Altenglische sprachproben nebst einem w÷rterbuche, Volum 1,Part 2


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PÓgina 433 - Capyle, oure hen, / both to and fro She kakyls ; Bot begyn she to crok, To groyne or [to clo]k,* Wo is hym is of 8 oure cok, ffor he is in the shekyls.
PÓgina 292 - I hadde all y-toted, And fond in a freitoure A frere on a benche, A greet chorl and a grym, Growen as a tonne, With a face so fat As a ful bleddere Blowen bretful of breth, And as a bagge honged...
PÓgina 371 - Com hider, love, to me. This sompnour bar to him a stif burdoun, Was nevere trompe of half so gret a soun, This pardoner hadde heer as yelwe as wex...
PÓgina ii - The Floure and the Leafe, and The Boke of Cupide, God of Love, or The Cuckow and the Nightingale. Edited by FS Ellis.
PÓgina 419 - For which oppressioun was such clamour, And such pursuyte unto kyng Arthour, That dampned was the knight and schuld be ded By cours of lawe, and schuld have lost his heed, (Paraventure such was the statut tho,) But that the queen and other ladys mo So longe preyeden thay the kyng of grace, Til he his lif hath graunted in the place, And gaf him to the queen, al at hir wille To chese wethir sche...
PÓgina 93 - Upon a day he gat him more moneye Than that the persoun gat in monthes tweye. And thus with feyned flaterie and japes, He made the persoun and the people his apes.
PÓgina 446 - The knotte, why that every tale is told, If it be taried til that lust be cold Of hem that han it after herkned yore, The savour passeth ever lenger the more, For fulsomnesse of his prolixitee. 405 And by the same reson thinketh me, I sholde to the knotte condescende, And maken of hir walking sone an ende.
PÓgina 352 - Sometimes this picturesque fancy clothes itself in allegory : — Upon the bench sittend on high With Avarice Usure I sigh, Ful clothed of his owne suite, Which after gold maketh chase and suite, With his brocours that renne aboute, Liche unto racches7 in a route.
PÓgina 399 - There were in hyr chambyr y-nowe Fayer reschys and longe growe, With that on and with that othir Scho putte ilke resche in other, And made a karole in a stounde, The ton hende touched to grounde, And the othir scho helde on heygh. And the knyght byhelde and see, And wyst wylle in hys thowt, Why that nicote was y-wroght.
PÓgina 321 - ... consumed, thredbare, and rotten with dong, rather than it is yeven to the poure, to gret damage of the foresayd poure folk, and that in sondry wise : this is to sayn, the more that cloth is wasted, the more must it cost to the poure peple for the scarcenesse ; and furtherover, if so be that they wolden yeve swiche pounsoned and dagged clothing to the poure peple, it is not convenient to were for hir estate, ne suffisant to bote hir necessitee, to kepe hem fro the distemperance of the firmament.

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