Die Plata-staaten, und die wichtigkeit der provinz Otuquis und des Rio Bermejo: seit der anahme des princips der freien schifffahrt auf den zuflüssen des Rio de la Plata

Veit und comp., 1854 - 138 pàgines

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Pàgina 121 - ... to individuals or to the State, shall not be liable to seizure or sequestration, or to any other charges or demands than those which may be made upon the like effects or property belonging to native subjects or citizens.
Pàgina 120 - It shall be free for each of the two contracting parties to appoint consuls for the protection of trade, to reside in the dominions and territories of the other party; but before any consul shall act as such, he shall, in the usual form, be approved and admitted by the Government to which he is sent; and either of the contracting parties may except from the residence of consuls such particular places as either of llicm may judge fit to be excepted.
Pàgina 119 - States by the citizens of the Republic of Honduras under the same conditions. The citizens of the high contracting parties shall reciprocally receive and enjoy full and perfect protection for their persons and property, and shall have free and open access to the courts of justice in...
Pàgina 119 - In the event of any citizen of either of the two contracting parties dying without will or testament in the territory of the other contracting party, the consul-general, consul...
Pàgina 119 - ... estates by will or otherwise, and the disposal of personal property of every sort and denomination, by sale, donation exchange or testament, or in any other manner whatsoever, as also...
Pàgina 122 - In witness whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto the seals of their arms. Done at Washington, the fifteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-six.
Pàgina 120 - Consul, shall, so far as the laws of each country will permit, take charge of the property which the deceased may have left, for the benefit of his lawful heirs and creditors, until an executor or administrator be named by the said Consul General, Consul or Vice Consul, or his Representative.
Pàgina 118 - Nor shall any prohibition be imposed upon the exportation of any article from the territories of either of the two contracting parties to the territories of the other, which shall not equally extend to the exportation...
Pàgina 121 - Equator, it is agreed that if at any time any interruption of friendly commercial intercourse, or any rupture should unfortunately take place between the two contracting parties, the subjects or citizens...
Pàgina 118 - Costarica, to manage their own affairs themselves, or to commit them to the management of whomsoever they please, as broker...

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