Imatges de pÓgina
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Arranged by J. ZUNDEL.


1. When we, our wearied limbs to rest, Sat down by proud Euphrates' stream, We wept with doleful


thoughts oppressed, And Zion was our mournful theme. 2. Our harps that, when with joy we sung, Were

wont their tuneful parts to bear, With silent strings neglected hung On willow trees that withered there.

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3 240

9:23 -224


1. O God, thou art my God alone; Ear-ly to Thee my soul shall



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pil-grim in

755. L. M.

2. Yet, through this rough and thorny maze, I follow hard on Thee, my God; Thy hand unseen upholds my ways,

I safely tread where Thou hast trod.

3. Thee, in the watches of the night,
When I remember on my bed,
Thy presence makes the darkness light;
Thy guardian wings are round my head.

a land un-known, A thirsty land where springs are dry.

4. Better than life itself Thy love,
Dearer than all beside to me;
For whom have I in heaven above,
Or what on earth compared with Thee?


756. L. M.

1. THE floods, O Lord, lift up their voice, The mighty floods lift up their roar; The floods in tumult loud rejoice,

And climb in foam the sounding shore.

2. But mightier than the mighty sea,

The Lord of glory reigns on high; Far o'er its waves we look to Thee. And see their fury break and die.


3. Thy word is true, Thy promise sure,
That ancient promise sealed in love;
Here be Thy temple ever pure,
As Thy pure mansions shine above.

757. L. M.

1. O LORD, Thy counsels and Thy care
My safety and my comfort are;
And Thou shalt guide me all my days,
Till glory crown the work of grace.

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4. But O! my Saviour, be Thou nigh, And I will triumph when I die; My strength, my portion is divine; And Jesus is for ever mine!


2. In whom but Thee, in heaven above,
Can I repose my trust, my love?
And shall an earthly object be
Loved in comparison with Thee?
3. My flesh is hastening to decay;
Soon shall the world have passed away;
And what can mortal friends avail,
When heart, and strength, and life shall fail?

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758. L. M.

1. My spirit sinks within me, Lord

But I will call Thy name to mind;
And times of past distress record,

When I have found my God was kind. 2. Huge troubles, with tumultuous noise,

Swell like a sea, and round me spread; The water-spouts drown all my joys,

And rising waves roll o'er my head. 3. Yet will the Lord command His love,

When I address His throne by day;
Nor in the night His grace remove;

The night shall hear me sing and pray. 4. I'll cast myself before His feet,

And say, "My God, my heavenly Rock, "Why doth Thy love so long forget

The soul that groans beneath Thy stroke?"

5. Thy light and truth shall guide me still; Thy word shall my best thoughts employ, And lead me to Thine heavenly hill,

My God, my most exceeding joy!



varying scene, By faith to cling a-lone to Thee, By faith to cling a

1. Ho-ly Saviour, Friend unseen, Since on Thine arm Thou bid'st me lean, Help me throughout


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lone to Thee!

5. With speed He flew to my relief,

As on a cherub's wing He rode; Awful and bright as lightning shone The face of my Deliverer, God!


6. Temptations fled at His rebuke—

The blast of His almighty breath;
He sent salvation from on high,

And drew me from the deeps of death.

7. My song for ever shall record

That terrible, that joyful hour!
And give the glory to the Lord,
Due to His mercy and His power.


761. L. M.

1. THE tempter to my soul hath said

"There is no help in God for Thee;" Lord! lift Thou up Thy servant's head; My glory, shield, and solace be.

2. Thus to the Lord I raised my cry,

He heard me from His holy hill;
At His command the waves rolled by;
He beckoned-and the winds were still.

3. I laid me down and slept-I woke

Thou, Lord! my spirit didst sustain; Bright from the cast the morning brokeThy comforts rose on me again.

4. I will not fear, though armed throngs

Compass my steps in all their wrath; Salvation to the Lord belongs;

His presence guards His people's path.


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