The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volums 51-52

American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1914

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Pàgina 16 - It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is. Those who apply the rule to particular cases, must of necessity expound and interpret that rule. If two laws conflict with each other, the courts must decide on the operation of each.
Pàgina 16 - If, then, the courts are to regard the Constitution, and the Constitution is superior to any ordinary act of the legislature, the Constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern the case to which they both apply. Those, then, who controvert the principle that the Constitution is to be considered, in court, as a paramount law, are reduced to the necessity of maintaining that courts must close their eyes on the Constitution, and see only the law.
Pàgina 144 - To save a child from becoming a criminal, or from continuing in a career of crime, to end in maturer years in public punishment and disgrace, the legislature surely may provide for the salvation of such a child, if its parents or guardian be unable or unwilling to do so, by bringing it into one of the courts of the state without any process at all, for the purpose of subjecting it to the state's guardianship and protection.
Pàgina 203 - Every objection to any indictment for any formal defect apparent on the face thereof shall be taken by demurrer or motion to quash such indictment before the jury shall be sworn, and not afterwards...
Pàgina 114 - ... that in all cases of final judgments by said court, or on appeal by the said supreme court, where the same shall be affirmed in favor of the claimant, the sum due thereby shall be paid out of any general appropriation made by law for the payment and satisfaction of private claims, on presentation to the secretary of the treasury of a copy of said judgment,
Pàgina 203 - Trial shall be had, if it shall consider such Variance not material to the Merits of the Case, and that the Defendant cannot be prejudiced thereby in his Defence on such Merits, to order such Indictment to be amended, according to the Proof...
Pàgina 108 - The Fire Tax and Waste of Structural Materials in the United States," Bulletin 418, Department of the Interior, US Geological Survey.
Pàgina 202 - ... body politic or corporate, therein stated or alleged to be injured or damaged or intended to be injured or damaged...
Pàgina 203 - ... which it may become necessary to amend, on such terms, as to payment of costs to the other party, or postponing the trial to be had before the same or another jury...
Pàgina 31 - Where there is no express command or prohibition, but only general language or policy to be considered, the conditions prevailing at the time of its adoption must have their due weight; but the changed social, economic, and governmental conditions and ideals of the time, as well as the problems which the changes have produced, must also logically enter into the consideration, and become influential factors in the settlement of problems of construction and interpretation.

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