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1. A-rise! arise! with joy survey The glory of the lat-ter day, Al-ready is the


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dawn be-gun, That marks at hand the rising sun, That marks at hand the rising sun.

From a Latin Air of the ninth century in Chants Chrétiens.


L. M.

2. The friends of truth assembled stand,
A chosen, consecrated band,
The emblem of the cross display,
And cry aloud-" Behold the way!"

3. Behold the way to Zion's hill,
Where Israel's God delights to dwell;
He fixes there His lofty throne,
And calls the sacred place His own.

4. "Behold the way!" ye heralds! cry,
Spare not, but lift your voices high,
Convey the sound from shore to shore;
And bid the captive sigh no more.

5. Auspicious dawn! thy rising ray,

With joy we view, and hail the day;
Thou Sun! arise, supremely bright,
And fill the world with purest light.


953. L. M.

1. Go-messenger of peace and love!

To nations plunged in shades of night; Like angels sent from fields above,

Be Thine to shed celestial light.

2. Go-to the hungry food impart ;

To paths of peace the wanderer guide, And lead the thirsty, panting heart,

Where streams of living waters glide.

3. Go-bid the bright and morning-star, From Bethlehem's plains resplendent shine,

And, piercing through the gloom afar,
Shed heavenly light and love divine.

4. To India's various castes proclaim

The Gospel's soft, but powerful voice;
And, at the blest Redeemer's name,
Let ocean's lonely isles rejoice.

5. From north to south, from east to west,
Messiah yet shall reign supreme;
His name by every tongue confess'd-
His praise the universal theme.


954. L. M.

1. MARKED as the purpose of the skies,
This promise meets our anxious eyes,
That heathen lands the Lord shall know,
And warm with faith each bosom glow.

2. E'en now the hallowed scenes appear;
E'en now unfolds the promised year;
Lo! distant shores Thy heralds trace,
And bear the tidings of Thy grace.

3. 'Mid burning climes and frozen plains,
Where pagan darkness brooding reigns,
Lord! mark their steps, their fars subdue,
And nerve their arm, and clear their view.

4. When, worn by toil, their spirits fail,

Bid them the glorious future hail;
Bid them the crown of life survey,
And onward urge their conquering way.




1. Ex-ert Thy power, Thy rights maintain, Al-might-y,

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The influence of thy crown increase, And strangers to

955. L. M.

2. In one vast symphony of praise, Gentile and Jew shall then unite, And unbelief no longer reign,

But sink in shades of endless night.

3. Then Afric's liberated sous

Shall chant to Asia's rapturous song, Europe resound her Saviour's fame,

And western climes the notes prolong.

4. To every land beneath the sun

Immanuel's kingdom shall extend; And every man in every clime

Shall meet a brother and a friend.


956. L. M.

1. THOUGH now the nations sit beneath
The darkness of o'erspreading death;
God will arise with light divine,
On Zion's holy towers to shine.

2. That light shall shine on distant lands,
And wandering tribes, in joyful bands,
Shall come, Thy glory, Lord, to see,
And in Thy courts to worship Thee.

3. O light of Zion, now arise!

Let the glad morning bless our eyes!
Ye nations, catch the kindling ray,
And hail the splendors of the day.



957. L. M.

1. GREAT God, whom heaven, and earth, and
With all their countless hosts obey, [sea,
Upheld by Thee the nations stand,
And empires fall at Thy command.

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Arranged from MADAN.


1. "Let there be light :"--thus spake the Word; The Word was God; "and there was light:"


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3. Nor we alone; its wakening smiles

Have broke the gloom of pagan sleep; The Word hath reached the utmost isles,God's Spirit moves upon the deep.

4. Already, from the dust of death,

Man in his Maker's image stands,
Once more inhales immortal breath,
And stretches forth to heaven his hands.

960. L. M. Double.

1. DEPART awhile, each thought of care,
Be earthly things forgotten all,
And speak, my soul, thy grateful prayer,
Obedient to the sacred call.
For hark! the pealing chorus swells;
Devotion chants the hymn of praise,
And now of joy and hope it tells,
Till, fainting on the ear, it says,-

Glory to Thee, to Thee, O Lord!

2. Thine, wondrous Babe of Galilee!

Fond theme of David's harp and song, Thine are the notes of minstrelsy,

To Thee its ransomed chords belong.

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And hark! again the chorus swells,
The song is wafted on the breeze,
And to the listening earth it tells,

In accents soft and sweet as these,-
Glory to Thee, to Thee, O Lord!

3. My heart doth feel that still He's near,
To meet the soul in hours like this;
Else, why, O why, that falling tear,

When all is peace, and love, and bliss?
But hark! that Bethlehem chorus swells
Anew its thrilling vesper strain;
And still of joy and hope it tells,
And bids creation sing again,-
Glory to Thee, to Thee, O Lord!


961. L. M.

1. GREAT God, whose universal sway
The known and unknown worlds obey,
Now give the kingdom to Thy Son,
Extend His power, exalt His throne.
2. Thy scepter well becomes His hands,

All heaven submits to His commands;
His justice shall avenge the poor,
And pride and rage prevail no more.
3. With power He vindicates the just,

And treads th' oppressor in the dust;
His worship and His fear shall last,
Till hours, and years, and time be past.
4. The heathen lands that lie beneath

The shades of overspreading death,
Revive at His first dawning light,
And deserts blossom at the sight.

5. The saints shall flourish in His days,
Dressed in the robes of joy and praise;
Peace, like a river from His throne,
Shall flow to nations yet unknown.



1. "Go, preach my gospel," saith the Lord, "Bid the whole earth my grace re-ceive;


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He shall be saved that trusts my word; And he condemned that won't be-lieve.

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1, City of the Lord! begin The u-ni-ver-sal song: And let the scattered vil-lages The


* The Hallelujah can be sung or omitted at pleasure.

965. C. M.

2. Let Kedar's wilderness afar
Lift up the lonely voice;
And let the tenants of the rock
In accent rude rejoice.




joyful notes pro- long. Hal - lelujah, hal - ie - lu-jah, hal - le - Tu - jah, A

3. Oh! from the streams of distant lands
To our Jehovah sing;

And joyful, from the mountain-tops,
Shout to the Lord, the King.

4. Let all combined, with one accord,
The Saviour's glories raise,
Till in the earth's remotest bounds
The nations sound His praise."


966. C. M.

1. SPIRIT of power and might, behold A world by sin destroyed; Creator, Spirit, as of old,

Move on the formless void.

2. Give Thou the word; that healing sound
Shall quell the deadly strife,
And earth again, like Eden crown'd,
Produce the tree of life.


3. If sang the morning stars for joy
When nature rose to view,
What strains will angel harps employ
When Thou shalt all renew!

4. And if the sons of God rejoice
To hear a Saviour's name,
How will the ransomed raise their voice,
To whom that Saviour came!

5. Lo! every kindred, tongue, and tribe,
Assembling round the throne,
Thy new creation shall ascribe
To Sovereign love alone.



967. C. M.

1. THE mighty angel, to whose hand
The word of life is given,

Waves his broad wing o'er sea and land,
And soaring, cleaves the heaven.

No!-not till truth with holy light

Shall visit every soul;

2. And say-shall aught oppose his flight?— Or cloud his flaming scroll?

3. Not till blest Peace shall spring to birth;
And hatred sheath his sword;

Not till the nations of the earth
Are subject to the Lord.

968. C. M.

1. LORD! send Thy servants forth
To call the Hebrews home;

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2. Where'er, in lands unknown,
The fugitives remain,


Bid every creature help them on,
Thy holy mount to gain.

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From east, and west, and south, and north,
Let all the wanderers come.

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