Catalogue, Edició 228

Pickering & Chatto, 1582

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Pàgina 266 - Another Occasional Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope. Wherein the New Hero's Preferment to his Throne, in the Dunciad, seems not to be Accepted. And the Author of that Poem His more rightful Claim to it, is Asserted. With an expostulatory Address to the Reverend Mr. W. W n, Author of the New Preface, and Adviser in the curious Improvements of that Satire.
Pàgina 276 - J. Cleaveland Revived : Poems, Orations, Epistles, and other of his genuine incomparable Pieces, never before publisht. With some other exquisite Remains of the most eminent Wits of both the Universities that were his Contemporaries, London : printed for Nathaniel Brook, at the Angel, in Corn-hill, 1659.
Pàgina 266 - You will allow his Apology to be well done." JOHNSON. "Very well done, to be sure, Sir. That book is a striking proof of the justice of Pope's remark: Each might his several province well command, Would all but stoop to what they understand.
Pàgina 221 - THE WHOLE WORKS OF HOMER; PRINCE OF POETTS In his Iliads, and Odysses. Translated according to the Greeke, By Geo: Chapman. De Hi: et Odiss: Omnia ab his: et in his sunt omnia: sine beati Te decor eloquij, sen reru pondera tangunt Angel: Pol: At London printed for Nathaniell Butter.
Pàgina 193 - A true report of the Disputation or rather private Conference had in the Tower of London, with Ed. Campion Jesuite, THE LAST OF AUGUST, 1581. SET DOWNE BY THE REVEREND LEARNED MEN THEMSELVES THAT DEALT THEREIN.
Pàgina 208 - Thence home, and there, in favour to my eyes, staid at home, reading the ridiculous History of my Lord Newcastle,' wrote by his wife, which shows her to be a mad, conceited, ridiculous woman, and he an asse to suffer her to write what she writes to him, and of him.
Pàgina 211 - A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane by His Majesty's Servants.
Pàgina 261 - Convocation for the respective Provinces of Canterbury and York, and the rest of the Bishops and Clergy of those Provinces...
Pàgina 208 - General of all the Provinces beyond the River of Trent, and other parts of the Kingdom of England, with power, by a special commission, to make Knights. Written by the thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princess, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, his wife.
Pàgina 207 - Soveraign, in his Youth, when He was Prince of Wales; and soon after was made Captain General of all the Provinces beyond the River of Trent, and other Parts of the Kingdom of England, with Power, by a special Commission, to make Knights. WRITTEN By the thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princess, MARGARET, Duchess of Newcastle, His Wife (London: A.

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