away.


1273. C. M.

1. A STRANGER in the world below,
I calmly sojourn here;
Nor can its happiness or woe
Provoke my hope or fear;
Its evils in a moment end;

Its joys as soon are past;
But O, the bliss to which I tend
Eternally shall last!

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ions lie.

2. To that Jerusalem above,
With singing I repair;
While in the flesh, my hope and love,
My heart and soul, are there.
There my exalted Saviour stands,
My merciful High Priest;
And still extends His wounded hands
To take me to His breast.


1274. C. M.

1. O, THE delights, the heavenly joys,
The glories of the place,
Where Jesus sheds the brightest beams
Of His o'erflowing grace!

2. Sweet majesty and awful love
Sit smiling on His brow;
And all the glorious ranks above
At humble distance bow.

3. Archangels sound His lofty praise
Through every heavenly street,
And lay their highest honors down
Submissive at His feet.

4. This is the Man, th' exalted Man,
Whom we, unseen, adore;
But when our eyes behold His face,
Our hearts shall love Him more.

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5. And while our faith enjoys this sight,
We long to leave our clay;
And wish Thy fiery chariots, Lord,
To bear our souls away.








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(Heaven is the land where troubles cease, Where toils and tears are
bliss-ful clime of rest and peace, Where cares dis - tract



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3. Heaven is the dwelling-place of joy, The home of light and love, Where faith and hope in rapture die,

And ransomed souls above Enjoy, before their Father's throne, Bliss everlasting and unknown.

1276. C. M.*

1. AROUND the throne of God in heaven,
Thousands of children stand;
Children, whose sins are all forgiven,
A holy, happy band.

Where all is peace, and joy, and love?

How came those children there?

Sing Tappan.

Arranged from Templi Carmina.

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2. All hail! ye fair, celestial shores,
Ye lands of endless day!

A rich delight your prospect pours,
And drives my griefs away.

3. There's a delightful clearness now;
My clouds of doubt are gone;
Fled is my former darkness, too;
My fears are all withdrawn.





o'er: more:

4. On earth they sought their Saviour's grace,
On earth they loved His name;
So now they see His blessed face,
And stand before the Lamb.

4. Short is the passage, short the space,
Between my home and me;

There, there behold the radiant place
How near the mansions be!

2. What brought them to that world above, 5. Immortal wonders! boundless things
That heaven so bright and fair-

In those dear worlds appear!
Prepare me, Lord, to stretch my wings,
And in those glories share.


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9:54 94


1. In silence of the voice-less night, When, chased by dreams, the slumbers flee,


į į.

Whom, in the darkness, do

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I seek, O God, but Thee? O God, but Thee?


1. THE dawn is sprinkling in the east
Its golden shower, as day flows in;
Fast mount the pointed shafts of light;-
Farewell to darkness and to sin!

2. Away, ye midnight phantoms all!
Away, despondence and despair!
Whatever guilt the night has brought,
Now let it vanish into air.

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